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Mafia hitman reveals he’s gay in court

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Reader comments

  1. god these gay men are everywhere :)


  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Oct 2009, 8:41pm

    Mind-bending, innit.

  3. Next you’ll be telling us there’s gay priests out there. Perish the thought!

  4. This is a nasty scenario, but at least it might force people to ponder on the fact that gays are as diverse as straights (something that’s taking a while to sink in) – that is, there’s as many bad, sad and mad among us as there are great, good and ‘fabulous’ (ugh).
    Odd how this man actually had to *commit* murder before finding it distasteful! The thought of doing it and having the full intention of doing it clearly held no probs for him whatsoever.

  5. Wasn’t one of the Kray twins gay too? Not the kind of role models we were looking for really, but I guess statistically there had to be some gays in organised crime… though I don’t fancy Robert Mormando’s chances of suing his former employer on the grounds of discrimination!

  6. Oh, apparently he didn’t commit murder – the hit was botched.

  7. Simon Murphy 21 Oct 2009, 11:06am

    No 6: ChristoRay: “apparently he didn’t commit murder – the hit was botched. ”

    That would have been his limp wrists being unable to hold the gun I reckon.

    Relax people. It’s only a joke!

  8. straight people watch out, gay’s are comming and they dont use their handbags, we are everywhere and in every place in the world

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