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Six boys arrested over attack on gay policeman James Parkes

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  1. Sadly another reason to attend the vigil against hate-crime in Trafalgar Square on Friday 30/10 (8pm to 10)

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Oct 2009, 11:47am

    “People who commit hate crimes can expect the full attention of the police and we will not rest until the offenders are brought to justice. The offenders will learn their lesson the hard way.”

    Do I agree with this or not? Make up my mind, willya.

    But It is good news that six boys were arested.

  3. Bishop Ioan 27 Oct 2009, 11:59am

    Definitely good news. This is so horrible–and so cowardly–six on one? I hope these individuals are sent to prison for a long, long time. My prayers and best wishes are with Mr. Parkes, his partner, friends, and all LGBTQ people who have to live in fear of such barabarism.

  4. Simon Murphy 27 Oct 2009, 12:03pm

    I hope they are all tried as adults.

    If they are guilty then the fact that that they are minors should be ignored – considering the intention and method of attack.

    Then again considering the disgusting behaviour of the Liverpool judiciary in the Michael Causer case I am worried the guilty will simply get an ASBO. The Liverpool judiciary does not seem fit for purpose to adjudicate in cases involving homophobic attacks after the appalling Causer verdicts.

  5. Simon Murphy 27 Oct 2009, 12:19pm

    ” If people reacted in a fraction of the way they did about a pathetic article as they do about something as barbaric as this, then maybe some change might come about. ”

    More people voted for Leona Lewis to win the X Factor than voted in the last general election.

    It’s the pathetic power of celebrity.

  6. It is sad to think that in this case more publicity was generated because it was a police officer. . . it may well be the case!

    With regards getting things into perspective . . . there appears to be a continuum of homophobic activity.

    I do not think the Jan moir case or the BNP leader calling gays creepy is entirly disconnected from this savage brutal animal horde like attack.

    Some homophobes attack with words, some choose gangs fists and feet in response.

  7. Sadly, lets face it, because the ages of the perpetrators is around 14-17 years, they almost certainly won’t get too long behind bars. The judicial system always leans towards giving young criminals a chance at making a go of their lives by letting them back out on the streets, probably by their early twenties in this case.

    There will be the public outcry & outrage, it will be in all the papers when the case goes to court, and then people will forget about these boys by the time they near the end of their sentences. The victim of the crime will probably take years & years of counselling to be able to walk the streets without feeling fear, but these boys are too thick to comprehend the gravity of their actions. As far as they are concerned they will get free bed & board with playstations, and a lot of help in finding a home, work etc when they are released. As always, they will know all their rights and “expect” a home, job etc handed to them on a platter, and not give a toss about the harm they’ve caused.

    Frankly, what about the criminals’ parents? In a large proportion of these cases the parenting is wholly inadequate, not teaching their children right from wrong and sometimes passing their own prejudices on.

  8. Thick, ill-educated, peasant scum.

    All aged 14-17 I note, thus entirely a product of a New-Labour education and upbringing.

  9. The Halcyon 27 Oct 2009, 12:53pm

    Are homophobic attacks being reported more widely/effectively or is there genuinely an increase in beatings? If the latter is true (and the London report indicates that may well be the case) then community liaison needs to be stepped up and gay businesses (bars, clubs, shops) need to work with the police, councils and customers to increase awareness.

    “All aged 14-17 I note, thus entirely a product of a New-Labour education and upbringing.”

    WTF does this have to do with anything? Using a brutal homophobic attack to make a cheap, tawdry political point. Despicable.

  10. Simon Murphy 27 Oct 2009, 12:57pm

    “All aged 14-17 I note, thus entirely a product of a New-Labour education and upbringing. ”

    What an utterly moronic statement.

  11. I agree with george,8,and it’s about time the law was changed to name and shame these pathetic gang packs! If they think their big enough to go out and commit horific crimes like this,then they should be named and shamed for it as well…regardless of age!It’s the laws version of the hoodie! Not allowed to see, not allowed to name! It’s wrong! and once again it’s the gang/pack mentatily,that has blighted many of our towns and cities that, that brings havok to everyday folk, and this time a trainee police officer! If this case does’nt bring homophobia well and truly to the top of the police and government agenda on law and order, then frankly i lose faith in both! Perhaps we need to monitor our ‘gay villages’ more carefully outselfs with perhaps our own patrols. Remember the red caps that came to London many years ago? A gang of 20 youths in any gay village should have perhaps sent some alarm bells ringing before they even got to their pray. We should now muster all our efforts in getting every political party to challenge and tackle homophobia head on and lets turn out in TRAFALGAR SQUARE this FRIDAY, 8PM TO 10PM, IN BIG NUMBERS, and show our support in a VIGIL to so many that have been hurt and indeed those we have lost to Homophobia.

