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Film director accuses Scientology of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. good of him to see the light, even if it’s after 35 years!

  2. How come so many seemingly intelligent people fall for this brainwashing drivel in this day and age?
    If I was about to sign up for an all consuming religion I’d make damn sure I did plenty of research first so I knew what I was letting myself in for. I owe that much to myself. The only possible excuse these people have is if they were born into it.
    In order to be a film director you need a certain functional level of knowledge and assertiveness. Even the actors who get roped in aught to have enough personal experience of what constitutes fact and what constitutes fantasy?
    Otherwise I guess Barnum was right, there is one born every minute.
    It’s good that he’s finally twigged it’s all BS but why the hell did it take him so long… even L Ron didn’t believe his own crap.

  3. outlandishimages 26 Oct 2009, 3:41pm


  4. Trouble is they are a very rich sect and have influence in the USA; however, 5 mins in the company of one of them trying to justify their strange ways SHOuld but the average person on their guard!

  5. Brian Burton 26 Oct 2009, 4:18pm

    I came across scientologists in the 1960s when their ‘Great Leader’ Ron L. Hubbard the science fiction writer was giving out some kind of message of hug a spacemane and be saved (from him I hope!!)They are all first degree nutters!

  6. I suppose they will just say that he needs more auditing to get his Thetan levels down!

  7. Sounds like a case of . . . Ron Hubbard still in the Cupboard so to speak.

  8. While his motives are worthy, and I’m glad he’s finally seen sense I’d say that Haggis taking them to task over homophobia is a half-arsed takedown at best.
    If I wanted to take a swipe at Scientology I would first mention the well documented account of a failed pulp novelist called L Ron saying “If you wanted to make a fast buck you could do worse than start your own religion”. Lo and behold 4 years later he “discovers one” while on holiday in the far east.
    The central tenet of Scientology as described to me by a former Scientologist outside the Scientology centre is that Zenu was an intergalactic overlord in charge of 77 planets which were all overpopulated.
    He decided to ‘thin out’ a substantial portion of the population of each planet by persuading them to go for free eye tests, where they were all subjected to whirly hypnotic sci-fi stuff.
    He then put all these people (and presumably aliens) at the base of volcanoes while they were all still in a trance by the truckload. He detonated said volcanoes with an H-bomb and made all the planets on his watch look like the last days of Pompeii.
    Problem solved thought Zenu.
    But then the spirits of all the dead dudes [thetans as he called them] were starting to become a distraction too. So he caught them all in another contrived sci-fi Mc-Guffin and proceeded to plan B.
    Plan B was that the remaining population on each planet who weren’t taken in by a free eye-test offer were somehow persuaded to go to cinemas everywhere, where they were shown movies on every other religion or belief system in the cosmos [the fake ones as Scientologists would have you believe… are you detecting the irony here?]. While this was going on Zenu released all the trapped thetans [or souls] into each cinema and all the survivors were instantly possessed by the spirits of 80 or so dead dudes. This is why we supposedly hear thoughts that aren’t scientology sanctioned. Therefore in order to get rid of the 80 clamouring voices in our heads we’re supposed to pay L Ron’s diciples a substantial portion of our income to basically have a long protracted [and very expensive] exorcism.
    If they hit you with the insanity of all that from the start you wouldn’t believe it so they start with some benign sounding self-help and a toxicity test.
    By the time you realise you’ve signed your life away to a bunch of paranoid nutters their lawyers and followers have you by the short and curlies, and consider you ‘fair game’ for blackmail and intimidation if you attempt to leave.
    Given all that, I’d be long gone before I found out how homophobic they are.

  9. Bishop Ioan 26 Oct 2009, 8:54pm

    An acquaintance of mine is into Scientology and when she told me about it, I had all I could do to keep a straight face. How anyone can believe this stuff is beyond me. A few years ago, she told me that she was saving up to take some Scientology courses that (no, I am NOT making this up!) would enable her to levitate and walk through walls.

    She dragged her son and me to a Scientology weekend at the mother church in L.A. and while she went to get audited, I walked around. I let someone do the E-Meter testing on me (the thing looks sort of like two soup cans attatched by a length of cord–think when kids would rig up something like that and play at talking on a “telephone. The person doing the test told me I was under stress. I told him, “I could have told you that–I’m homeless!
    Later, her son and I watched Scientology recruiting films and almost laughed ourselves silly.

    While at my acquaintance’s home I read “Dianetics” to be polite and I have never come across the amount of twaddle contained between its covers in my life before.

    Glad to see that Haggis is out of Scientology. I’m sure they’ll be screaming “suppressive personality” (Scientologese for anyone they don’t like)any time now. I don’t understand why so many otherwise intelligent people have fallen for this junk.

