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Exclusive: Barnado’s calls for more gay couples to adopt children

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  1. When my partner and I call Bernados the first questions the receptionist asked me, “Was I religious.”

  2. The founder of Barnardos would be turning in his grave!

  3. The founder of Barnardos would be turning in his grave!

    with excitment, in as much that he would see abandoned children get a loving home.

  4. Bishop Ioan 20 Oct 2009, 2:06pm

    This is wonderful! The main question should not be the sexual orientation of the parents, but are they willing and able to give a child a loving home. It really has to do with the love and kindness given to a child that matters, not if there are a mummy and a daddy, or two daddies, or two mummies.

    It is sad to see that some people would rather see these children languish in orphanages rather than go to a loving home.

  5. I take my hat off to Barnados! Its the exact opposite of the vile attitude of the RC Church! Its a well known fact that most child molestors are straight people with their own kids! (or priests!)

  6. Good news indeed and I hope many gay couple go forward to adopt children

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