  12. vulpus_rex 27 Oct 2009, 1:20pm

    What pray tell is wrong with the observation that the culprits of of such an awful crime are a reflection of the values and policies of the government of the day?

    Some people in here really can’t handle hearing things that upset their own narrow minded, little prejudices.

  13. You find a “Joker” in every pack of cards

    . . . do they ever serve a function?

  14. Robert, ex pat Brit 27 Oct 2009, 1:30pm

    Prosecute the parents too. This is all learned behaviour, probably starting in the home. They knowingly went to a gay area to taunt and commit an act of violence. Religious cultists play the victim card when they use antigay epithets and slurs and are taken to task over it claiming its about free speech. Well free speech is one thing, but hateful words most certainly do have consequences and children hear it. These boys probably hear this kind of thing all the time, in the playground, at home, in the media, from the religious cults, you name it. A good way to improve societal attitudes is to start with mandatory social studies courses taught in all schools encompassing homophobia and racism with no opt out choice either.

  15. JohnK/Simon: Sorry guys, but I go with Halcyon and Vulpus on this one. It has been noticeably demonstrated that a great deal of homophobia is originating from immigrants. Immigrants allowed into this country virtually unheeded due to this governments farcical immigration policy (or lack of one) – Equally, suspensions, expulsions and truancy are rife because of Labours inability to manage schools, and their obsession with quotas and levels, instead of imposing some discipline and control where it is desperately needed.

    Your people made this bed. Now you should lie in it and give up with your persistent whinging on about Thatcher thirty-odd years later. That was then, and this is now. You have nobody to blame but yourselves.

  16. Brian Burton 27 Oct 2009, 1:48pm

    Would you class Maggie Thatcher’s Pol-Tax rioters after 18 years of Tory mis-rule the same as you described the young thugs who attacked the Liverpool Trainee Cop?

  17. Toni-Louise Dillon 27 Oct 2009, 1:56pm

    Please stop making cheap political points-a man is lying in a critical condition and cheap shots are being fired over his body-I don’t support Labour either but under them we were given rights to civil partnerships, Clause 28 was repealed and Trans folk were given the right to change their Birth Certificates.

    This attack came in a city which I feel I still rather backwards in terms of attitudes towards sexuality-before anyone accuses me of being unreasonably biased against the place-I was BORN there-it still seems years behind in its attitudes, Canal St. it isn’t-many gay and lesbian from the ‘Pool’ STILL go to Manchester as they feel the Village there to be safer than ‘stuck on a macho trip’ Liverpool….sadly my birth city lags behind…:-( I’m glad I live in Brighton and so is my partner.

  18. 21stCenturySpirituality 27 Oct 2009, 2:09pm

    Maybe some adapted aspect of Sharia Law wouldnt be such a bad thing after all in this case. I mean if the perpetrators of this crime had on opposite hand and foot removed, not only would they be less able and less likely to commit a similiar crime again it would send a clear message of detterant to others. Maybe we would only need to implement such a punishment once or twice and then have a sort of name in a hat lottery system for such a punishment for those found guilty of such crimes in the future. If your name is drawn your hand and foot gets chopped off.

    Perhaps those who commit violent crimes of this nature should not be sent to prison, but have all their human rights and protections revoked, and not be entitled to any benefits or any assistance or support of any kind from the state for a set period of time. This would of course mean public naming and identification. I think 6 months of this would be enough for anybody, maybe it would only take a month. They would not be able to open a bank account, if they did have one access to it would be frozen. They would not be able to get any type of benefits. No driving licence, no passport, no GP, no police, no ambulance, no tv licence, no internet, no phone, nothing, zilch, nadda. It wouldnt cost the taxpayer any money, maybe, and it would serve both the ends of punishment and rehabilition (character building).

