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Stephen Gately healed ten-year rift with mother before death

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Reader comments

  1. Good grief, did we really need to know this? It’s been hard enough for them all without every bit of family angst dragged out into the open. Let him rest in peace and let his family begin to heal in their own time.

  2. Agreed. This is “Ok” magazine trash journalism. Surely Pinknerws can spare us this dribble.

  3. It was just as well the interview was given ‘before he died’ :-)

  4. What did he apologize for? What was he “wrong” about? I think it was his mother that owed him an apology. She was the one who went to a tabloid and said hurtful and ignorant things about her own son.

  5. sorry for leaving it ten years before having a heart to heart with her, maybe? We’ll never know. And we should leave it be. Come on, guys, lets not tear into this story. It’s just a journalist trying to milk the tragedy for more column inches.

    One thing that I DO like though is the line “Gately died of natural causes on October 10th at a flat in Majorca.” If he must be mentioned again and again in the press, lets keep hammering that ‘natural causes’ bit. It might just convince those who’ve been taken in by the tabloid suppositions and guesswork.

  6. It is so sad he never got to be a father like he wanted. ):

  7. i think hie must be far to young to be gay not really myseif i think he is amasing good great person in the world i always like stephen gately to be my favourite member an i always thinking of him.

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