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Priest who claimed gays were paedophiles resigns

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Reader comments

  1. Good riddance. The Catholic Church doesn’t need him. We don’t need him. Now if they do the same with that one Tomasi in the Vatican the truth might come out.

  2. I am not defending the twerp but I think he only the monkey not the organ grinder, if you understand my meaning.

    All the best.

  3. Maybe the Catholic church should take a leaf out of Buddhism’s book and learn about karma.

  4. The church is an unscientific institution, which gains on the insecurity of people and our need to ‘belong’ or believe in something higher than ourselves. A bit like the Daily Mail, in fact!

    The power of these institutions can be seen in the unwavering (fanatical?) belief that people have, even in these times of science and reason. Seriously, it’s like still believing in hanging or that all females who are ‘mysterious’ are witches!!

    In the broader perspective, religious institutions need to take responsibility for their preaching, and perhaps correct cultural biases which result from ‘interpretation’ of texts i.e. oppression of women via stupid rules ‘under god’, persecution of gay people, holy war in the ‘name of god’ etc etc.

    However, religion seems to have attended the Tony Blair school of success:- keep quiet, deny it, move the focus somewhere else. And it bloody works.

  5. I remember reading shortly after Blair’s conversion he said, “the Holy Father can do great things.” Like what I thought?

    I have never seen any graffiti that says, “Don’t **** *** ****”. I wonder if they have graffiti in Italy that says, “**** the Archbishop of Canterbury”. Just a thought.

    All the best.

  6. What a silly bigot but it reminds us that the main source of attack is organised religion – and to think we have fifth columnists “gay Christians” among us who demand respect for their invented sky god.

  7. Well that’s one down, but Stephen Green is still posting his fundamentalist bile true to form…

  8. Flapjack . . . just read Stephen Greens response to the death of Stephen Gately.

    What a vile caricature Mr Green spouts.

  9. And he received a good wigging from Angela Rippon at the time for his outrageous outburst.

  10. Flapjack, read the link you put up, unbelievable. These people are so twisted they can’t even see their own hypocrisy:- on the site they condemn religious intolerance and anyone who oppresses their “right to belief”, and on the same site they state all other religious should be banned as false!!! This is one quote:- “and that the gurus and prophets of other religions lead nowhere except to hell”. How enlightened. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it. Anyone see black uniforms and goose stepping here?

  11. Angelica, my CP is a christian, and she’s not a fifth columnist either. I’m an atheist. She does more to support the rights of LGBTs than most people I know. It’s a shame more of us aren’t like her.

  12. According to the Cardiff University Website, Fr John Owen is best contacted by phone on (029) 2022 9785. Perhaps this might be the opportunity to bid him farewell.

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Oct 2009, 12:04am


    You said:

    “Good riddance. The Catholic Church doesn’t need him. We don’t need him. Now if they do the same with that one Tomasi in the Vatican the truth might come out.”

    Agreed. I have written to the apostolic nuncio in Canada about Tomasi and I would urge all members of the RCC to do likewise, no matter where you live. Every contry has a nuncio.

    I had already written to the Canadian bishops but their answer was to write to the nuncio.

    Of course, bishops are never consulted (dream on), so why should they be held responsible for pontifical blunders taken unilaterally.

    This has to change, and women can make it happen.

  14. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 22 Oct 2009, 1:29am

    It takes on to know one. Look at those big fat lips of his; I’ll bet he has gone down on many of choir boy in his day. This old queen has just confessed her deepest darkest secrets to the whole world, only she was speaking of her self. I wonder who her lover is? Why don’t priests marry? Answer: Because it might cause them a sissy fit with their lovers. Who is this old bitty think she is fooling? Why to make such a statement clearly shows she is a latent gay man. Well good riddance to bad rubbage.

  15. Looking at that photo of Owen, I would say that looks like the face of a man who hates everything and everyone.

  16. what this misinformed priest was missing is that a lot of paedophilia is not about sex, it’s about power and control. Often perpertrated by heterosexual males.

  17. When I heard this evil old bas*$rd on the tv, I almost threw it out of the window (however, its a nice tv and worth more than he is!) he should have been charged with inciting homophobia! Fancy him having access to students! Pastoral care? More like the wolf in the sheeps clothing!!!

  18. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Oct 2009, 3:50pm

    From the point of view of the vatican, father john owen stood up for the teachings of the rcc.

    Like cardinal law, he will no doubt reap the pontiff’s good graces and be set up with a comfortable old church in vatican city.

  19. It says he’s resigned as chaplian of Cardiff Uni, which is good, but I bet he’s still a priest, spouting his vitriol from the pulpit.

  20. It is years since I last saw a man wearing a dog collar in public. Dear knows what the reaction would be if he got on a busy bus or train nowadays.

  21. Gays don’t rape their children idiot !!!

  22. Bishop Ioan 22 Oct 2009, 9:18pm

    I read the Christian Voice article and Stephen Green is an absolutely loathesome person. He trots out canards such as it being the regular thing for LGBTQ couples bring people for threesomes. I have no issue with that as it is up to the couple as to how to conduct their marriage, but it certainly doesn’t describe my spouse and me or any of our friends.

  23. As s side line, Stephen Green from Christian Voice once appeared on Question Time a couple of years ago and got what can only be said to be a “beautiful savaging” from Ms Janet Street-Porter!!!!!

  24. Sign the petition to ban the popes visit to the UK next year

  25. Err… men are just a little bit in the majority in the Church. Are posters trying to say that the majority of victims of abuse in the Church or its schools are female?

    Gay Paedophiles, oops!

  26. Some of the comments here are utterly shameful. The priest was brave enough to try and spark an open debate about sexuality in the Catholic Church, he was not seeking to attack homosexuality. His biggest mistake was to misjudge that he was in a forum for debate, when in fact he was among a bunch of vain, self serving media men.

  27. thomas sinnott 7 Dec 2012, 1:41am

    this is typical of the media. he did not say that gays were pedophiles. he said that many of the acts against young men were perpetrated by gay men. a very distinct difference. grow up all of you

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