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BBC Trust rules Lindsay Lohan ‘lesbian jokes’ reinforced homophobic stereotypes

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Reader comments

  1. A good result. But will the BBC allow Jonathan Ross to continue with stuff like this every week?

  2. Congrats Georgina for taking a stand and seeing it through!

  3. I don’t watch or listen to Ross, but I didn’t think he approached this level of crudeness. I am disgusted that the BBC allows anything like that to be said. There is nothing ‘light-hearted’ about insulting and degrading remarks about women. Do they check scripts at all these days?

  4. An excellent result. The BBC’s initial response was insulting, and I’m glad they didn’t get away with their “it was just a joke” excuse.

  5. The BBC have shown disappointing attitudes a number of times this year – not only Ross and the BBC3 program, but Chris Moyles. When it comes to representation of gay people, they have fallen behind the times. We deserve better.

  6. Interesting site, dave, listing Ross’ crude and homophobic ‘jokes’.

    Such a log could come in very handy.

    But why is it always one small victory at a time? Is British culture still so gay-unfriendly that these vile attacks occur without reproach on a daily basis?

  7. Shame it took all this time for an official condemnation when they saw fit to edit out the comments when the programme was rebroadcast only days later.

    Of course the transphobic comments in the same programme were accepted by most, including Peter Tatchell’s informants, as quite unremarkable…

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