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Comment: Guilty bystanders and alpha male eunuchs

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  1. I think this article is right – until famous players denounce homophobia then nothing will change. But at least English football has Kick It Out, as far as I’m aware we’ve got nothing like that in Scottish football, which is strange considering there is also an article on Pink News today about the gay, Scottish football club HotScots being nominated for a Stonewall award.

  2. Vincent Poffley 24 Oct 2009, 3:38am

    The idea that masculinity is the sole preserve of straight men is absolutely ludicrous. Likewise for femininity and straight women. For a start an awful lot of traditional gender roles are outdated cultural anachronisms. Secondly, the idea of the “alpha male” has relevance to pack and harem species like wolves and gorillas, but does not at all accurately describe human pair-bonding habits or the kinds of sophisticated group cohesion human beings exhibit. Thirdly, if we’re talking masculinity, it is much easier to make the case that it is, in fact, the special preserve of gay men first and foremost. We deal in masculinity from two fronts – we can cultivate it in ourselves and we are attracted to it in others. I would venture to suggest that, for the most part, we understand the true essence of masculinity much better than straight men ever can. Not the inert thuggish posturing of the football hooligan or the transient trappings of a patriarchal culture, but what it really means to be of the male gender and to appreciate the male gender in its every aspect.

  3. Interesting views echoed in some part by the interview with Ben Cohen in Attitude (nice pics by the way Ben!) But the mob mentailty seems to affect (infect?) these people in the football crowds!

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