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Video: 86-year-old D-Day veteran calls for equal gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Oct 2009, 5:51pm

    Bought a tear to my eye.

  2. My Father was also a D-Day veteran, he landed on Juno Beach.
    When asked why he fought, he used to say…
    “I fought for freedom, for everybody’s freedom. Everyone has the right to be a valuable, equal, productive member of society.”

    He was a tolerant, open minded man and I follow his credo.

    That is why I’m straight, but not narrow… All thanks to his leadership and teachings…. Thanks Dad!

  3. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 21 Oct 2009, 10:51pm

    If more older people would speak out on the shameful ways in which prejudice people act toward gays and lesbians this discrimination would eventually end. The biggest threat and the biggest foe to equal rights, human rights and civil rights for all people the world over is the ugly evil head of religion. If there had never been any religion since the dawn of time, there would be no bigotry, less wars, less suffering, less crime, less over-population, less disease, less famines and most everyone would get along with each other. In fact scientifically we might now have been to Mars and back and have found a cure to wipe out all the major diseases and birth effects. Cancer cures would have been found years ago and things like homelessness and joblessness would be almost unheard of. Religion is the single most worst invention of mankind ever invented as it has not only destroyed minds, but whole civilizations, has caused the murder and deaths of millions since the dawn of history and will continue as a threat for the survival of the world until it is eradicated. Eventually gays and lesbians will be able to get married in every state in the US, but its going to be an uphill battle all of the way as it was for the Black people here in America to get their equal rights. If all religion were to be outlawed there would be no use for the Civil Rights Movement, but this hellish evil will never go away as long as there are brain-washed people forced into the churches, mosques and Jewish Temples as well as the Hindu places of worship as babies and brought up to hate and practice the evil ways of their elders. If laws were inacted that no one under the age of 18 were allowed inside a place of worship, this madness would soon disappear. If the world would follow China’s example equal rights would come faster to all.

  4. My Dad was in the Second World War and he said that everyone knew who the gay people in the regiment were. But no-one particularly cared because essentially all you want from your fellow soldiers is that they shoot at the enemy rather than you. And then he said it was useful having a gay soldier if you needed a blow job. I prefer to think he remarked on that because of observation rather than participation. Mind you, no matter how racist and anti-Semitic my father has ever been in his life, he’s never been homophobic (and given his Jewish friends and black family members, he’s been crap at racism, too)

  5. This chap is a real inspiration. As is the father of Jock in the comment above.

    Good for him for highlighting he is a Republican. The party really has some work to do, in order to cut out the christian fundamentalist rot. I hope a few more brave voices like this make themselves heard.

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Oct 2009, 5:39am

    Read you loud and clear, Philip Spooner, sir.

    Equal civil rights for everyone now.

    Eagle Ashcroft:

    You said:

    “If more older people would speak out on the shameful ways in which prejudice people act toward gays and lesbians this discrimination would eventually end.”

    How true. We need the wisdom of our elders now more than ever.

    Sister Mary Clarence:


  7. What an inspiring man. I do hope his speech had some effect.

  8. What a gent! He’s seen what hate can produce and went through one of the most traumatic events of the 20th century! all best wishes, Mr Spooner; well done again!

  9. What a wonderful statement about his raising of four sons,,,,,how blessed all his sons are to embrace each of them equally…thats where hatred ends,,,in the home.

  10. Petty bigots must surely shrivel in the presence of such dignity, strength and compassion. A tried and true hero.

  11. Eagle,

    I agree with your sentiments, but was puzzled by your last sentence. China is scarcely a beacon of equality.

  12. Any bigot who dresses their views up as being an American patriot is going to look pretty pathetic next to that giant of a man.

    He’s a true American hero – the sort that the disastrous Bush years hid from the world.

  13. Just when I think that there is no “America” left in America, along comes a Philip Spooner to renew my faith and turn my brown eyes red, white and blue.

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