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School refuses to allow lesbian to wear tuxedo in yearbook photo

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Reader comments

  1. Why is this story being rehashed? Sloppy journalism. There is nothing in this story that couldn’t be put as an addendum to the original story,

  2. Ralph Pekins 21 Oct 2009, 3:48pm

    I wish Pink News would reduce the number of provincial US stories on the site – we don’t care about Mississippi schools. By all means report what Obama is doing and the whole Prop 8 stuff but we don’t need to hear internal stuff. And can we have more from the rest of the world too please?

  3. Pumpkin Pie 22 Oct 2009, 1:35am

    I disagree with reducing US stories, but agree with increasing stories from other countries. I want to know how all sorts of LGBT people are getting on!

    As for this story, it exposes the ridiculous “little by little, easy does it” approach taken to social change. OK, gays can be gay without being arrested, but stay away from our kids! OK, now you can adopt, but you’re still not a real couple! OK, now you can get married, but the church is still allowed to denigrate you!

    And it gets more ridiculous when the lines are blurred. Transsexuals have fought so long and so hard for the few rights that they have, but in order to achieve it, they had to be pathologised first – tolerance was only granted once they had a biological “excuse”. The same goes for gay or bi people. But people living on the fringes get no such “excuses” and thus no respect. Fine, we’ll let transsexuals dress like that because “they can’t help it” and the law told us to, but genderqueers and cross-dressers? No excuse! Dress “properly”!

    Similar things happen in other fields, too. Schizophrenia? Very well, you can’t help it. Depression? Buck up and stop being so glum! (Both are mental illnesses, for those not aware – one’s just (usually) more severe.)

    Our governments should stop dragging their heels and drip-feeding us “deviants” our rights, as if they’re too scared about upsetting the precious status quo by shaking things up too much. Got off your bloody asses, politicians! Full rights for all of us should have been deliviered LAST century!

  4. Pumpkin Pie 22 Oct 2009, 1:39am

    Oops, I goofed.

    But people living on the fringes get no such “excuses” and thus no respect.
    Kinda implies that mainstream LGBT people actually get proper respect. I should have put “comparative respect” or something like that.

    Got off your bloody asses, politicians!
    Ha! I wish! Should be “GET off your bloody asses”, obviously. :D

  5. Yes, it does that, pumpkin. but my point was, this story isn’t new. we discussed it a couple of weeks ago. why rehash it?

  6. Pumpkin Pie……thanks for brilliant comments.

    All we want is equality! Every human being on the planet is different, is unique. We should be celebrating how individual we all are instead of trying to push each other into pidgeon holes. We should all have the same rights, not because we’ve fought for it or put ourselves in the firing line, but because it IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Wars and conflict quite often grow out of greed or judging others because they don’t live to our own ideals. We don’t need to accept other people’s lifestyles or values….we just need to accept them for who they are. As Aristotle said ” It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”
    There is room in the world for us all to be who we are as individuals. A heterosexual “lifestyle” isn’t for me….but I wouldn’t demand them to change their ways and become gay. There is room for all of us.
    Big love xx

  7. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 22 Oct 2009, 1:26pm

    Bloody yank politics!

    My mate made local news in Brighton for being the first girl to be allowed to wear top hat and tails for her prom as she was adamant she wouldn’t go otherwise, all her friends petitioned cos she was so popular and so they eventually let her wear what she wanted – but it was a 4 month struggle!

  8. All we want is equality! – Ric

    Would you support the right of a boy to wear a dress?

    If not then you cannot say you support equality

    The world is not ready for true sexual equality and probably never will be.

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