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Woman jailed for accusing gay boss of sex assault

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  1. Wrong date, CCTV cameras everywhere, wrong sexuality. What a FAIL on the witness front. It would be laughable if the process of working through a false sexual assault allegation were not so horrendous for the chap involved. I’ve often suffered through a benign form of sexual harassment at work from women (usually drunk at work events) pawing me, telling me what a “shame” it is that I’m gay, “don’t I ever fancy women” etc. Easy to see how dealing with even this in a less then tactful way can lead to false allegations if a person is so inclined. Scary.

  2. How did this even manage to go to court?
    Proof that the police are pretty thick

  3. The Menstruator 22 Oct 2009, 3:41pm

    Why isn’t there a story that focuses on how hard it is for females in this male dominated planet when we need to care for our mothers, daughters, sisters? We lose our jobs but males are championed for being a touch caring in this department. It’s because we are made out to be living the life of servitude because of our vaginas. She got sacked, jailed and he probably is famous now.

  4. I am reading between the lines of the article obviously but it sounds to me that she took the leave without permission and that’s why she was sacked, which is absolutely right since she wasn’t even on permanent contract.

  5. The Equalizer 22 Oct 2009, 5:24pm

    “made out to be living the life of servitude because of our vaginas”. I think you are totally missing the point here Menstruator.(3 above). She was jailed because she violated the law, tried to ruin this innocent persons reputation and career, could have lost him his job, ruined any relationship he may have, whether gay or otherwise, and all because she didn’t want to tell her family she had been sacked, and remember, most employers do NOT sack for a first offence, suggesting she had done it before. You and those like you, who claim they are “victimised” in some way because you have a vagina, need to recognise that what happens to you in society, actually happens because of your attitude, not because of your gender. Do you honestly think only women have to care for sick relatives? WROOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG. My partner has developed epilepsy, suffers frequent attacks, and every attack destroys a bit more of her mind and memory, and is causing early senility, and she isn’t even 50 yet. I look after her as a full time 24/7 carer, have had to give up any hope of working, have absolutely NO social life, no sex, (she lost interest after the attacks started) and live entirely on “Income Support” as a result. You aren’t unique sister, get a life. This bitch deserved everything she got, and more.

  6. Tigra – Please re-read the article and try to figure out why I laughed at your comment as to who is pretty thick. If your struggling I will give you a clue… wasn’t the man initially accused of the sexual assault who was taken to court…it was the liar who tried to “fit him up” which was clearly discovered during the police investigation, which is why SHE was prosecuted for perverting the course of justice. Try to keep up !!!

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 22 Oct 2009, 6:22pm

    The Menstruator, I find it difficult to have any compassion for the cause you are illustrating, when rather than condemning the appalling behaviour of this woman and show any concern for her victim, you have instead chosen to pedal your own agenda.

    You need to move on from this man-hating agenda. It may well have been a similar view from the woman’s sister that ultimately resulted in her telling a pack of lies to the police.

    A little sympathy for the poor guy who was on the tail end of her lies wouldn’t have gone amiss sweetheart.

  8. This malicious and rather stupid woman illustrates two very basic principles – 1)Don’t tell lies in order to damage someone else; 2)Don’t tell lies which are easily found out.

  9. Menstruator: It is exactly that right-on, anti-male, burn-your-bra attitude that gets peoples backs up. Women hate this idea that they can’t waltz around in skimpy attire with their tits hanging out and NOT expect straight men to be aroused. Well we are all animals. Live with it, or expect to get raped. Not a nice thought, but an honest one. It’s like walking around Brixton with £50 notes hanging out of your back pocket and then looking totally shocked when they get mugged.

    Regarding the subject, the stupid bitch deserves everything she got. However, what is more scary is, what if the manager had happened to be straight? The poor sod could have been banged up for ten years with a record on the sexual offenders register, no job, and no chance of another one, all because one selfish slapper makes a spiteful accusation.

    I think if a rapist gets 10 years, then someone falsely accusing someone of the same act should get the same.

  10. 50WGuO That’s not just the best aenwsr. It’s the bestest answer!

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