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18 per cent rise in London gay hate crimes

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Reader comments

  1. yes but these figures do not represent the true picture of gay hate crime which is actually taking place in London – this is just the tip of iceberg. At least more people are reporting gay hate crime which is encouraging


  2. is there a rise or is it the same but more people are reporting it – or, are the police actually recognising more cases as gay hate crime rather than just general assault cases?

  3. More people are reporting it. This is why I take self-defense classes. If you’re gay, then you should be obliged to know how to defend yourself.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 20 Oct 2009, 7:48pm


    we live in an ostensibly civilised country.

    No one should be obliged to learn how to d7efend onself – that’s the law of strongest wins

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Oct 2009, 8:45pm

    Legalize pepper spray; it’s only going to get worse if you know anything about Jihad.

  6. theotherone 20 Oct 2009, 9:27pm

    I worry about this too JP, that and the influx of Eastern Europeans who (I am reliably informed by Polish friends) want to see Capital Punishment for Queers.

    It’s always an increase in reporting isn’t it? Never that the streets are more dangerous but, to be honest, it’s getting hairy out there. I was threatened with violence in John Lewis today – JOHN FVCK1NG LEWIS! I’ve had abuse in Marks and Spencer and was ejected from an up-market Department Store that shall remain nameless.

    Now I’d damn the Department Store but JL and M&S: well it’s not JL’s falt that some fvck1ng Bone Head wandered in and M&S are very, very Queer friendly.

    however enough on my shopping habits…I mearly meant to show how vile it’s getting out there and I live in a Capital City not ‘some rural backwater.’

    It’s getting ugly out there lads and (in the words of thegreatunderghroundpunkband The Homosexuals) ‘it’s war boys.’

  7. well my current builder is polish and couldnt be more gay friendly

  8. Theotherone, please elaborate. What exactly occured in JL?

  9. theotherone 20 Oct 2009, 10:36pm

    a Bone Head started staring and laughing at me so I told him to fvck off and he threatened to attack me.

    To be honest I didn’t report it either to the store or the police as :

    1. he’s only passing through the store as it can be used as a short cut through town as it has exits on two main roads

    2. there’s no point going to the police, they don’t care. I had a knife pulled on my once and they refused to treat it as a series offense. They then said they would only take a statement from me if i told them my ‘real name.’ Another time the Police told me that five men threatening to rape and kill me wasn’t series either…

    The other thing is that if I reported all the abuse i got then I’d spend half of every day in the police station so I just get on with my life – the police don’t care about Transphobnia anyway and don’t even record it.

  10. theotherone 20 Oct 2009, 10:38pm

    Dave: I but records from a Polish guy who trades rare electronica and Industrial records, I work with Polish people and the company I work for employs Polish people but the country wants the Death Penalty for Homosexuality and the community here has a large amount of Pricks in it (for want of a better term.)

  11. @ Bentham (5): Of all the things in modern life that depress me, knee-jerk Islamophobia is right up there with homophobia and transphobia.

  12. It would be nice to see the curve of this increase in attacks against the rise in the population of non-indigenous people living in the city.

    Dare I say it, but there might be just a hint of correlation.

  13. “Of all the things in modern life that depress me, knee-jerk Islamophobia is right up there with homophobia and transphobia”

    Calling gay-hating Muslims on their gay hatred isn’t Islamaphobic – it’s common sense.

    Obviously not all Muslims hate gays, but the vast majority of the religious idiots do. Even the fabled Gaurdian reported the findings of a survey that showed 100% of British Muslims questioned believe homosexuality to be morally wrong (search “Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance of homosexuality, says poll”)

    “It would be nice to see the curve of this increase in attacks against the rise in the population of non-indigenous people living in the city.

    Dare I say it, but there might be just a hint of correlation. ”

    Quite. Wandering around London, one would think one was in Terminal 5. Despite what the PC brigade would have us believe, Eastern Europeans, Muslims and Africans aren’t the smiling bearers of multicultural happy clappy gay loving furry bunnies.

    This must be sorted out soon, or all the advances in gay rights will be for nothing. Not to mention British culture drowned out.

