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Young lesbian couple beaten in Brighton

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Reader comments

  1. Sad to hear of this attack . . .
    I hope the women are ok
    I hope thier attackers are caught
    I hope this is a wake up call as LGBT people.

    I hope as LGBT people we can begin to think about how we can police, patrol or look out for each other . . . particulary when in gay spaces we relax and allow our selves to express affection for our partners, which unlike heterosexuals makes us visable and highly vulnerable to these hate attacks.

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Oct 2009, 11:19am

    Who needs sharia law with stupid idiots like these around?

    Ihope the girls are OK, now, although they have been scrarred for life.

  3. I seem to recall in the film Milk, people carried whistles around during a spate of attacks. Would this do enough to draw attention to & discourage would-be attackers?

  4. Brian Burton 20 Oct 2009, 12:05pm

    Lezabella told me on these threads that she and her Partner were insulted by loud-mouthes while they were out for the evening in Liverpool. Brighton has always been homophobic to some extent.

  5. Bishop Ioan 20 Oct 2009, 12:17pm

    This is very sad to hear. I hope the ladies are OK. I think the gay community does need to think more in terms of protecting its own and in self-defense. I hope these criminals are caught and convicted.

  6. Reporting of homophobic crime is still vastly under reported. Until we in the LGBT community unite and come together then nothing will change. Too many from our community have been attacked and some have resulted in death this is unacceptable. PLEASE report ALL cases of homophobia to the police.

  7. Me, my partner and some friends have received abuse twice outside of gay clubs in Manchester this year.

  8. What a disgusting attack. I hope the men involved are caught really quickly and receive an appropriate punishment.

    This kind of abuse goes on all over the UK, perpetrated by stupid, small-minded imbeciles who take out their frustration at their own pathetic little lives on other people.

    I find it worrying that the people involved in these incidents are so young – teenagers or people in their twenties. You’d assume they’d be more enlightened.

  9. Why has it taken the police 12 days to appeal for witnesses?

    Nothing seems to be done about the police response when we do report hate crimes. The usual police response is to tell it was not a hate crime or put off the reporting of the crime. Then we have the disgusting record of the CPS in prosecuting hate crime cases. If you have passed these two obstacles then you face the court and the usual gay panic defence.

    No justice exists for the LGBT sadly.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Oct 2009, 4:50pm

    Notice how the major religous cults are silent on this and are part of the problem denigrating and demeaning our lives and relationships. Their silence condones such disgusting behaviour. Lets not forget, it was the religious cults that institutionalised homophobia for the past two millenia. Nothing has changed. Its permeated every strata of society in every country. An evil force in the world unfortunately, it needs to be eradicated or disempowered altogether.

  11. yobs tend to look for targets and this could me anything that identifies people as being different from the norm.unfortunately yobs such as these are such cowards that they would pick on two young women at 3am. society is getting nastier. recent panorama programme highlighted racist attacks by kids as young as 11. even fat people get beaten up. society is losing the plot.

  12. Charlene, whistles were given out a couple of years ago for this sort of situation but I’ve not heard of them being used.

  13. Lady Tanya 21 Oct 2009, 3:44am

    I hope the girls are alright this world is getting worse kids as young as 11, 12,13. are getting in on this, just like there dead end parients who have no fu**ing brains and would not know what good maners were even if it hit then in the head.
    well iam looking up on PERSONAL ATTACK DEFENCE SPRAY you can buy them in ENGLAND for about £10 and I would use it if I were to get set apone again

  14. theotherone 21 Oct 2009, 11:24am

    abuse thrown at me on a daily basis, I and my partner threatened two or three times a week, people picking up speed in cars when we cross the road to try to knock us down…

    This country is going backwards and we’re seriously thinking about getting out.

  15. Eagle the militant American Indian-Jew 21 Oct 2009, 10:21pm

    The way in which I was raised is that “no man strikes a lady or he is no real man.” Its apparent to me that the English have no manners and are not only not civilized, but they have no gentlemen in their society nor the proper upbringing to strike a lady. Men like this need to be horse whipped until their asses are bloody, then tarred and feathered and paraded through the streets as cowards. If it takes so many men to strike two ladies, then all of these men are surely sniffing cowards still attached to their mother’s apron strings and are not real men, but cowardly sissies. If I were in London I’d round up my own gang to horse whip every last one of these bastards and run em out of town on a rail after branding their ass with a hot iron “Coward!”

  16. Pumpkin Pie 22 Oct 2009, 1:59am

    Lady Tanya:-

    Thanks for the info! I just did some googling and found a couple of self-defense retailers. I had no idea there were still self-defense devices that were still legal in Britain!

    This one item I found sprays a thick, slimy goo that obscures your assailants’ vision WITHOUT harming them (great for true pacifists while also sidestepping laws against using harmful substances on people) AND it leaves them stained with UV fluid for later identification! It sounds almost too good to be true…

    If I went out at night more often, or lived in a more dangerous place, I’d totally get myself one of these. The peace of mind alone would be worth it.

  17. Toni-Louise Dillon 27 Oct 2009, 2:32pm

    This city, Brighton which I love and live in is, despite its reputation for being cosmopolitan, ringed with several sink estates from whence come the pond life that stagger down West St. every Friday and Saturday night, drunk vomiting and fighting anyone they feel ‘gives them a funny look’ or bumps into them. Kemp Town gives us a false sense that ALL town should be as considerate and open minded but try being gay or lesbian in somewhere like Whitehawk, Moulsecoomb, Bevendean, Hangleton or Southwick and see how long it is before you might find faeces posted through your letter box.

    I think it is a call to all of us to stay wary-Brighton may be seen as the Pink City but there are still many red angry bigoted faces on its periphery.

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