  10. This Hubbard guy gives science fiction writing a bad name on top of everything else. The only thing that surprises me here is that this loony cult has been around for 35 years!

  11. Flapjack, Bishop loan thanks for the Scientology information

    What a Cookie Cult . . . should carry a health warning

    . . . “My contain loads of nuts”

  12. Bishop Ioan – I’ve head of that e-meter too, according to those in the know, it has all sorts of impressive dials and buttons on the front, but if you opened it up it has no working parts, no circuitry, nothing. In that respect you’d have as much luck doing a stress reading with a fisher-price telephone.
    Hey, at least fisher price toys occasionally make an amusing squeaky sound if you hit them hard enough (much like Scientology auditors).

  13. For further viewing, here’s the BBC’s notorious Scientology expose on Panorama
    And here’s Martin Bashir on America’s ABC network
    Apparently Scientologists don’t like the word “cult” and don’t like to talk what they believe either. Wonder why?

  14. Bishop Ioan 27 Oct 2009, 10:55am

    You’re right on the e-meter (sorry, I forgot to mention the dials and bottons. They had e-meters for sale at the org (as they call their church) and they cost well over a couple of grand if my memory serves me rightly. You’re right about the toys…at least they sometimes squeak if you hit them the right way lol

    Oh and another thing, if you want to have fun reading some real stuff on Scientology, google “Sea Org”. It actually started when old Ron took to the high seas. He used to have girls in nautical tops and hot pants serving him cocktails (that was when he wasn’t popping pills). On a far less amusing note, read about the abuse of Sea Org members go through. It is a real eye opener.

  15. Bishop Ioan 27 Oct 2009, 11:28am

    For anyone who would like to read more on the topic of Scientology (anti) you might want to check out this link I found at–great article.,9171,972865,00.html

  16. George Broadhead 27 Oct 2009, 11:53am

    Ironically there is a Google ad on the same page as this report for an almost equally crackpot, and certainly equally homophobic Christian outfit called the Jesus Army.

  17. Simon Murphy 27 Oct 2009, 12:41pm

    Wow – flapjack.

    $cientology sounds as weird and bizarre as christianity; islam or judaism.

  18. Brian Burton 27 Oct 2009, 1:51pm

    I think that miget actor Tom Cruise is a Scientology nitwit!

  19. Simon Murphy – I hear what you’re saying, as an atheist I find it difficult to credit those other religions too.
    However I do give them this much credit, neither Christianity, Islam or Judaism have their respective prophets on record as saying “you know, if you wanted to make a fast buck you could do worse than start your own religion”.
    Moses and Abraham weren’t spotted chatting down the Dog and Duck one day saying, “hey Abe, my bargain bucket sci-fi career has gone down the tubes, I think I might start a bogus religion”.
    That conversation may have happened but it has long since been lost in the mists of time.
    L Ron Hubbard however has existed within living memory and has singularly failed to produce the original ancient ‘sacred’ texts his bumper banquet of sub-‘Bablylon 5’ quality sci-fi bullcrap was based on.

  20. Brian Burton 27 Oct 2009, 6:06pm

    I think the Scientologists use the word church of…quite loosely. They did not want to say Group or organisation because in the American Bible belt, Church always sounds better. Hubbard was hard selling his product Sy-Fi to people he knew would accept the concept of it all since space exploration was really comming into it’s own. Once the Russians launched Sputnik, the US Government was determined to out do the Russians at their own game. And so It opened the many doors for Ron Hubbard.

  21. Brian Burton 27 Oct 2009, 6:16pm

    I wonder If there are any scientoligy Poofs?

  22. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Oct 2009, 7:30am

    Tuesday, 27 October 2009

    Scientology Guilty of Fraud in France

    The French aren’t buying Scientology’s claim to be a religion – they see it as the racket it is.

    PARIS (Reuters) – A Paris court on Tuesday fined the French branch of the Church of Scientology a total of 600,000 euros ($902,200) after finding it guilty of fraud but allowed the group to continue operating in France.

    When the hearing opened, there were expectations that the court could order the group to be banned in France but due to a mix-up over a law that passed in parliament just before the start of the trial in May, that option was ruled out.

    The legislation has since been changed back to allow the dissolution of an organization found guilty of fraud but because of the timing of the case, there was no question of forcing the Church of Scientology to be wound up.

    “It is very regrettable that the law quietly changed before the trial,” Georges Fenech, head of the Inter-ministerial Unit to Monitor and Fight Cults, told television station France 24.

