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Six more boys arrested for attack on gay trainee policeman

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  1. Hope James recovers, my heart goes out to his partner and family.

  2. Robert, ex pat Brit 28 Oct 2009, 4:51pm

    Speedy recovery, James. I hope the courts throw the book at these thugs. Its clear their parents did a lousy job raising them, teaching them to hate a specific group of people. This is all learned behaviour, no question about it. They too should take some responsibility for this heinous crime.

  3. robert – learned behaviour almost certainly, but it’s quite possible his parents had nothing to do with it. they probably picked it up from their peers – extreme homophobia is pretty much the norm in british schools, and yet it seems like no one is willing to tackle it.

  4. Capelli: ,i>”Extreme homophobia is pretty much the norm in british schools”

    Don’t talk ROT. If that were the case this sort of thing would be going on daily. There are outbreaks here and there. This is one extreme example, but fortunately it is rare.

    Twats like you just stir up fear and ill-feeling.

  5. john sharp 28 Oct 2009, 5:48pm

    20 or so to beat up a guy
    take 20 real men to beat a gay guy
    congratulations on their cowardness
    get them to court and make them feel the full extent of the law to all of them beating and the ones who did not assit

  6. RobN – funny you should say that (“Twats like you just stir up fear and ill-feeling.”). Having seen many of your other comments around this place I’ve reached a similar conclusion about your good self.

    This is certainly an extreme case, but the fact that it doesn’t always get this far does not mean the kind of attitudes that lead to such a horrific attack aren’t a problem.

    check these links for a few stats on the matter:
    (i have a teacher in the family who confirms all of this, by the way.)

    now how about you come up with some proof that homophobia is not endemic in british schools?

  7. wondersoup 28 Oct 2009, 6:24pm

    As a state school leaver in 2002, being taught through much of the section 28 years… I remember it being one of the nastiest, hardest homophobic environments Ive ever been in. I recall two people coming out in our year and getting completely battered.. the family requesting an assembly on the matter but being denied cause of good ol’ 28. I was incredibly in denial about my own feelings and myself built up alot of hatred towards gay people because of this environment.

    From what I hear from my youngest brother who attends the same school, not much has changed. Other than when they bring up gay people in sex education the kids all grimace and make aids jokes.

    So RobN, as someone who I assume is quite a bit older.. I don’t think you really can make a judgement on this.

  8. It would be interesting to see what “type” of children – from what ethnic backgrounds – are the most homophobic in your relative’s school, Capelli.
    However, no doubt the powers that be would never record such details, and as for the Guardian – Heaven forfend!

  9. Dr Clive Wheeler 29 Oct 2009, 12:00pm

    re homophobia in state schools.
    I’ve been a teacher in secondary schools for 36 years and can confirm that homosphobia is the norm though the bulleying against gay kids today is more verbal than the physical actions that used to be common in the past. But gay kids who come out – or more likely are outed by their peers – do suffer tremendously from taunts and threats and their education and mental well being is greatly affected. Some schools resort to isolating those who are being bullied in this way by placing them within inclusion units which do little to boost their self esteem or counter the homophobia. Some PSHCE curricula do now include aspects of gay relationships but I have found few teachers are prepared to deal with this as fully as they do with other types of relationships. There are many gay teachers in the school system but very few are out to their colleagues, let alone their students. As a very openly out gay man my own experiences of acute homophobia from other teachers at all levels of management indicates that most schools cannot cope with the actuality of a teacher being openly gay. I think this is so sad since teachers like myself would have a great potential for both helping gay students and combating prejudice against them.
    My heart goes out to James and his family and friends and I do hope the police will bring every one of his attackers to justice and that they will all receive a morally appropriate punishment.

  10. Up till a few years ago there was a gay teacher on a kids’ drama called Grange Hill. Things have changed a lot recently, and now the BBC avoids such issues on children’s programmes. I think kids are getting a message that ‘gay’ is bad thing to be.

  11. julian – it’s all of them. white, black, asian, whatever. i’m sure you’d love this to be a racial issue but it just isn’t.

  12. As a student in an American school, I wouldn’t doubt homophobia is bad in British schools either. It sure ain’t a piece of cake here, with verbal abuse being the tops and physical following outside of school hours commonly.

    I hope him a fast recovery and that justice is brought.

  13. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 1 Nov 2009, 9:41pm

    Beating up a cop is really a bad thing and in the US were that to happen everyone of those under-age brats would be tried as adults and sent away for years where adults prisoners would use these under-age boys as their girl friends, thus giving them a taste of their own bullsh-t. The best thing that should happen to them is to turn them loose one at a time to have the most macho gay cowboys and bull dykes beat the holy sh-t out of them before turning them into the law to get convicted and sent up the river for a few years. When it takes 20 against one that proves what cowards they truly are.

  14. David in Indy 16 Jan 2010, 7:52am

    Is Liverpool homophobic? I hope I am not offending anyone with this question, but from what I have been reading I get the impression it is. A bit like Jackson, Mississipi or Montgomery, Alabama over here in my country.

    This crime is shocking. My heart goes out to James Parkes and his family, friends and loved ones.

  15. David in Indy 16 Jan 2010, 7:53am

    Typo…. I meant “Mississippi”

  16. Brian NYC 2 Mar 2010, 5:39am

    Christians. This is what Christians do. When will we get over they silly mythology of Christianity. Education beats religion – hurry, people are getting beat up, some killed.

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