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BNP leader Nick Griffin criticises Jan Moir article and ‘militant’ homosexuals

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Reader comments

  1. Vincent Poffley 23 Oct 2009, 12:26am

    Nick Griffin is an odious prick of the highest order. But I’m hardly the first person to say that…

  2. Simon Murphy 23 Oct 2009, 12:29am

    And immediately after N(D)ick Griffin states that the sight of 2 men kissing is ‘creepy’ for most people. When asked to explain why he replied “I don’t know why it’s just the way it is… blah blah blah… I don’t want homosexuality being taught in primary schools…blah, blah!”

    He was a shaking, sweaty mess.

    Then the Warsi person showing her Conservative True Colours, skirting around the issue of civil partnership. She supported section 28 but was obviously not keen to reopen the question of the core attitudes of the Tories towards queers.

    And Jack Straw totally effing up his response to the question whether Labour’s policy on immigration has led to a rise in support for the BNP. He should have acknowledged it was a concern. instead he just waffled.

  3. Well, as first to the post on this story, I thought the whole ‘Question Time’ show was a complete and utter farce. Instead of being a topical affairs show it kicked off right from the top as “The BNP on trial by kangaroo court” – Both the audience and panel, (and even Dimbelby), were gunning for Nick Griffin from the outset. This was a totally undemocratic character assassination.

    I’m not saying Griffin is Mr Wonderful, he and his party are far from it, but this engineered stage show was obviously set up from the outset with invited guests and preplanned questions targeted at undermining Griffin’s already flaky status.

    Knowing the British people’s love of the underdog, it wouldn’t surprise me if BNP memberships went through the roof based on this. The BBC may have seriously scored an own goal and achieved exactly the opposite of what they set out to do.

  4. Dammit. You two came in underneath me, you cads!

  5. Well, at least he had the ‘integrity’ if you can call it that to state that gay people creep him out, something which many of our BNP trolls are attempting to gloss over to persuade us their party is gay friendly and to get some disenfranchised pink votes.
    Good to leave no-one in any doubt where he stands on the issue even if he did attempt to sugar the pill by deflecting some of the flak to Jan Moir.
    Note his problem with Jan Moir had nothing to do with Homophobia and everything to do with insensitive timing.

  6. Lucio Buffone 23 Oct 2009, 12:55am

    Don’t play into Griffins hands. He is trying to portray his party as decent. They are not. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He called us ‘militant homosexuals’. His historic comrades put us in concentration camps. The headline on your article is disturbing. Don’t give him or his answers the same credence you give non fascist politicians.

  7. “A lot of people find the site of two men kissing in public a bit creepy. I understand that homosexuals don’t understand that, but that is how a lot of us feel.”

    Odd thing for Nick Griffin to say considering his past experiences. (YouTube video, poor sound quality)

  8. I think this article is factually incorrect in referring to Nick Griffin as a ‘senior politician’ (opening sentence). Griffin is an MEP (one of many) and leader of a very small party. It is a sad state of affairs if even PinkNews has been so influenced by his appearance on Question Time as to consider him to be a mainstream, ‘senior’ force in politics.

  9. What do you mean they “criticised” the daily mail??! They still said they had no problem of her writing homophobic views – something tells me it would be different if it was anti-black views!!

    The muslim poltican showed her own tout how murue colours, showing the homophobic bitch she was… she went on the whole programme about how Nick was taking rubbish about muslims not being extreme – yet as soon as it got to the gay community it KILLED HER to admit she agreed with civil partnerships… you could tell she felt sick saying that! Could see right through you love!

  10. Brian Burton 23 Oct 2009, 6:45am

    RobN is on the button on this one…complete farce! Jack Straw is as effective as a wilted lettuce leaf and the wall eye of griffin kept winking at me. Two men kissing? yes Simon we all know what the BNP view is on Gay Peaple. Germaine Greer made a pratt of herself and the muslim ‘Con’servative was just muslim. What an anti-climax!

  11. Baroness Warsi shares Griffin’s section 28 views: hypocrite. Straw was the one who tried to keep the LGBT forces ban wasn’t it? if so, also: hypocrite.