    Outrageous, unethical, inhumane, barbaric, yes I know, but Im sure there are many who have had similiar thoughts even if they dont admit it. And maybe its high time we did explore different ways of implementing justice and addressing violent crime in this country.

    I realise that there are those who will find some of the ideas I have highlighted here abhorent but can you think off better ways of dealing with violent crime. I would like to hear and discuss them. I think we need to start finding better and more effective ways of dealing with violent crime, and of course of seeking to prevent from occuring in the first place by addressing the circumstances and conditions in our society which lead to it.

  19. I find it disgusting that some people have taken an oppurtunity to make political digs while this young man lies in a hospital bed fighting for his life. Out of respect, you should all know when to open your mouths. Please be more respectful.
    My thoughts are with the family and this young boy. I am hoping he pulls through.

  20. I second the appeal to refrain from political or psuedo-political posturing whilst a young man lies in a critical condtion in Liverpool hospital . . .

    When I visited Liverpool last year with my partner for the first time, we both found it a charming City full of Victorian splendour and civic pride.

    It is terribly sad that this has happended on the streets of such a vibrant City . . . I do not think Liverpool is radical differnet from any other Northern City . . . and I know this from the experience of growing up in one.

  21. I loathe and utterly despise the police in the UK. The only reason so much effort has gone into apprehending the attackers here, is because this guy that was taunted then beaten up, is a police cadet. No other reason. The gay community in Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool have been subject to intense homophobic taunting and attacks, yet the police have not been strongly active in clamping down on this behavious. The police my friends, despite their PR leaflets and their pathetic marching in Pride events, is sickening. They truly are the enemies of gay and lesbian people.

    The only way I am afraid, is for LGBT people to fight back. DO NOT give into the taunts or the harrassment. tackle these people, shout them down and if neccesary, fight fire with fire. Fists and feet an boots. Give them a traste of their own medicine. GLBT people are too complacent in the UK now. If it means fighting for our rights and survival by way of barricades in the street, then so be it.

  22. I don’t see this as political posturing. Thirty years ago, it was almost a fashion statement for straight people to have gay men in tow. Homophobia was dying out. Sadly, AIDS put an end to that and it’s been downhill all the way since then.

    I’m sorry if some people see this as a backhanded swipe at the people that supposedly run this country, but I see this poor lad’s condition is a DIRECT RESULT of this government’s inability to do it’s job. It’s as simple as that.

  23. vulpus_rex 27 Oct 2009, 2:33pm

    I make no apology for introducing an overtly political aspect to this thread.

    The fact that such homophobic, feral scum are free roaming the streets and free to attack Mr Parkes is a direct result of New Labour’s utter failure in all aspects of social policy.

    It is interesting to note that there is plenty of politically motivated comment on here about the police etc. but strangely it is only the explicitly anti-labour comment that attracts the opprobium of the usual new-labour apologista scum such as Murphy and co.

    It seems they will accept eat any amount of Cr*p as long as it is new-labour cr*p.

  24. Toni-Louise Dillon 27 Oct 2009, 2:37pm

    Maybe you should offer this to the thugs’ defence brief as mitigation ‘I’m sorry your honour but I was forced to attack this man because I felt totally disenfranchised by the political elite so felt the only way to sublimate my feelings of inadequacy at the way my country is being run was to kick a queer’s head in’..not really the way they speak in Kirkdale but never mind…

  25. Not sure what Liverpool is like but in London most homophobic attacks are near home, not near bars.

    Police turning up in gay bars giving out leaflets is ridiculous and useless, what we need are police – real police not these Lego-men PCSOs – patrolling the streets. These gangs target people on the streets and in the corridors, not in gay bars.

    When I was attacked on the street by 20 yourths I was told by the PSCO that she didn’t patrol that street because there was no CCTV and it was too dangerous. The real coppers took nealy an hour to respond to a 999 call. No doubt if I had said it was homophobic they would have been straight round. When i said it may have been racial, with all the assailants being black and me being white, they didn’t want to know and asked me what i was going on about.

    Sod the marching at Gay Pride and the leaflets coppers – walk the beat!

