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Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black barred from speaking at Michigan college

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 28 Oct 2009, 5:34pm


    Is that a new code for ‘the christian wackos will get upset?

  2. Brian Burton 28 Oct 2009, 6:00pm

    Yes Simon, I wonder why atheist whackos get even more opset?

  3. Again, pandering to ‘hurt feelings’. It’s time people grew up and made their case instead of being insulted and offended.

    I would have thought people on screenwriting courses would have to be exposed to radical ideas, because film is an important political tool.

  4. Why does Pink News insist on giving a very misleading headline on this article (as they do on many articles)? He *was not* barred from speaking at Hope College, but rather at a specific event at the college. Big difference. The latter is still a very important issue, yet Pink News sees it necessary to use headlines to make the reader thing one thing has occurred, when it’s a completely different issue.

  5. Brian Burton 28 Oct 2009, 7:50pm

    Journalists are all the same…It’s always maximum impact they look for on a head-line…It wont change, nomatter who kicks up about it!

  6. I thought the whole purpose of Education was to expose young minds to different points of view to develop intellectual and critical skills! Looks like Hope College is failing miserably to live up to its name!

  7. Monica, anyone with an ounce of intelligence will manage to conclude (from reading the full article) that he was barred from speaking on the subject of gay issues and not from speaking at the college itself. Brian dear, we don’t need a running commentary on who said what, most of us are fully capable of understanding someone else’s point of view.

  8. Pumpkin Pie 29 Oct 2009, 1:48am


    “Oh, those gosh-darned gays! Peddling their gosh-darned homosexuality to our vulnerable students!”

    Silly man.

  9. Brian Burton 29 Oct 2009, 6:58am

    Andy Dear,
    My comment was specifically for Monica so your comment is out of context and imature!

  10. I have been told that Michigan has a odd system, in that there is equal opportunity for gay and non-gay people working in the government system of the state, but there is no such legislation that applies to the citisens of the state or so my American contact says. So this article is interesting. I hope it turns out well and helps to chagne the minds and hearts of people there.

  11. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Oct 2009, 9:42am

    Students who don’t want to hear what Dustin Lance Black has to say don’t have to attend the session, do they?

    Hello Free Speech.

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