    Panel was weak. Dimbleby and the audience did more to hold him to account. We needed intellectual heavyweights to take him on. Compared with Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry whom I saw on monday – the panel last night were nonentities.

    we have to take these people on, though. how else do we expose their crackpot ideas other than intvestigating them and holding him to account? how else do you propose to change the voters’ opinions, the 15% of the electorate in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Burnley and so on…
    the bnp-blanket ban does nothing to change people’s opinion.

  12. er, Brian: Germaine Greer is white and Australian. That was Bonnie Greer. (No relation, I suspect.)

  13. Surely pink news would have been more effective with a headline attacking homophobic facists rather than focusing more so on the daily mail.

  14. I have just read through ALL of the 37 comments (up to this time) beneath Max Hastings’ report on the debate in “The Daily Mail”.

    About 95% of Daily Mail readers’ comments this morning are supportive of Nick Griffin.

    It is interesting to note that several posts (above) by Pink News readers are practically identical in nature to those 95% of Daily Mail readers’ posts. In other words, as previously suspected we have a small number of BNP supporters amongst the readership of Pink News.

    Separate comment: the report in Pink News is rather poorly written, and could at least have been proof-read before being uploaded!

  15. This article is so badly written and poorly spelled that it’s barely worth readng. Was it sub-edited by six year olds? What a terrible piece of journalism …
    “Nick Griffin, who himself has been frequently been accused of homophobia…”
    “The site of two men kissing…”
    “He said the article was wrong imply “that poor Stephen’s death suggests that civil partnerships should be abandoned. It’s the same as saying because marriages end in divorce.”
    God help us …

  16. Needless to say the BBC has brought us “Bread and Circuses” entertainment with Nick Griffin Bateing! I imagine the idea was give him enough rope to hang himself and I think he managed it! I was suprised but pleased at the protestors, however, because they have a right to protest as much as an elected member of the Euro Parliament has to appear on the programme. Yet again, Griffin proved himself to be a nasty “creepy” right wing homophobe and poor old Bonnie Greer had to sit next to him! (bad seating plan BBC!)

  17. This article is colluding in the image that the BNP is trying to present of itself. From the first line, Nick Griffin is described as a “senior politician” rather than a fascist demagogue, and his views on the Moir article are considered on a level with other figures far before his odious views on homosexuals are mentioned and discussed. PinkNews has a responsibility to criticise fascists far more robustly and unambiguously, and not to act as their PR outlet.

  18. I love his issue with “militant homosexuals”. But clearly he has no issue with the militant right wing thugs in his party, they’re just great chaps all together.

    This man is a reptile.

  19. “Baroness Warsi shares Griffin’s section 28 views: hypocrite. Straw was the one who tried to keep the LGBT forces ban wasn’t it? if so, also: hypocrite”

    She also canvassed her northern constituncies of predominately working class, immigrant communites a few years ago with a homophobic leaflet . . . when challanged on this she claimed to have not been involved in its production, depsite it representing her interests.

  20. Brian Burton 23 Oct 2009, 10:44am

    RobN dear, Well spotted, nobody else did!!!

  21. “Militant homosexuals”.

    The only homosexuality Nick Griffin seems comfortable with is 1950s homosexuality when we were
    * Illegal
    * Pathologised
    * Had no visibility or voice

  22. Brian, “dear”, we all spotted your error, but we knew it was just another little faux pas and not worth referring to.


  23. Yeah, well said JohnK… and if history has though us anything, these fascists never stop at that, they always need people to deionise. Invariably, next will be the badges, the public beatings for “daring to show our faces”, and finally a “solution to provide a place away from society where we can be more useful”. Give these people an inch, and we’ll end up with the pink triangles again.

  24. I had to laugh at the headline of the Daily Mail when popping round to the shop for milk this morning. It said “Bigot at Bay” in regard to Nick Griffin.

    Considering the Jan Moir article they published just one week ago, they are total hypocrites. If anything, it would not surprise me if they offered Nick Griffin as job as a columnist in the future.

    Yes, also agree that Nick Griffin is a sorry excuse for a human being. His sneering and obvious hatred of the audience members who were not white was there for all the TV cameras to see. He could barely contain his contempt for people who are non-white christians.

    As for his views on no sex education whatsoever in schools, well how stupid is that! Our schools sex ed is very widely documented as being wholly inadequate as it is by any medical organisation of any repute, highest teenage pregnancy rate in europe, sti infection levels on the rise…I suppose Nick wants us to tell them that a big bird delivers babies to people instead.

