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NFL star Larry Johnson suspended for anti-gay slurs

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Reader comments

  1. That apology sounds so sincere, doesn’t it!

  2. so he didn’t think ‘fag-pic’ was meant to offend anyone? Doesn’t bode well for NFL players coming out.

  3. wolfeyesmn 28 Oct 2009, 1:36pm

    if he is so straight, why would he think that the guy’s photo was a fag-pic? Not spitting on women is a very gay thing, I know, but spotting a gay man with his gaydar is even gayer. I love the way straight jocks think things through.

  4. I don’t think people like that have any gaydar. they just know that calling somebody a ‘fag’ will upset them whether they are gay or not.

  5. I think it’s impressive that he, as a straight man, knows what Christopher Street is, that he could make such an informed comment. Sounds like he may have some firsthand experience he may be inadvertantly disclosing.

    Closet cases – they’re everywhere.

  6. What a knob…it’s so easy to say sorry for something you’ve said but sounding sincere is a lot harder.

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