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Russian lesbians to marry in Canada today

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Reader comments

  1. Nice and brave attempt, but Russians are certainly not going to recognise their marriage, even after the Court of Human Rights decision.

  2. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 23 Oct 2009, 7:02pm

    Many European countries over the next 5-10 years will be legally allowing same-sex marriage (e.g. Germany, Denmark, France, UK, Finland, Portugal, Luxemborg, etc) and those European countries who refuse to provide and recognise same-sex marriage because the European Court of human rights will be forced to recognise and legally perform same-sex marriages eventually such as Russia and Poland since they are “conservatively bigoted in the brain”!!!!

  3. Simon Murphy 23 Oct 2009, 7:59pm

    Wow. Good for them. They are incredibly brave (as is their lawyer Nokolai Aleeksyev) considering how backward Russia is when it comes to gay rights.

  4. Bishop Ioan 23 Oct 2009, 8:29pm

    That is so sweet. Na zdroviye, ladies!

  5. Robert, ex pat Brit 24 Oct 2009, 2:05pm

    Paul, exclude the UK, NOT going to happen although I would be totally in support of it. There should be choice for both gay and straight couples to marry or not to marry or form partnerships which would mean FULL equality. The political will isn’t there in either party and many LGBT people in the UK are against same-sex marriage and would probably not support it. Organisations such as StonewallUK wouldn’t be for it. Neither party would want a confrontation with the state cult and others, at the root of the UK’s refusal to get on board. I bet if you took a poll of both parties today, I doubt if many Tories would be on board but I suspect there would be more Labour support if push came to shove. The Green Party of course would come out smelling like a rose.

  6. Robert, ex pat Brit 25 Oct 2009, 2:10pm

    I think if British gay couples went overseas to get legally married, lets say a few thousand of us, it would make for a strong argument that their marriages should be recognised for what they are, NOT civil partnerships, paving the way for full equality.

  7. Congratulations Irina and Irina. I hope they manage to exploit the legal loophole to get their marriage recognised. I think we should have full same-sex marriage in the UK. Pagans and Unitarians want to be able to celebrate same-sex marriage.

  8. So, if a man were to go to a place where polygamy was legal, and married three wives, he would have a rigght to his marraige being accepted in Russia?

  9. @Niki- The article only mentioned that Russia doesn’t mention the gender of marriage abroad, not the number of people in it. Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t (just like how it didn’t mention gender). It seems a bit cliche to compare gay marriage to polygamy… but… When you marry more than one person abroad and then return to Russia, tell me how your wedding goes. ;)

  10. From RussiaWithLove 1 Nov 2009, 3:52am

    I am Russian & I’m against homophobia. But these people as well as Russian gay activists trying to legally organize a “gay pride parade” are just looking for publicity. It’s too much too soon – the society’s not ready and they know it. My gay friends sometimes get annoyed with such publicity stunts because they inspire homophobia in an average Joe (or Ivan) rather than change things for real. Only time will. Less than 20 years ago sodomy was illegal according to USSR criminal code (punishable by imprisonment). And people’s minds take longer to change than the law. The new generation of Russians is generally ok with gays, but of course there are homophobes too (just like in Canada and in Europe). I think Russia is going pretty good, I would not call it “conservatively bigoted in the brain”. Why would Russia be expected to go from imprisonment for sodomy to recognizing gay marriages in less than 20 years if there are TONS of more liberal countries that still don’t? Don’t be childish, ok? Russia’s progress in LGBT rights in these 2 post-USSR decades was far more significant & noticeable than all Europe combined, if you look at it objectively & unbiased. Give it another decade and marriages will be recognized too.

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