  25. Previously when we asked gay BNP members visiting this site to confrim their leaders views on homosexuality their refused to comment. . . Last nignt Nick Griffin gave us the information we have been requesting.

    Nick Griffins views on Civil Partnerships

    “I said that a lot of people find the sight of two grown men kissing in public really creepy. I understand that homosexuals don’t understand that but that’s how a lot of us feel, Christians feel that way, Muslims, all sorts of people.”

    Source BBC Question Time

  26. Simon Murphy 23 Oct 2009, 11:43am

    So am I to understand correctly that Jack Straw and Baroness Warsi are ‘disgusted’ and ‘appalled’ by Nick Griffin and the BNP.

    I fail to see how Warsi can claim to be appalled by fascism when she herself supports suppression of minority groups – the gays.

    And Straw wanted to deny job access to to the army for gay people?

    Those 2 scumbags seem to have more in common with the BNP than they’d like to admit.

  27. theotherone 23 Oct 2009, 12:29pm

    pink news so wants to create a stir over the daily mail it is allowing a holocaust denier to spread his odious views.


  28. We learnt nothing new from the farce last night (apart from the fact that Jack Straw’s father was a coward).

    We all knew beforehand that Nick Griffin was an inarticulate yob in charge of a party of racists. A prime opportunity for exposing this as the sum total of his policies was wasted by the gang-up-on-Nick show where the answer by every other panellist to every question was “ooh you’re a nasty racist”.

    Anyway it doesn’t really matter what the views of the readers of a gay web site are – what matters is how he went down in the sitting rooms up in Burnley and Yorkshire and the rest of the labour heartlands where he is so popular.

    And I suspect they will have felt sorry for someone who was clearly set up by a media cabal and then had a good deal of sympathy for the only person who answered questions about immigration honestly.

    The BBC just did Nick GRiffin a massive favour.

  29. theotherone 23 Oct 2009, 12:41pm

    Jack Straw’s father was a Conscientious Objector not a coward.

  30. Paul Brownsey 23 Oct 2009, 1:25pm

    “When asked whether she supported civil partnerships, Warsi first attempted to give her views on Moir’s article but was pressured by Dimbleby until she said she supported the right of same-sex couples to have their relationships legally recognised.”

    This sounds as if she doesn’t support civil partnerships as presently constituted but is prepared to concede something less. Once again my fear is fuelled (as it was when my local Tory candidate, Mark Nolan, said he favoured tax breaks for married couples but not civil partnerships, before he backtracked when I reminded him of Cameron’s pledge to maintain parity between them)that under the Conservatives we’d see, not a direct abolition of civil partnerships, but a whittling away, bit by bit. “Nice Dave wouldn’t do that”? Nice Dave might die or be ousted.

  31. Interesting to watch that video, dave and eddy :o I always thought Griffin came across as gay, but I assumed I must be wrong…

    Until the major parties sort out immigration and stop calling anyone who objects to the UK’s open door policy a racist, then the BNP, as repulsive as they are, will continue to get votes.

  32. Warsi styles her self as a “Conservative Muslim”

    When any one styles them self with a religious prefix or suffix this is euphemistic language.

    . . . Paul exactly – as we cannot she through her defensiveness on Question Time with regards Civil Partnerships

    Defensive against what . . . exactly!!!

    . . . The fact that she has more in common with Nick Griffin than she will admit.

  33. Previous Typo corrected

    Warsi styles her self as a “Conservative Muslim”

    When any one styles them self with a religious prefix or suffix this is euphemistic language.

    . . . Paul exactly – as if we cannot see through her defensiveness on Question Time with regards Civil Partnerships

    Defensive against what . . . exactly!!!

    . . . The fact that she has more in common with Nick Griffin than she will admit.

  34. any way professional master was entertaining!

  35. Chef that is

  36. Robert, ex pat Brit 23 Oct 2009, 2:10pm

    Now I wonder if Moir would have written the article differently had Stephen been legally married to his partner? Would she have trashed marriage in general, offending many straight couples? Does make you wonder.

  37. theotherone 23 Oct 2009, 2:10pm

    is it attack a tory time? There’s bigger fist to fry just now so why not remember the old adage ‘my enemies enemy is my friend.’

