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US Navy officer forced to resign over gay hazing

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Reader comments

  1. After Abu Grav incidents why are we not suprised!!!!!

  2. Retired?? Downgraded pension?? Give him a dishonorable discharge, prosecute him and take every penny off him.

  3. I’m sure America is going backwards. It has a vile human rights record, still executes children and bullies the world.

  4. So it all sounds as a kind of a deal. Come on, what he (they) did was criminal. And they are doing as if he just called names to his subordinates.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Oct 2009, 10:33pm

    “Toussaint who is now a senior chief petty officer, is to perform administrative duties until his retirement in January. The letter of censure will become a permanent part of his military record.”

    Hey, hello American Justice! They punish the guy by giving him a soft job.

    Sounds like the way the RCC treated Cardinal Law, innit.

  6. Just a point of order – the article’s title, and first sentence, are wrong. A chief petty officer is NOT an officer. The rank is a senior enlisted rank.

    It certainly does not excuse this behavior. But the article’s author needs to be a little more thorough.

  7. Excuse me for not being American, but WTF is “hazing”?

  8. i don’t get the hazing thingy…

  9. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 23 Oct 2009, 10:21am

    What do the 5 things that the US, China and Russia have in common?:

    1) They all still want to rule the world;
    2) They still all have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy within the military;
    3) They still have the death penalty in usage and have the highest suicide rate in the world;
    4) They rape and torture prisoners and have absolute appalling human rights records;
    5) They are all evil and very politically and socially corrupt.

  10. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 24 Oct 2009, 2:21am

    Wait a cotton picking minute! Christians wont have sex until they get married, so these homophobic men are hypocrites and they’ve actually closeted gays pretending to be “straight,” as anyone with half a brain knows that real “straight” people are not threatened by gays, only other gays who attack their brothers and sisters in the hopes no one will think they are gay. And the real give away is they knew how to perform fake gay sex acts as only a gay person would know that. And the officer who promoted one of the “hazers” may have been the secret lover of the officer he promoted. The whole thing stinks of high heaven and even a moron can see through the thin veil of this whole thing as a bunch of closeted gays attacking one of their own. Who did they think they were fooling? And as far as these closeted gays having sex with a whore,I’ll bet they hated to do so themselves, but wanted to have themselves believe they were “straight.” What a bunch of hypocrites these young fairies are!

  11. @Aussie gay activist Paul Mitchell – you forgot to include Islam in their bid for world domination and like a cancer they are creeping throughout the free world – beware of Islam – now is the time to stop the spread this insidious disease.

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