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Man admits blackmailing cruisers meeting for sex

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 29 Oct 2009, 5:40pm

    “Lee Creamer, 26, admitted extorting hundreds of pounds out of three men who were fearful their families would find out about their activities … Creamer took a total of £1,560 from three men, some of whom were married.”

    If they had been out of the closet then it would be far more difficult to extort money from these men.

    What this guy did was clearly wrong. It is worse certainly than the lies his victims were telling their families. Blackmail is always wrong but people should not enable blackmailers by choosing to live their lives as lies.

  2. John (Derbyshire) 29 Oct 2009, 7:54pm

    I must correct your comment Simon-these men do not choose anything.Thats the problem- they are what they are and have needs-as we all do. Its disgusting that the legitimate police forces still target men whose only “crime” is to want sex with each other. Why don`t they just leave people alone to lead their own lives-they are not bothering anyone.

  3. John, how can you say they are not bothering anyone? They are having sex in public locations. You wanna stumble upon that?

  4. who cares if some have sex in public? blackmail is wrong but it’s also wrong that many are still faking being hetero as that shows there’s still a lot of homophobia about

  5. Carl Rowlands 30 Oct 2009, 11:14am

    Hey! How soon we forget! It is not that long ago when meeting like minded people was based on cruising and to a large degree is still relevant today in many rural areas. I am surpised by some of the narrow views expressed here. Since when has the ‘gay’ community had a monopoly on living full and open lives without fear and predjuice? For some, not that long at all, for others will always be an impossible dream! Remember the definition of diversity!

  6. Simon Murphy 30 Oct 2009, 12:25pm

    No 2: John: “I must correct your comment Simon-these men do not choose anything.Thats the problem- they are what they are and have needs-as we all do. ”

    Of course they have needs.

    but if they are living their life as a lie and are deceiving theif families about their sexual orientation then they are setting themselves up for blackmail.

    It’s not acceptable to blackmail anyone for their sexual orientation but on the other hand these men seem to be making it easy for people to blackmail them because they refuse to come out.

  7. John (Derbyshire) 30 Oct 2009, 12:59pm

    Place yourself in their position Simon- how can you come out when you are-as an example I know of – married with a young family. I personally know of one man who owns a small business and has a young family. The only possibility of him having absolutely any loving contact with another man is if he frequents either cruising or cottaging areas. How can he come out-he would lose his home,his business,his wife and his reputation. It has driven men to suicide -and we are talking about human lives here.

  8. What a classic surname for someone blackmailing gay men!

  9. Firstly these men were meeting in public, we dont know if they were having sex or not?, Also we do not know they were going to having sex in public. They might , if they do decide to have sex to go back to their homes or a hotel. WE DONT KNOW. What I do know, that under the sexual offences act 2003, they ARE allowed to meet in public , like our hetrosexual friends. People cruise for different reasons, who are we to judge. I came out at sixteen and it was a reasonalbly smooth journey, others I know that have come out have lost friends , family , jobs, you name it. Coming out will only be the easy option when society accepts us once and for all. And that my friends is a looooooooooong way off. Blackmail is blackmail, it is horrible what these guys went through and I hope they throw the book at Mr Creamer. What does surprise me of the some what neg comments that come out when ever the subject of cruising is mention on this site. Before 2003 we could be arrested, if the police so wished just for talking to each other in the street. It was a homophobic cops dream come true. Then the 2003 sexual offences act made us on the same level as every one else. Lady goes to park , see tasty bloke, asks if he wants to come back for sex. nothing said. But gay guys do that on here and we pulled apart by every one. Esp our own. Why? DO you as gay people do not want the freedom to meet whoever, where ever you want? Just like every one else. By not supporting the right to meet, you under mine your own freedoms

  10. Simon Murphy 30 Oct 2009, 2:55pm

    No 7: Simon: “Place yourself in their position Simon”

    No thanks.

    The thoughts of living my life as a lie and deceiving and cheating on people I am meant to love is abhorrent to me. I don’t see any valid reason for someone to do that in the 21st century other than convenience.

    Like I said – blackmail is a crime and no-one should be victim of it. But by living their lives as a lie these men are setting themselves up for blackmail.

    Being gay is no longer illegal. There is no valid reason for someone to lie about their sexual orientation. If you choose to lie about your sexual orientation then you are allowing unscrupulous people to take advantage of you.

    Do your friend know he was gay or bi before he got married? If so then why didn’t he tell his wife to be. Don’t you think that this is information she had the right to know about prior to the marriage?

  11. Simon when you came out, did you have any problems or was it a smooth ride, like mine.
    As this discussion seemed to be about sex in public, well the law states that it has to be seen by a third party, as such these men were not breaking the law. If they were in a toilet looking for sex , then they were. No toilet mentioned.

  12. mis who wants to know 30 Oct 2009, 11:22pm

    Ilike to comment of all of your comments i know lee as a friend, he also has gay friends, yes i know it was wrong of what he had done but there was an explanation for what ever reason he did it… but gay men should not have sex in public places its wrong!!!
    if they could afford to pay him that amount why didnt the gay men get a hotel???? if i was up ports down hill and saw this antics going on i think id be furious!!… like i said if they got a hotel it may of never happened.. yes like i said again lee is in the wrong for blackmailing these men!! he is a good person inside an has gay friends.. lee has had a hard time.. so i suggest you all too back off… Lee is now paying it doing time in prison, and justice has been done

  13. that is aload of lies .lee is not gay and that is a fact..lee has gay friends so he didnt not just target them men because they were gay..and lee never held anyone at gun point dont worry the police will told about u makin these lies up.lee did do wrong and he nos that he did do this for a reason but im not goin in2 that on here lee is a good person not bad and every1 can change there ways and i no lee will chnage

  14. a comment was takin off this as it was untrue so that explais my 1st comment

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