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Gay trainee policeman fighting for life after Liverpool homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 26 Oct 2009, 12:05pm

    the UK is becoming more and more homophobic.

    I and my partner have recently discussed moving to another country

  2. Well it’s time people got on the streets. As we will do here in london on Friday.

    Let’s see if these would-be murderers get off with a community sentence or something.

  3. An horrific, brutal vicious attack . . .

    . . . and it was only on Thursday last week that we heard the Leader of the BNP encourage hatred towards LGBT people in his announcement on BBC question time that he finds two men kissing creepy.

  4. Simon Murphy 26 Oct 2009, 12:38pm

    How awful. I hope he pulls through.

    As this is Liverpool I doubt the attackers will face any real justice.

  5. Vincent Poffley 26 Oct 2009, 12:41pm

    Is there any evidence that this WAS a homophobic attack though, as opposed to just an attack? The article is unclear on this point. Not that it makes it any better if it was just a regular attack of course, or any worse, but I fear “homophobia” is too convenient a label to slap on these incidents sometimes.

    The underlying cause of such things, even if they are homophobic in character, is far deeper. Even if the thugs involved were not homophobic they would still be thugs, and they would still attack people, they would just choose their victims differently. The cause of such thuggish behaviour among disaffected urban youth is largely due to poverty, deprivation and poor education. If well-to-do middle class solicitors and wealthy old businessmen were going around beating up gay people, and only gay people, because that was considered all right in society, then we would have a specific homophobia problem. What we in fact have is a criminal behaviour problem among certain sections of poor urban youth, of which homophobia is just a tiny part.

  6. Simon . . . lets try and bring Justice if neccesary by mobilising an e-mailing tidal wave

    I think this attack is significant since it comes directly after a recent political attack in LGBT people.

  7. Bishop Ioan 26 Oct 2009, 1:17pm

    I suspect that this has to do with homophobic comments against LGBTQ people in the UK. I don’t pretend to know what the trend is in the UK but in the US once you have a spate of politicians or religious leaders spouting this sort of thing, there is an increase in hate crimes. I would not be surprised if this came on the heels of Mr Griffin’s comments and was indeed instigated by them.

  8. MIchael, Liverpool 26 Oct 2009, 1:26pm

    Simon Murphy…this really isn’t the time to be beating on Liverpool!!!!!! Look at the homophobic attacks in London recently and all over the country!!! They are becoming more evident anywhere where there is a big gay community so please think before the whole anti-Liverpool crap starts all over again, I’m sick to death of it, we had it with Michael Causer and now it’s going to start again.

    This is a wake up call for the whole country. I hope this man’s recovers soon…

  9. Simon Murphy 26 Oct 2009, 1:30pm

    Michael – I’m well aware that homophobic crime is on the rise all over the UK. Sadly Liverpool cannot avoid the fact that Michael Causer’s death was downplayed and ignored by the sentencing judge.

    I’m not beating up on Liverpool. I am merely stating that the judiciary there have shown themselves to be utterly unfit for purpose considering the disgusting way they behaved in the Causer case.

  10. Robert, ex pat Brit 26 Oct 2009, 2:12pm

    theotherone….Its not much better in other countries. Even Canada where gay people have full equality, more than we do, homophobic crime is on the rise, the U.S. and even in Holland of all places. Whenever you see societies gaining more equality, you’ll see these kinds of hate crimes increasing, unfortunately. No amount of laws will result in a lessening of violence against us, it may make some prone to violence think twice about the consequences, but thugs are thugs. We need more public education on homophobia and mandatory social studies courses in our schools teaching children what discrimination, racism and sexual orientation are all about and what will happen to them if they resort to a life of violence and hate. Its pretty obvious their parents have done a bad job raising them and teaching them to hate, all learned behavior. The media hasn’t done much better either.

  11. Scott of Sydney 26 Oct 2009, 2:18pm

    What cowards these thugs are. Typical of course. It takes 13 of them to bring down one gay man. This is something that needs to be made the point. Get everyone calling the thugs the cowards they really are and the “glamour” will go out of it.

  12. 14 & 15 year old boys? It’s time to yank out their mother’s ovaries and rip off their father’s testicles and then take any additional children they may have into the care of the state.

  13. 13 youths to attack one man? . . . its is clear to me that they intended to elliminate not just attack a person.

  14. While the government still sanctions messages of hate against us from the pulpit we must expect these sort of attacks.

    Pride needs to become a protest again and not a street party.

