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Sweden allows gay couples to marry in church

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Reader comments

  1. Shame!!!

  2. Simon Murphy 22 Oct 2009, 11:44am

    Well good for them. Nice to see that this superstition based cult has decided to be reasonable.

    I’d prefer to have all legal recognition removed from weddings performed in churches. Marriage is a legal contract. The churches have no business putting their superstitious paws over legal documents. These weirdoes believe that the son of ‘god’ was born of a virgin. They don’t have any sort of reason.

  3. I’ve always thought the French had the right idea. Marriage is a civil ceremony performed at a registry office. Those of a religious persuasion are free to have all the trimmings at church, but its optional. Even in the UK, and I presume other places, too, a church wedding is not legally binding unless there is a little man in the corner with the register to sign. When you examine exactly what a wedding is, what a marriage is, the obsession the church has with its narrow definition falls short.

  4. Alesha Wrote


    No No No Alesha . . . the shame is with those Christian churches which claim to be Chrisitan but do not allow gay marriages.

    The Lutheran Church of Sweden puts all other Christian dominations to shame

    Alesha . . . Shame on you

  5. Well done Sweden and well done their Lutheran Church! (I think Martin Luther might well have approved, especially seeing how Homophobic the RC church has become!)

  6. Sweden is miles ahead of the UK – yet again. Gender neutral marriage is a fantastic idea – unlike the separate but equal CPs.

  7. Well Simon, aren’t you the beaming bastion of tolerance towards others with different viewpoints? I’m sure you’d be surprised to know some within the lgbt community subscribe to that “superstition based cult”. Get off your elitist high horse already.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Oct 2009, 1:43pm

    Kudos to Sweden! Doesn’t say much about the piss poor situation in the UK now does it, no same-sex marriage choice either.

    Alesha…….if you read the new testament, assuming you are really a so called “christian”, your idol Jesus Christ didn’t mention, judge or condemn gay people. Show me where its written?

    Now if you’re Jewish, you can use that lame Leviticus man made comment about us of course. Check out and you’ll see why you so called christians are mostly all hypocrites and bigots because you deliberately and conveniently ignore but cherry-pick references that do or don’t conform to your personal comfort zone, yet you all claim to believe in scripture. You either believe in all of it or you don’t. You and your kind are so superficial and transparent.

    Rose, yes, the French most certainly do have the best system for marriage. Who wants a religious cult based marriage anyway? For those who do and I have no objection to it if they so choose, and I’m addressing straights here, honestly believe that the maority of brides wearing a white dress are really a virgin in this day and age? The white dress is supposed to represent purity and virginity. Another strike against hypocrisy.

  9. I just love Alesha’s comments, don’t you?

    (S)he always just pops in on religious stories and hurls a bit of meaningless tripe as an insult and then promptly leaves, as if we’re all supposed to be ‘wounded’ by the remark….

    …rather like the way monkeys hurl their own faeces when they become frustrated.

  10. Eaxctly Will

    . . . and charming behaviour from a so called “Christian”

  11. Great news for all Christians who consider recognition from their church as a vital part of their union. Pity about the ridiculous stance of the C of E – but then, it’s always been one step behind what’s going on – to wit the opening up of Rome to the Anglican tradition without poor Rowan Williams knowing a thing about it until the job’s been done.
    I wonder how many of those who marry in the Swedish church will become regular worshippers as a result? They can’t blame discrimination or homophobia! Interesting to see how much they really appreciate what their church has done for them.

  12. Watch you rear, Sweden, because Islam is creeping up to take your freedom away again! And it has a particular hatred for women and gays.

  13. @ron753 – You got that right – Well done Lutheran Church another step in the right direction.

  14. Brian Burton 22 Oct 2009, 6:16pm

    I’m a Gay Christian and my faith in Chistianity is unshakable. When any couple want a Religious, marrage ceremonyin Church. It is to be joined in Holy Matrimony by ‘God,’ the priest is just the insrtement in the arrangement. If I could have married the man of my dreams in Church, I would. As it was in the UK, you take whats on offer.

  15. Rose: France doesn’t allow same-sex marriage at all, though, so do they really have the right idea? A French PACS does not give as many legal rights as a British civil partnership.

  16. “Plus ca change, plus la meme merde.” Researcher John Boswell documented that for several hundred years, both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches blessed same-sex unions (Same Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, 1994). They have strongly objected, but their objections now seem hollow and specious, to say the least.

  17. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 24 Oct 2009, 1:32am

    Well now Monkeychops alias Sugar-Plum-Fairy, Anon, Celex & Jalex has a new alias now: Alesha. Where on earth did she come up with this name? Everyone with a half of a mind is wise to you, but the only shame is on you as a so-called-ex-gay. Tell me old girl how some one can become an ex-gay,unless of course they die, then we all become ex-humans. But then again are you even human? Perhaps you’ve one of those avenging angels, oh dear, what will we ever do? An avenging angel! And I see only the Swedish Christian Democrats were against the passage. Doesn’t sound like Democrats to me, but Republicans, because as anyone knows Republicans or Repulse-icans for want of a better name are most always the homophobics, but rarely Democrats. This shows that Sweden is a more civilized country far ahead of Jolly Old England, the British Empire and the Good Old Boys US of A.

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