  26. Robert, ex pat Brit 27 Oct 2009, 2:55pm

    So some are blaming Labour on social policy. Well, is anyone that naive to think that Cameron will be any better? Already, one of them is talking about watering down some of our rights. Lets see how better the tory party does on equality. I can’t wait.

  27. vulpus_rex 27 Oct 2009, 3:17pm

    “So some are blaming Labour on social policy. Well, is anyone that naive to think that Cameron will be any better? Already, one of them is talking about watering down some of our rights. Lets see how better the tory party does on equality. I can’t wait.”

    “It seems they will accept eat any amount of Cr*p as long as it is new-labour cr*p.”

    See what I mean?

    A man is kicked almost to death by the children of New Labour, but oooh deary me, it’s all ok because if evil baby eating Tories were in power it would be so much worse.

  28. Toni-Louise Dillon 27 Oct 2009, 3:21pm

    I stubbed my toe the other day-it was my own fault but I blame New Labour….

  29. I have come down with Flu . . . shall I blame New Labour . . .

  30. vulpus_rex 27 Oct 2009, 3:50pm

    LOL -I can accept your mocking with a smile and good grace, but you do seek to trivialise the reasons why someone has been almost kicked to death – will your family be so smug if it happens to you?

  31. Toni-Louise Dillon 27 Oct 2009, 3:58pm

    How about the fact that his attackers are plain and simple scumbag bigots-no political point scoring-no apportioning of blame to political parties-no light-heartedness, just plain and simple evil….gay bashing has happened under the rule of both the main parties..that’s the sad and sometimes fatal fact.

  32. I hope he’ll be better soon an this was a tragic attack
    I hope they catch the scum that did this

  33. why the hell are these thugs being bailed?

  34. Ben Summerskill from Stonewall has taken a lot of flak from Pink News readers for some of his comments about gay marriage. In my view despite those unfortunate comments Stonewall is right to prioritise the problem of homophobic bullying in schools. Prejudice needs to be tackled as early as possible. Schools and the media can have a big role in changing attitudes. Little has really changed since Section 28 was abolished.

    More schools should participate in LGBT history month, the pre-launch event of which takes place this year on 19th November.

  35. Toni Lousie, no, your toe was thumped becasue of global warming (despite the fact that global temperatures have gone down in the last 10 years – even the BBC had to report that one).

    Liverpool is one of two places in UK where my courier company won’t go, the other being Belfast. I sold a lot of material to a development called Paradise Street, surely a contradiction in terms.
    rob N is right, we have hoards of these little thugs picking on gay men becasue they think they are too weak to fight back, and if a grown man does fight back he is either stabbed, nicked by the coppers for assault, or done on some pervert charge. The kids know the law inside out, all they have to do is scream abuse or sexual assault.

    This is a direct result of “understanding” thugs, and the children of thugs. Maybe becasue this has been done to an actaul copper they might get out of their offices and walk the streets to deter crime.

    After 7/7 the police were drafted into central London to look for terrorists in July and August 2007 and crime went down 11%. In outer London where they had been drafted from it went up 8%. proof if ever it were needed.

  36. Adrian I heard this was reported on the BBC at 1.00pm . . . that the six men who had previously been arrested had now been let out on bail . . . presumably now free again to rearrange some other young gay mans face!

  37. Harthacanute 27 Oct 2009, 5:23pm

    Even the Police aren’t safe. I feel bad even saying this and I in no way mean any disrespect to James Parkes; but given recent events, this may be the sort of thing that will make to Police take another look at their attitudes to the LGBT community.

  38. The Halcyon 27 Oct 2009, 6:09pm

    C’mon guys, let’s leave the political comments for Pink News “Opinions” threads otherwise we run the risk of making constant political/personal attacks on each other and ignore what’s going on to fellow LGB & T people in society.

  39. We cannot necesarily change the minds of others. . . but we can be mindfull of whether or not an area is safe . . . and if it is not: avoid it, circumnavigate it, or police it to protect our communities.

  40. There were evil minded kids who would stamp on your face as soon as look at you under the tories, too. I speak from experience of life on Thatcher’s council estates. This is nothing to do with anything.

    I definitely question the parental role here, though. These kids are roaming the street late at night. Where do the parents think they are, what do they think they’re doing? Do they give a damn? They need to be made to somehow.