    But oh well. It’s “right” to have an open door immigration policy, because hey, foreigners need our jobs and benefits too!

  14. Voidal: Your statement is blatantly racist and Islamophobic!!
    Or at least that’s how all the lefty liberals will define it.
    Unfortunately you are not allowed to even discuss this matter without some arsehole kicking off stating you are something slightly right of a Nazi. I for one am sick and tired of that weak accusation as I watch my country collapse under the weight of “minorities”.

    I am a white Englishman, and I live in London. Where I live, I am most certainly in the minority, but who’s helping me?

  15. Simon Murphy 21 Oct 2009, 10:59am

    No 11: Charlie: “Of all the things in modern life that depress me, knee-jerk Islamophobia is right up there with homophobia and transphobia”

    I am an islamophobe. I hate the religion belief of islam as it is ridiculous; moronic bigotted, and most importantly fictional. That does not mean I am prejudiced against muslim people – only those stupid enough to use their belief in ‘allah’ to engage in homophobia or misogyny

    I think that muslim people should not face any discrimination based on their gender; age; race; sexual orientation. BUT – if they use their freely chosen, voluntary religious belief to engage in homophobia they automatically lose the right to whine about islamophobia.

    Muslim people are fully covered by equality laws. Their freely-chosen; voluntary religion should NEVER be covered under the same laws. If that happens then gay people are in BIG trouble.

  16. islamofobia doesn’t exist!

    as well as christianofobia or buddhismfobia don’t exist. Islamofobia was invented by muslims so they can call all critisism of that religion/political agenda islamofobia and play the game of the oppressed – although that religion is the second biggest on earth and really is oppressing itself!

  17. AND I am sick and tired of pinknews telling lies in your headlines and articles. It is NOT TRUE that hatecrimes have gone up. But it is true that REPORTED hatecrimes are on the rise – and there is a enormous difference! I am a 100 percent sure that there were 100s times more hatecrimes say 20 years ago than now. They weren’t recognized as such back then.

    You have to do honest reporting here!

  18. Interesting how a report on attacks on our community is met by a whole load of prejudice against other minorities. People are marginalised by their differences. Equality is advanced when as a collective we look beyond those differences and recognise our common humanity. Not a whole lot of that going on here unfortunately.

  19. The muslims is not near the same level of prejudism compared to gay people. Islam is a religion/political movement that attacks gays and women and more than one billion people are muslims. So it is a very strong religion that oppresses everyone else.

    The enormous difference between religion and the gay movement is that while religion demands the rest of society lives the same way as they, gay people only want the same rights as the rest of society.

    Gay people don’t everyone to be gay while religion demands everyone to follow their religion.

    And again: islamofobia doesn’t exist.

  20. and what is prejudism? That women aren’t allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia or women are being stoned to death in Iran and other muslim countries? Or that muslims, like many other religious people, hate gay people?

    None of those are prejudism. Just facts.

  21. No, it’s not their nationality that makes the majority of Polish people so homophobic. It’s their religion. Religion should have no part whatsoever in intercultural dialogue that the EU so desperately wants to see.

    Any kind of religion; Christianity, Islam or even funny tribal religions those savages have in Africa.

  22. Simon Murphy 21 Oct 2009, 1:44pm

    No 18: Stewart: “Interesting how a report on attacks on our community is met by a whole load of prejudice against other minorities.”

    I am not prejudiced against muslim people. Their voluntary, freely chosen belief system is totally fine with me so long as they don’t try to use it to deny me my rights.

    Why is is that EVERY mainstream muslim group in the UK considers homosexuality deeply immoral. The muslims (who chose to be muslim, unlike gay people who do not choose to be gay) who share this view are moronic bigots and they have no right to whine about islamophobia.

  23. Simon I wasn’t singling you out, but if the cap fits…Muslims are not the only religious group to take a moral stand on homosexuality. Catholics and parts of our Anglican Church do too. If you put that into context, Muslims represent 2.7% of the population have only 4 MP’s and make up only 1% of the police. There is no evidence that Muslims are “denying your rights” in practice, our indigenous population are more then capable of doing that themselves. Suggest you find another whipping horse…

  24. Simon Murphy 21 Oct 2009, 3:12pm

    My hatred of the catholic cult is well established Stewart – again not the individual catholics who are willing to leave me alone – just those catholic cultists who campaign against equality.