  15. @ Vincent: The police wouldn’t be officially classifying it as a homophobic attack (which they are) if there was no evidence of homophobia being involved during, or as part of, the crime.

  16. Jen Marcus 26 Oct 2009, 4:59pm

    Hate, violence and bigotry are learned behaviours from secular and religious institutions that operate on lies and half truths, many times found in and exacerbated by patriarchal societies praising machismo and the culture of the tough street “bad ass!” I suspect that is why this poor young man and many others like him are attacked and even killed. I certainly hope and pray that he fully recovers and they catch those “bastards,” put them on trial and throw away the key. In addition, law enforcement authorities and the judiciary need to start aggressively prosecuting people in our secular and religious institutions that engage in hate speech. That also includes parents of juveniles involved in violent crimes who teach hate at home Perhaps then such inhuman psychotic behaviour will be curtailed.

  17. Simon is correct about the Cauuser judge.

    The judiciary insult the LGBT community and I would go further to suggest this is a major reason why homophobic crime is NOT perused through the courts. Training/awareness is desperately needed from Magistrate upwards.

  18. Simon is correct about the judge in the Causer case.

    The judiciary insult the LGBT community and I would go further to suggest this is a major reason why homophobic crime is NOT perused through the courts. Training/awareness is desperately needed from Magistrate upwards.

  19. Ron Crispo 26 Oct 2009, 5:12pm

    We have a lot of homophobic idiots in my country as well. Lets pray that this victim makes a full recovery & can testify against them, both in the press & in court.

  20. Pete & Michael 26 Oct 2009, 6:10pm

    The people of Liverpool must feel let down once again, because of mindless, uneducated individuals. 2008 was the City of Culture for Liverpool, and Michael Causer was murdered in that year because of his sexual orientation. When one hears of the church and the bnp, not forgetting some conservatives castigating their objections of one’s sexuality, do they not understand that some people are born different.

  21. 13 involved. only 3 arrested , the maths is wrong here.

    Michael in Liverpool is right, though. No need to bash the city. This kind of thing happens EVERYWHERE. The cause of it IS these poeple like Jan Moir and Griffin, and that daft old bat calling herself a Christian in another of today’s article who are spreading homophobic poison around the country.

  22. I think that this horrible attack and the sister story today of the so-called ‘christian’ woman and her hate-speech show how middle class bigotry and working class thuggery are linked in our society.
    I hope the Norwich woman is prosecuted, and I hope the beating victim recovers.

  23. This is a really worrying trend. Not sure if homophobia is on the rise, or if it’s just being reported more. Ten ten years ago I would walk hand in hand with my boyfriend through central London and no-one batted an eye lid. We’ve stopped doing it now though, because of the abuse we sometimes get from passers by.

  24. Chris Keane 26 Oct 2009, 7:07pm

    I love Liverpool as a city loads. I went to uni there, now work there and will move there shortly but some people really let the city down.

  25. MIchael, Liverpool 26 Oct 2009, 7:24pm

    Thanks guys for not bashing Liverpool – honest to God we got enough stick when Michael Causer died and it doesn’t solve anything. Homophobia is a nationwide problem…its our problem… it’s your problem. There’s no need to pick on regional differences, the issues will be better dealt with if the country comes together as a whole. There’s a Liverpool march against homophobia being planned in the city for the end of Nov, be good if some of you people could make it. Join the group on facebook – facebook dot com/group.php?gid=162737774775&ref=mf

  26. I agree with Abi (again!) pride does need to become a protest again not just a party in the park.
    We need another queer as folk or similar to raise awareness, being gay was not a problem and even cool 10 years ago because it was normalized.

  27. theotherone 26 Oct 2009, 8:15pm

    my posts are agian disapering.

    Are they being moderated?

  28. No mention of this on Radio1 Newsbeat, on the radio station where these messages need to be getting out to most. This is a disgrace.

  29. How long until Jan Moir writes an article blaming the victim?

  30. The BBC news website as you reported the story

    They describe 20 youths attacking the man who they mention is a trainee police cadet.

  31. BBC news website has just reported the story

    They describe 20 youths as attacking the man who they mention is a trainee police cadet.

  32. bolster_bev 26 Oct 2009, 10:19pm

    I am fron Ontario Canada and there was a similar incident here in September where a young man was set on by 6 other men and yes he was GAY At that time I asked the question
    “””WHO WAS THE PERVERT”” I am sick of all gays being abused does nobody remember MATHEW SHEPPARD?????