    With all the sniping at mainstream parties we’re letting the BMP in through the back door with their friends the NF and Combat 18.

    Grow the hell up folks and wake the hell up or we’ll sleepwalk into the work camps.

  38. Never bothered to watch or record for later. Nick and Tom make a fine kettle of fish.

    However, I agree with the comments here on Warsi. The tories were scrapping the barrel with that old trout.

  39. Militant gays? Oh yes like militant women in the early 20th century wanting their human right to vote? And militant black people in the southern US wanting their human rights in the 1960s?
    And militant people in South Africa wanting their human rights in the 1970-80’s?

  40. Nick Griffin Says
    “A lot of people find the site of two men kissing in public a bit creepy. I understand that homosexuals don’t understand that, but that is how a lot of us feel. A lot of Christians feel that way.

    * Lets unpack his choice of words
    * Lets get to the heart of his euphemistic turns of phrase
    * Lets make explicit what underlies his hatred of LGBT people

    1.Creepy – To move or advance slowly or stealthy, or to move or grow slowly along the ground (Chambers Dictionary)

    What is in his mind? . . . Presumably the stereotype that all gay men want to seduce heterosexual men, and or corrupt children.

    2.Creepy – To have the physical sensation of something creeping over or under the skin: to shudder. (Chambers Dictionary)

    What is in his mind? . . . Presumably repulsion, built on the stereotype of contagion in which LGBT people are seen as polluting diseased or abnormal.

  41. Simon Murphy 23 Oct 2009, 7:32pm

    No 38: Theotherone: you say:

    “why not remember the old adage ‘my enemies enemy is my friend.’ ”

    I don’t know about you but someone who describes themselves as a ‘Conservative muslim’ and who votes in favour of discrimination against me, is NOT my friend.

    If Warsi was to face an audience of people who believe in legal and social equality for people regardless of their sexual orientation, then I can assure you, she would have come across as bigotted as Nick Griffin.

    I reckon she HAD to say she supported some sort of legal rights for gay couples who want to formalise their relationships, as otherwise she would have appeared to be siding with Nick Griffin. And the agenda of last night’s show for the panellists was to stay united in their opposition to Griffin.

    Loathesome as he is I am sort of surprised at how incoherent, uncomfortable and unprepared Nick Griffin was on the show.

  42. “Loathesome as he is I am sort of surprised at how incoherent, uncomfortable and unprepared Nick Griffin was on the show. ”

    . . . you mean for the BBC Bear Baiting . . . where they changed the usual format and made Griffin the issue rather than adddress the usual cross section of issues.

    Don’t get me wrong . . . I am certianly no BNP supporter

    The problem is that Griffin was savaged, and people love to champion the under dog. Presumably this will only increase his party’s popularity.

  43. I would rather be ‘creepy’ than anal retentive like you Nick!!!!!

  44. At least Griffin said what he thinks and is open and honest about it. We know where we stand with the BNP. I would be surprized if all the Tories didn’t agree with him behind closed doors.

  45. Vincent Poffley 24 Oct 2009, 3:46am

    Of course Nick Griffin was the issue on Question Time. And rightly so. How could it possibly be otherwise? His nasty little party might have won two seats in the European elections, but that does not in any way, shape or form make him a real and legitimate politician. He is a slimy, odious fascist, and the only civilized response to such an ugly, bigoted, and entirely unacceptable monster is to make the strongest show of revulsion it is possible to make. This is not a normal political situation, it calls for anything but a normal political response. As far as I’m concerned they didn’t go far enough in savaging the fat wobbly nazi bastard and obliterating his insulting pretensions to serious political standing.

  46. Of course, I also feel that the BNP and Griffin are vile and utterly disgusting, but I am amazed at the hypocrisy of Baroness Warsi whose previous homophobic comments have upset our community. Also, she is part of a political establishment, having been appointed – not elected – to the House of Lords. She is part of the very broken political system that is driving people into the hands of the BNP in the first place. And Jack Straw? One of the most authoritarian Home Secretaries in recent memory. Apart from Bonnie Greer, I wouldn’t have given much credit to any of them

  47. This ‘man’ makes me sick to the stomach

  48. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Oct 2009, 8:24am

    Is Jan Moir getting the boot or not?

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