    As you say there is no evidence that the muslim cult in general is denying my rights.

    But the evidence that the organised muslim cult in Britain is bigotted and stupid is very clear. 1 indisputable fact remains – not a single mainstream muslim organisation in Britain is opposed to homophobia.

    Therefore not a single muslim organisation in Britain has any right to whine about islamophobia.

    Islamophobia is a myth. Muslims are FULLY covered under equality laws. The equality laws do not cover their zany, voluntary beliefs. Nor should they.

  25. well the bloddy police dont care a s–t many a time I reported a transphobic crim they were laugh under thier unform started to address me gender inaprorate to how I am dressed they honestly dont care gave up reporting wast of time

  26. Ms Lyn Brown MP your reference:LB/SDAVY/DAVI01009
    19 May 2009. And
    your reference: LB/RPS/DAVI01009
    10 August 2009,

    Joe Duckworth Chief Executive 24th July 2009 your reference MP case 22644.
    Farrah Sheikh legal and democratc services your reference: fs/lb/22644. Date 12 June 2009.

    Today’s date 17/10/09 Saturday October.

    The violence and persecution that I have been suffering for a number of years is continuing.

    On leaving my property to go out on 18th Aug 09
    I was chased by a large group of people who were carrying weapons
    one of them hit me with an axe I continued to run until I reached Manor Road
    I called the police on my mobile phone just as the large group of people managed to surround me the police arrived and give chase they never managed to catch anybody.

    The police took photographs of my injury and took a statement
    the police managed to recover the axe that the person dropped.

    The police showed me a number of photographs of people who are known to them
    and asked me if I recognised any of them I didn’t recognise any of them.

    The gay organisation Stonewall Housing told me to leave the property straight away which I did! I fled to Clacton on Sea Essex and asked for asylum.. Tendring District council contacted the police in Newham
    who gave them a list of crime numbers of all the incidents that have been happening to me.
    Tendring District council put me on the rent deposit scheme for private accommodation for myself
    until Newham homes re-house me as they should have done in 2008.

    Police Sergeant Fleming told me he had given all crime reference numbers previously to
    George Owurani neighbourhood services manager who should have passed them on to housing and public protection (Lettings).

    Lettings say I am not a priority because they have no police reference numbers from George Owurani,
    and as such ” I am not a priority for re-housing”.

    Newham council have now cut off my housing benefit for my home in Newham 3 Old Barrowfield E15 and say I now have arrears of £680
    and they say they intend to apply to the court for an order requiring me to give up possession of my home.

    I have explained to the benefit department that I am more than willing to go to court
    and explained my situation in court.

    Joe Duckworth’s secretary put me through to complaints? and asked me to speak to
    Priscilla, about George Owurani, which I did.. The next day I received a phone call from
    George Owurani, who told me he “did pass on all crime reference numbers to Lettings
    but the person he passed on the references to left the department on that day
    and forgot to pass on the crime reference details”.

    He George Owurani, says he will do it again that is passed on all the crime reference numbers
    for Lettings to decide whether I should be a priority or not… Tut tut tut!

    If you read the Newham recorder in the crime section that person who was attacked and hit by an axe
    is me. They are asking for any witnesses..

    They say I may have to wait some time for Lettings to decide.

    My partner David had his front teeth knocked out top and bottom they slashed him across the face with a knife
    in 2008. They tore out my eyeball. They’ve hit me with baseball bats. They have hit me with a axe.

    The police have done all they could they have been good.
    Newham Council have been absolute bastards.

    I have lost every think my partner. My furniture. And every think that matters to me.

    On the 17th of October I will return to my home in Newham 3 Old Barrowfield E15

    I have explained to everybody how other councils classed me as a priority for rehousing
    but Newham Council seem to be deliberately trying to get me killed…

    I am going to return to my property even though I do not want to…
    I will open my doors and windows and wait for the attack to happen
    I have had enough of Newham homes… When something does happen as it will
    you will all have a copy of this e-mail you will all know how Newham homes managed to get me killed.

