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Vigil to be held for gay trainee policeman beaten in Liverpool

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  1. The vigil has been reported on the BBC news website

  2. I’m sorry to say this, vigils vigils vigils light a candel then forget. vigils make the attendees feel like they’ve done something it benefits no one. shove your vigils and fight back ffs. that’s why they try to fcuk with us because they can. we’ve had 12 years of relative peace the backlash has begun and your lighting candles.

  3. There will be coverage on homophobia on BBC 2 NEWSNIGHT tonight –

  4. Thanks for that Adrian . . . just turned the TV on to check it out

  5. “There will be coverage on homophobia on BBC 2 NEWSNIGHT tonight”

    It was also on Channel 4 News – and I put something about it on my blog.

  6. Dean, yeah, I’m not normally one for vigils, but I recognise they can be a show of strength. In this instance, it would act as a show of solidarity with James and his family, and also demonstrate we’re not going to let violent scumbags intimidate us and stop us from living our lives the way we want.

  7. Newsnight tackles homophobia by inviting a homophobe

    Ann Atkins

    I nearly fell off my chair

  8. JohnK: If it wasn’t so obscene, it would be funny.

    What the hell are these people thinking?

  9. Ann Atkins response to the rise in homophobia was to suggest that we have become more intolerant.

    Blame the victim is a classic defence

    Why is BBC newsnight inviting an orthodox christian to discuss homophobia . . . this is like inviting the BNP to discuss racism.

  10. RobN . . . If they were thinking perhaps it would not have been such an obsecene farce

  11. they just pay rspect to the victim….so be it….
    what we can do is pray for the victim…..

  12. A classic case of the BBC needing to find anyone at any cost, as representative of ‘the other side of the argument’ (most Christians used to get massively offended everytime they wheeled Stephen Green in to ‘represent the christian point of view’).

    Mrs Atkins is on the senior council of the Wirral-based True Freedom Trust ex-gay ministry, which also includes fellow Thought For The Day regular Joel Edwards. see:

    How she is qualified to be selected for a debate on how we are going to tackle homophobia I don’t really know. If you must bring in a rabid opponent who labels any LGBT rights as PC correctness, then at least make it Richard Littlejohn, who at least doesnt get all his instructions from Jesus Christ.

    It’s the politicians that should be in the studio, and education bosses – they should be explaining themselves about what they are doing.

  13. I did not know that Ann Atkins was a senior council member of the Orgnaisation – True Freedom Trust

    This makes her appearence on News night to discuss homophobia obscene. Ann Atkins is part of an organisation which was set to help lesbain and gay people destroy their sexuality, it is quite clear that Ann Atkins colludes with homophobia she has no qualiications what so ever to speak on challanging homophobia.

    Would you invite the BNP to speak about Racism?

    I am shocked in light of what has happened in Liverpool, that a senior memeber of this Wirral/Liverpool area charity is allowed to speak on BBC newsnight.

    If I were a family member or a close friend of the trainee policeman James Parkes I would be very disturbed, disgusted and outraged by this news.

  14. On the bright side, it was good to see the other guest on Newsnight challenging Ann Atkins into admitting she had made homophobic statements in the past, which she herself was then forced to admit were “stupid” and see her nearly forget what she wanted to say because she was flapping when challenged.

    However, when the other guest was introduced as a columnist for the Independent newspaper, I have to wonder why Ann was simply introduced as a “writer & columnist” without any mention of her position on homosexuality, when it clearly mattered to the debate at hand.

    Finally, she managed to really mess up trying to play “devil’s advocate” when essentially trying to claim that homophobic attacks were rising due to so-called “knee-jerk” reactions to homophobia by gay people. She kept trying to say “I just wonder…this is more of a question than a point really…”, I don’t think anybody was fooled by her attempts at subterfuge because she screwed it up so badly, no wonder she’s not a politician.

  15. Sickening attack, mindless and unnecessary – more must be done to educate the public about the LGBT Community – the fight is not over yet.

  16. Regardless of what you all think about Vigils – the one in Trafalgar Square this Friday 30 October is about showing our strength and that we are no longer going to accept this.

    There will also be a reading of names of those who have been murdered over the last 10 years.



  17. I think some people in London are very quick to forget their ‘history’ and what has gone before them. The vigil taking place tonight in Liverpool is an enormous step for this city.

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