    “The system has now been put in place by parliament and it is certain that in the future, if new offences are committed, a ban could eventually be pronounced,” he said.

    The court handed down suspended prison sentences ranging from 10 months to two years and fines of 5,000 euros to 30,000 euros to four leaders of the group in France.

    “This is an important and historic decision because it is the first time that Scientology has been found guilty of involvement in organized fraud,” Olivier Morice, one of the lawyers for the civil parties to the case told reporters.

    Just because some people claim a system of thought is a religion, doesn’t make it so.

  23. They’re probably less worried about the gays than they are about those little dead aliens stuck to them causing them all sort of grief….

  24. Great site here:


    You can read the ‘top secret’ stuff too and use the mention of it to scare away approaching Recruiters ;)

  25. Iris – I have my own method of scaring away Scientology recruiters. Encountered one in Chichester town centre once. I tried blanking him but he kept jumping in front of me as I was walking past going “excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME”.
    I thought ‘well if you insist on wasting my time, I’m going to waste some of yours’. This was the following exchange…
    Scientology Drone-
    Hi I’m just here today asking people a number of questions if you have a spare minute [I thought we’d already established I didn’t. He continued his prepared script]
    Scientology Drone –
    OK, if you could have anything at all in the world what would it be?
    Me –
    This jacket [pointing to the jacket I was already wearing]
    [Scientology drone looks a bit uncertain but soldiers on with his prepared script]
    Drone –
    Right… erm… if you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
    Me- Indecisive [yeah, let’s see you spin some ‘road to Damascus’ conversion out of that one]
    Drone –
    erm, uh right [his forced bonhomie begins to falter, his paste-on smile is showing signs of muscle fatigue. He valiantly ploughs on with his prepared script] OK… so if you could choose between ‘that jacket’ and ‘being indecisive’, which would you choose?
    [I can’t believe he just asked me that question with a straight face] erm, this jacket… no wait… indecisive, no sorry… this jacket… aw but indecisive seems sooo tempting…
    [Scientology Drone visibly looses the will to live]
    Drone – Look do you want to buy this book or not [half heartedly holds up copy of ‘Dianetics’]
    Me – Nah, I wouldn’t touch that b@ll@cks with a 40 foot pole
    Scientology Drone gives me a withering “thankyou” and proceeds to next target.

  26. :D @ flapjack. I’ve never been approached like that but I’ll remember that for future use! :D

    They usually just ask if I want a stress test. Oh, and once they tried to give me a ‘know more about yourself’ questionnaire with literlly 200 questions! What annoys me is that they’re often quite shy about saying that they’re Scientologists and hide behind the Free Stress Test with no mention of their ‘religion’. I like to make sure that anyone tempted to have a free test is aware that these people are Scientologists. That usually loses them a few victims. Asking them if Xenu wrote Dianetics is good too ;)Oh, and once I asked if it was the sequel to Callanetics :D

  27. Iris – LOL! Like the ‘callanetics’ response, though I’d be tempted to ask if ‘Dianetics’ was the medical term for wanting to pee after drinking lots of caffeine.
    You could also ask if Xenu was that warrior princess played by Lucy Lawless on Channel 5 to see if that gets a rise out of them. IMO ‘fair game policy’ is a two way street ;)

  28. Brian Burton 28 Oct 2009, 1:44pm

    Flapjack, you are a Star! I only get button-holed by Jehovah Wittnesses!

  29. Brian – Thanks :D. Hmmm, Jehovas Witnesses. Yes I’ve had many encounters with them before. I think I must give off an evil vibe as zealots keep attempting to ‘save’ me.
    Experience has taught me that rather like those annoying telesales people or the T2000 in Terminator 2 they are more or less relentless, and will continue talking at you right up until you either put the phone down or slam a door in their face. Or until you’re blatantly rude and abrupt with them.
    Unfortunately they invariably send around a sweet old lady or a mum with a new baby in a pushchair to make you feel rotten if you give them short shrift.
    My most successful attempt to cut a Jehova’s witness off in full flow was when one such sweet old lady rang the intercom of my flat and opened with “Hello, we’re just going door to door today to ask people ‘what do you think happens when you die?’
    I retorted “You rot. Goodbye!” and cut the line dead. She didn’t buzz me again.

  30. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 29 Oct 2009, 11:13am

    All religions in the world are wrong and full of bigotry – that is why I am a full atheist!!!!!!

  31. Scientology is stupid and has no historical basis to be against homosexuality.

  32. I’ve been a Scientologist for three years now and it has done me the world of good. The church is sort of split on the gay issue but I’ve certainly never had anything homophobic said or done to me in the Church or by any other parishioner.

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