    If my spelling is dreadful or I have missed out words it’s because my eyesight is damaged from a previous attack.
    I am Gay and I don’t care if you do dislike it.. Do what you like.

    Mobile 07535482189
    Philip Davidson

  27. Yes, by all means report hate crime to police, I have repeatedly!
    Do not expect police to record it as such…no matter how much you may insist. I have…Not happened!
    Do not expect a visit from a Diversity officer…no matter how much you insist. I have…NO show!
    Do not expect the homophobic attitudes & practises you encounter from police officers to be addressed even if you report it…I have…completely ignored.

    Yes, do report homophobic incidents, just don’t trust or expect the still deeply homophobic police as an organisation to do anything about it…I no longer do!

  28. theotherone 21 Oct 2009, 9:19pm

    jesus paul – keep us posted on your situation.

    As to the charges of Racism: I talked this over the last time I was drunk with a Polish person at a party (this was 7 or 8 months ago – I don’t get drunk often) and said I was scared I was becoming a racist. He said it wasn’t racism, merely a reaction to what I had experienced.

    If others have suffered at the hands of some communities as I have then the same applies.

  29. theotherone 21 Oct 2009, 9:32pm

    anon: i know one ‘Transperson’ who was raped and the police took over a week to interview the rapist before dropping the case as it was ‘your word against theirs’ and, after all, who would believe a Trannie?

  30. Philip . . . sorry to hear that all of this has happened to you, it is truly shocking and distrurbing what you had had to go through.

    Lets us know how we can help, we are very active at e-mailing on this site and making big waves to make things happen.

    Lets us know where you are at . . .

  31. theotherone 21 Oct 2009, 11:14pm

    quite right Johnk: give us an email address to bomb and we’ll bomb it ;-)

  32. Yeah exactly theotherone . . . a bit of LGBT muscle ready to be flexed into action

  33. theotherone 21 Oct 2009, 11:31pm

    I bet you say that to all the boys (pity I’m not one.)

  34. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Oct 2009, 5:13am


    The only one having a knee-jerk around here is you. Ever hear of Sahria Law? Well, it’s time you did: dot com/watch?v=_qxjocm5fCc

    Stewart 23:

    You said:

    “There is no evidence that Muslims are “denying your rights” in practice.”

    Ever hear of 9/11? Do you have any idea how many assasinations have been carried out by muslims following sharia law since 9/11? You have a computer, USE IT! Check out “Jihad Watch” and be sure sure to bring your barf bag.

    Letter carriers have pepper spray to defend themselves from loose and threatening dogs, don’t they?


  35. Philip – truly shocking events for you to have experienced. I hope you get some redress and find a safe environment.

    As your blog and emails starkly prove, gay-hatred is as prevalent as ever. I think it is behoven for anyone concerned with injustice to be aware of your story, and dare I say it, support you.

    Anyone who has had any experience with the Politbureau of the council, NHS or other government orifice will know how lamentably dire their snail’s pace of action is. With regard to gay issues and rights, it is not unimaginable that an individual’s personal prejudices can hinder your justifiable demands.

    As for the implication that immigrants from backward countries and Muslims from anywhere are, by and large, homophobic, the collective “we” of gay people are possibly the most demonized of groups in Britain today. Religious affiliation is not equivalent, being a freely chosen belief system devoid of any human endowements. Thus if “human rights” and “political correctness” is to be defined by anyone, it must surely be the oppressed, and we, the most oppressed, have the biggest say. For the most vilified to raise large objections to immigration and Islam can only be pertinent and poignant.

  36. I am glad that people are reporting hate crimes as I have worked on this for nearly 10 years BUT its so frustrating that people are still being targeted because of their sexual orientation! Yes, you can blame this on extreme Christian and Muslim views but its also an ignorance and irrational issue. Kick Homophobia out of schools and sport!

  37. theotherone: The CPS dismiss over 80% of rape cases because of that very fact: There were only two people involved, no witnesses and it’s “Your word against theirs”. It may be an unpalatable fact, but there is legally very little they can do. It is pointless bring this to a very expensive court case only for it to be dismissed through lack of evidence.

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