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BBC announces cast for new lesbian drama

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Reader comments

  1. Why “Lip service”? Would they call a drama between Gay men “Prick service”? I dunno, perhaps I’m missing something here…

  2. I’ve already switched off and they’ve only just started filming.

    Because as far as I can see it’s being aimed at the straight male market, the safe one. All the actresses are all lipstick I don’t see a single butch. Sorry but that isn’t real life.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 21 Oct 2009, 1:48pm

    we haven’t had a decent male gay drama for ages, but we’ve had a number of “lipstick lesbain” ones. I’s obvious the market they’re aimed at

  4. How can you know that there aren’t any butch lesbians in this drama? People are capable of changing the way they look, so perhaps some of these actresses will for the drama!
    As a gay woman living in Britain today, I’m excited for this new series!

  5. let me think, most are actresses from Holyoaks, need I say more

  6. Brian Burton 21 Oct 2009, 6:49pm

    What a dreary lot of sour-puss comments from you lot who are looking a gift-horse in the mouth in my opinion. They are not making an all gay man TV prog. or a Bisexual TV prog. No! no! They are making a Lesbian Drama and you Girls are poo-pooing it…PLAGUE ON ALL YOUR HOUSES!

  7. i agree, at least they are making something. We should just be happy these shows are being made.

  8. Yes, Brian, keep taking the tablets.

  9. “The quality of the cast that the scripts have brought to the table really speaks for itself”

    HA HA HA HA!

    “the series takes a very vivid and authentic look at the lives and loves of modern British gay women on the cusp of life”

    Read: if you liked Sex and the City, you might like this if you’re 14 and just discovering masturbation.

  10. A totally subjective call/plea from me to TV programmers… not that any of you will be reading this.

    Ok, on the plus side at last a gay specific programme, I don’t think there’s been one of those for a while (oops tell a lie Beautiful People)

    I know, how about for once doing a gay drama about folks that don’t live in any of the large cosmopolitan centres, that don’t want to move to any of those centres to escape the supposed “drudgery” of their everyday lives and who aren’t high flying media executives, but have solid consistent lives and are part of communities that are more than being in a gay dream bubble, you know the sort of lives that 99.9% of the gay folk in this country live… You can talk about subtleties in homophobia, you can get a lot older types of character in there too. People that have lived and have stories to tell about their pasts and histories to tell folk in the future, and whose lives are just as valid, worthy and full as any media created stereotypes…… where not all the women are glamorous lipstick lesbians, where not all the guys are fay vulnerable and limpwristed.

    Deal with gay homeless folk that live on the fringes. Deal with a story of glbt folks getting older. Elderly matriarch couples could be in there, get some rough builders types in there happy with who and what they are, wolf whistling at fit blokes they see walking by. Get foreign workers in there, get the recession in there, get what happens to your body due to the fact that we’re are living now with HIV but some of the therapies are still quite detrimental to our bodies, get what’s happening with young gay folk in there by the creation of GLBT groups in schools … all of it topical and relevant

    And for f**k sake I don’t mean do a non-comic version of Daffyd Thomas from Little Britain, or some sort of dour 1950’s/70’s earnest living in the provinces and how dark depressing it is and how everybody wants to escape to the “utopian/hedonistic” freedom of the cosmopolitan centres, I mean I like going to London or Manchester once in a while, but I don’t have the monies or type of job that allow me to be there all the time and more than that I wouldn’t want it if I was offered it…. I sometimes call the London gay folk” conveyor belt fodder”, cause of the whole ugly “not interested in you, move along, next!!!” attitude that is prevalent in the scene down there, I’m generalising hugely but you get what I mean… sorry this is a bit of a bugbear of mine, I wish I could write better as I’d love to come up with a script about this.

    How about dealing with some of the extremist heterophobia that can come out of our mouths… I know I’ve said a fair bit or 2 when incredibly angry or backed into a corner

    Making gay related TV doesn’t mean it has to be escapist or camp, for once please think outside of the box and try relating to the 99.9% of gay folk that live in this country.

    Thank god for Emmerdale. And the realization that gay folk are just as complex, deep and random as other folk and are more than just the summation of their sexualities

    OK, I think I’ve said enough now, time to shut up.

  11. The Menstruator 26 Apr 2011, 12:10pm

    I’m not sure why any males are weighing in on this topic. What the F do they know about women or lesbians for that matter? Just go watch queer as folk again and enjoy your next barebacking party. Leave the lezzy stuff to women.

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