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Toronto to host World Pride 2014

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Reader comments

  1. Toronto Pride was by far the best Pride I have ever been to – Toronto is an amazing city and a more than worthy host – start saving the air fare – it is going to be brilliant!

  2. Congratulations Toronto on a very well-deserved win! Toronto is going to be a great follow-on from WorldPride 2012 in London!

    Are you sure London only expects to attract one million people though? It does that already; I think you mean two million?

  3. Brian Burton 20 Oct 2009, 11:08am

    If I was your ‘Fairy Godmother’ I would certainly wave my wand (not in a camp manner mind you!!) and you and Jean-Guy would be in Toronto right on time for that wonderful celibration!

  4. Jonathan Kennedy 20 Oct 2009, 5:08pm

    I hear Belfast was just squeezed into second place…

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Oct 2009, 10:08pm


    I already have July 7th 2014 peniciled in for the Pride Parade in To.

    What to wear, what to wear…?

  6. Brian Burton 21 Oct 2009, 6:00pm

    Feathers, lots and lots of feathers! Feathers knock ’em dead and Dorothy’s red high healed shoes, the ones she flew from Ozz In! Why you’ll look great!

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Oct 2009, 12:10am

    You mean nothing but feathers…m-m-m-m

    What color?

  8. Brian Burton 22 Oct 2009, 8:23am

    What a camp conversation we are having!!!But ‘aint it fun?
    Simply all feathers?–Nay,nay and thrice nay…Just ostritch feather adornments on a lovely sequined leotard!!! Make sure the leotard shows your sexy curves in the right places!!!

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 24 Oct 2009, 6:54am

    Would spandex do? And fairie wings? and a bullwhip?

    Oh, I’m so confused! I wish I has a military uniform like the guards at Buckingham Palace, complete with that big, black bear headgear.

    World Pride in To. in 2014. Whoo-peeeee!

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