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Mother of Matthew Shepard welcomes US hate crimes bill

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Reader comments

  1. Good job Obama, now for employment right for the LGBT and marriage rights in all states.

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Oct 2009, 2:04am

    “…we never imagined it would take this long.”

    It did ake a good long time, ad now it’s done.

    Judy Shepard has won a place in Gay History. Congratulations, Judy.

  3. WAY TO GO JUDY and Family. Your sacrifices have paid off. With all my love.

    PS: Matthew was 21 when he was murdered. Thanks

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Oct 2009, 5:00am

    Obama signs Hate Crimes Bill:

    http://www dot

  5. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 29 Oct 2009, 10:36am

    Congress has to 6 things until the next US federal election:

    * Step 1: Hate crime legislation implementation – DONE
    * Step 2: ENDA implementation – pending, next to be done
    * Step 3: Immigration Reform implementation (Spousal rights for overseas same sex couples) – pending
    * Step 4: Domestic partner obligations for federal employees (such as health insurance, recognition, etc) – pending
    * Step 5: Full REPEAL of DADT – pending
    * Step 6: Full REPEAL of DOMA – pending

  6. I have the utmost respect for Judy Shepard, and the dignity with which she and her husband have conducted themselves since the senseless slaughter of their son, to the point of calling for clemency in sentencing of Matthew’s murderers. It would be difficult to find a finer example of a loving family.

    Contrast this with the American ‘Family’ Association who are trying to blackmail politicians into blocking this bill. Once again, hatred in the name of god.

  7. Redbone619 1 Nov 2009, 2:18am

    “This will be a day long remembered,” in the ironic words of a ruthless space governor in Star Wars. It’s particularly welcome news considering the reairing of the horrible Matthew Shepard case a few days ago, with the heartrending details of senseless cruelty suffered by a warm bright boy who could have made a positive difference in this miserable world at the hands of two pathetic ugly self-hating ho-mos, especially the bent-eared thing that was mostly responsible for the ghastly crime. Only the coldest heart and the deadest soul could be either unmoved or wrongly inspired by the finding of Matthew Shepard with tracks of his tears through the blood on his face. I don’t forget how the hideously vivid vision I had of that poor boy, beaten and dying, lashed to a fence and abandoned beneath the magnificent beauty of the starlit sky, brought tears to my soul. So it was that I erupted in rage over that gay-hate “cowboy movie” with its ending so similar to Matthew’s fate, the entirety of it a river of unhappiness from beginning to end that did nothing to advance the cause of gay people. This legislative repudiation of all that is ignorant [including the lezbo cow that wrote the skeletal story from which was formed that fatuous movie] is a well-deserved hot knife to the guts of the reactionaries – particularly the religious ranting ones – that foment fear, hatred and stupidity. That James Byrd Jr. was also recognized is just that much better – his nightmarish fate perpetrated by peabrained racists is likewise an outrage that warrants severe penalties [although they don’t go as far as I’d like, which would be to reenact the crime(s) precisely as carried out]. Kudos to all who worked so tirelessly to bring about this miraculous change, especially himself who signed it into law [which might well have been sooner had we not been burdened with some walking septic tank in the highest office for 8 indescribable years], blessings to the Byrd and Shepard families, RIP to Matthew and James and all other victims like themselves, including 4 of my own friends – and the swiftest stiffest justice to those inhuman criminals which sadly still infect and infest our society.

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