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Gay Irish hurling star says family have been hurt by homophobic slurs

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Reader comments

  1. John (Derbyshire) 20 Oct 2009, 10:57pm

    Hang on in there Donal-for all your fellow sportsman who are still in the closet-afraid to come out for the behaviour you and your family are now experiencing- but you hanging on in there can only inspire them and give THEM confidence and courage too.

  2. It wont be long and some of them will be activists! Like my dear old Mum and many of my female friends!

  3. I’m beginning to like this guy more and more….

  4. He gets cooler with each interview.

  5. Glad to hear his teammates are supporting him.
    I hope those members of the crowd who are hurling abuse get a visit from the old bill sometime soon.

  6. What’s great about his coming out is the great level of support he has received. One Irish radio station was overwhelmed with supporters urging him not to quit; other well known players actually irritated that journalists should even ask if Dónal has their support, for instance.

    Of course there will be some idiots – it’s clear they are being seen as such.

  7. Explain a lot about sexual orientation- I get more ot of men’ That all it is. Where you get the more satisfaction. It should not be a do or die issue.

  8. Will there be an upsurge in demand for hurling on British TV now everyone is so mad about Donal Óg?

  9. Rod Chisholm 27 Oct 2009, 10:06pm

    when i came out at 26, i was a very manly guy, people were so shocked at me being gay, to this day they still dont belive it. all i can say is well done donal, i want to wish you all the very best, it took alot of guts for me to come out i no doubt you were the same . have some love you deserve it mate . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. This guy has done us Irish proud! Up the Rebels!!

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