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New Zealand study finds half of gay and bi students have self-harmed

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  1. Brian Burton 20 Oct 2009, 11:22am

    What an upsetting report this is. I have studied, just a little other aspects of New Zealand life and it dose not make good reading. A great number of the population are obese and UNICEF complained that child care in N.Z. is appauling. I am certainly not condeming N.Z. It is a wonderful country, it’s just the people are cracking up under the strain of the 21st. centuary.

  2. Mark Hangartner 20 Oct 2009, 8:56pm

    I think Brian’s comment is a little unbalanced. The report does show up disparities but it does itself recognise that the overall situation is fairly positive “In 2007 almost all same/both-sex-attracted students reported positive and caring relationships with
    their parents and that they were happy or satisfied with life. The majority of these students had
    positive views on school, with most indicating that school was okay, that they felt part of their school and that the adults at their school cared about them. Strong social connections were observed for most same/both-sex-attracted students: the majority had friends they could talk to about anything and three-quarters thought their friends cared about them a lot. Contributing to their communities was something that many same/both-sex-attracted students did and they were more likely than opposite-sex-attracted students to work as volunteers.” see report Youth’07 The Health and Wellbeing of Secondary School Students in New Zealand: Results for Young People Attracted to the Same Sex or Both Sexes

  3. Brian Burton 20 Oct 2009, 9:43pm

    Sorry I was not looking for imbalance. My last remark was a throw away…I should not have said it! I know people under pressue can be resourceful and there is always a lot of help around too. They say you should not believe everything you read in the Newspapers. I have sometimes read the New Zealand Herald on line. Take it easy Mark as they say and good Luck.

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