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29 October 2009

  • 29th October 2009

    London’s gay arts festival launched this week 11

    GFest will begin on November 9th

    8:08 PM — GFest, a month-long festival celebrating LGBT arts in the capital, was officially launched at the Houses of Parliament this week.

  • George Michael hopes for Christmas number one 4

    George Michael is releasing a single for Christmas

    7:21 PM — Gay singer George Michael will reportedly go head to head with the X Factor winner for the Christmas number one. The star is to release December Song, a remix of a track he gave away free to fans last Christmas.

  • Kenya to conduct census of gays 9

    Kenya is in eastern Africa

    6:15 PM — Kenya is to conduct a census of gay people in an attempt to control the spread of HIV. The confidential survey will be carried out by the National AIDS/STD Control Programme, starting in January or February next year.

  • Man admits blackmailing cruisers meeting for sex 15

    Lee Creamer targeted cruising hotspots (Photo: Flickr user Meredith)

    5:30 PM — A Portsmouth man has admitted posing as a police officer to blackmail men meeting for gay sex. Lee Creamer, 26, admitted extorting hundreds of pounds out of three men who were fearful their families would find out about their activities.

  • Liverpool’s gay arts festival kicks off next week 4

    An ad campaign for the festival

    2:05 PM — Homotopia, Liverpool's annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans festival, begins next week. It usually focuses on theatre, comedy, literature and debate but this year, organisers are emphasising the impact of homophobic hate crime with the strapline 'Homotopia not homophobia'.

  • Gay Halloween party supports Elton John’s AIDS Foundation

    Wilton's is the world's oldest surviving music hall

    2:01 PM — Wilton's - the world's oldest surviving music hall - will play host to an exclusive Halloween party for gay professionals on Saturday night.

  • Lesbian policewoman sues force for discrimination 4

    Jasmine Stewart claims she was a victim of discrimination

    1:39 PM — A lesbian policewoman is suing the British Transport Police for not allowing her girlfriend to work with her. Sergeant Jasmine Stewart claims that heterosexual couples were allowed to work together at Ashford Police Station.

  • Ian McKellen on being a second-class citizen 27

    Ian McKellen came out aged 49

    12:24 PM — Gay actor Ian McKellen has spoken about the legacy of being a "second-class citizen", saying he had never dreamed of being able to marry and have children.

  • Former gay charity head jailed for sex attack on baby 137

    James Rennie was sentenced today

    12:17 PM — The former head of a Scottish LGBT youth charity has been sentenced to serve at least 13 years in prison. James Rennie, 38, was convicted in May of sexually assaulting three-month-old baby. The abuse continued for four years.

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