  41. AdrianT: “Why the hell are these thugs being bailed?”

    Because the little lambs are only between 14 and 17, and it would be unfair and barbaric to hold children in a cell overnight. They could catch their deaths.

    Anyway, I’m sure that awfully nice judge will see the anguish and social deprivation these poor mites have suffered and let them off with suspended sentences, or maybe a community care order.
    Bless their cottons.

  42. When you have a city that’s as deeply catholic as Liverpool is, what else can you expect but deeply homophobic population. The kids are taught this from parents ,who where indoctrinated by the catholic church. Add into this mix the historical poor standard of living (some areas are among the most deprived in Europe) and you get the perfect environment for this type of attack to happen.

    What shocks me is four of the boys arrested are now out on bail despite this being an attempted murder.

  43. I did not want to mention the “Catholic Equation” . . . Thanks for pointing this out Abi.

    In light of what we know about the Roman Catholics Churches attitude towards homosexuality, we cannot pretend that this religion is not inculcated in the propagation of a myth that homosexuals are an intrinsic, and morally disordered evil

    In the light of recent events on the streets of Liverpool . . . . The morally and disordered evil is quite clear in my mind

  44. Just to let everyone know if they can make it, there is a candlelit vigil in Liverpool this Sunday against homophobia (1st November). The system wont let me post the link but please go to facebook and search “LIVERPOOL CANDLELIGHT VIGIL AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA : SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER 8PM” and please join the group. Thankyou xxx

  45. Candlelight vigil? After twenty, yes TWENTY little bastards kick the crap out of one young man?

    I’d send peasants with f_cking torches to where these little sods lived and hang them tarred and feathered from lamposts. Yeah, tell that to your mates. “We just got beat up by a bunch of queers”.

  46. Vo Dong Cung 27 Oct 2009, 10:44pm

    So, can’t using adult to attack gay, now using the children instead!!!…I would like to make questions: Who teach those children doing a crime like this? Who preachs into children the hate crime?

    They do not care about those children future lives with their crime records in the police department. Look for someones, some institutions behide those children, not children themself

  47. “Candlelight vigil? After twenty, yes TWENTY little bastards kick the crap out of one young man?”

    I prefer the names of these 20 men, not candles . . . so that they can be shamed and made accountable for their actions

  48. Toni-Louise Dillon 28 Oct 2009, 2:08am

    My mum thinks candles work-but then she is very Catholic and has been praying for me not to be lesbian for years…and has lit a lot of candles and done prayers to that effect. That’s my old home town, sea shanties, sing songs and a bit of 20 to 1 gay bashing…I don’t a rat’s a**e about your Liverpool One development and City of Culture Status you’re still a backwards city and I was born there FFS!!

  49. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Oct 2009, 5:51am

    To repeat my post(2):

    ‘”People who commit hate crimes can expect the full attention of the police and we will not rest until the offenders are brought to justice. The offenders will learn their lesson the hard way.”

    Do I agree with this or not? Make up my mind, willya.

    But, it is good news that six boys were arested.’

    Nice one, 21stCenturySpirituality.

    At this point I am inclined to disbelieve the official position of the Police Dept quoted above; that the names of the boys should be made public at once; and that a torch parade through the alleys would be just the thing, although that does smack of Peter Tatchell’s tactics. Where is he on this, by the way?

    Still, I would carry pepper spray on me, legal or not, and I would not venture out by myself in these areas.

    Bottom line is that my heart does go out to the family and friends of this young man who could very well be the one to make a difference in the future.

    I hope he recovers, all in good time.

    There are many good comments on this thread.

  50. Bent Sauer(Denmark) 28 Oct 2009, 5:07pm

    Hmm PULL YOUR SELVES TOGETHER – GREAT BRITAIN – these times should bee over????

  51. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 3 Nov 2009, 7:39am

    How come no one carries a stun gun or pepper spray to protect themselves? Both items can be bought over the net or from a catalog fairly cheap. In fact a stun gun capable of knocking some one out for 20 seconds can be had for around fifty bucks and pepper spray can be bought most anywhere for around twenty bucks.I read about all of these attacks and it makes me wonder why gays don’t protect themselves when both stun guns and pepper spray or even mace can be gotten easily and cheaply as well.In fact if you type in stun guns and pepper spray it will show you dozens of places you can send for them.

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