  33. I remember the Mathew Sheppard case in which two men attacked and murdered the young man.

    Bolster_bev . . . The BBC are reporting that a gang of 20 youths have attacked a trainee police officer, and not a gang of 13 youths as previously reported.

  34. There seems to be an increase in prevalence of reports of teenagers attacking gay people. Still a very tiny minority of course, but on the increase nonetheless. I think there needs to be a serious drive in schools to educate teenagers about the possible consequences of committing such crimes, catching them and educating them whilst there is still hopefully a chance of reaching them before their behaviour spills over into violence.

    On the upside, there are thankfully lots of teenagers actively campaigning against homophobia and hate crimes.

  35. Its likely the 3rd story on BBC News at 10.

  36. AdrianT . . . just listening to the 10.00 clock news to see if it gets a mention.

  37. It was featured, with interviews from people in Liverpool, too.
    Still – disappointed about Radio 1, whose audience is the very age group of both victim and perpetrators.

  38. I heard the news report too . . . it is disapointing that Radio 1 did not mention it.

  39. My thoughts are with this young man and his family – stay strong and keep fighting both for your recovery and for justice. The people who did this are, well, violent cowards doesn’t do it justice – people like them can, and will, be removed from this society.

  40. as a family member of the partner of the victim we are all very upset

  41. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Oct 2009, 5:00am

    Canadian Candlelight Vigil for Christopher Skinner:

    http://www dot

  42. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Oct 2009, 5:11am

    Canadian Prime Minister’s speechwriter is a gay rights opponent:

    http://www dot

  43. Dave North 27 Oct 2009, 8:03am

    Turns out the victim was a trainee policeman.

    Whats the betting that all the stops will be pulled on this case.

  44. I’m sure they will be Dave, as they were in the Michael Causer case, in which the polica did an excellent job. The problem lies with the judiciary, not the police in Liverpool, as well as the stupid English system of trial by jury.

  45. Brian Burton 27 Oct 2009, 8:45am

    Liverpool is no different than London where homophobia is concerned. There is always booze-heads saying to each other, “Lets go and do a bit of ‘Gay Bashing'” when they are out for what they call a good night out!

  46. If this was happening to any other “minority group” they would be rioting on the streets by now! In Birmingham just a rumour of an attack on a girl started two days of unrest. I’m no supporter of civil disobeindence but it makes you think twice !!!

  47. Glenn Fairclough 27 Oct 2009, 10:40am

    We must not be placed into a position of fear by these kind of thugs…. We must show them we are not going to hide in dark corners for them.. We must peacefully show and remind those type of people we have rights … We must show we are part of and want a civilised world… We are citizens too! These aren’t things that just happen in Liverpool .. they can happen anywhere.. even though I feel UK is reasonably ok with people being gay we are still on the whole prevented from expressing who we are by outdated ideas and control from outside and within ourselves.. it is this kind of attack which stops us moving forward and stop hiding in shadows for bullies like this!

  48. 20008 Year of Culture…. 2009 Year of Subculture? Liverpool still has that rough edge which it just can never get rid of? As a guy guy who has travelled the world I have never felt so threatened or intimidated by this city….. Its more than a minority…. it runs deep just under the glossy surface of respectability….. and it will NEVER change……

  49. We cannot necesarily change the minds of others. . . but we can be mindfull of whether or not an area is safe . . . and if not: avoid it, circumnavigate it, or police it to protect our communities.

  50. Just to let everyone know if they can make it, there is a candlelit vigil in Liverpool this Sunday against homophobia (1st November). The system wont let me post the link but please go to facebook and search “LIVERPOOL CANDLELIGHT VIGIL AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA : SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER 8PM” and please join the group. Thankyou xxx

  51. And what are homosexual people and homosexuality itself, according to the men in lace frocks and pointy hats…?

    And what should they, these homosexuals, do?

    And what do the pronouncements of this pointy-hat and lacy-frock brigade engender, foster, nurture, promote, advocate in Scouse boozeheads and elesewhere worldwide…?

    The answers are not hard to find.

    It would be a huge invasion of this young man’s privacy if photographs of him, in his now very sorry state, as battered and bruised as the Lord Himself, and whom these purple clad buffoons purport to ‘serve’…could not be somehow downloaded, postcard size, and millions printed off and posted to Rome and Rochester with the words “Your fault, I think, Mr Ratzinger.” “Your fault, I think, Mr. Nazir Ali.”


  52. Children are not born homophobic,,,, they learn it from their homes. Shame.

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