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21,000 complaints over Jan Moir’s piece on gay singer Stephen Gately

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 19 Oct 2009, 12:28pm

    The PCC is in a major bind. It cannot ignore the outrage Moir’s article has caused as that will expose it as being unsuitable as a regulatory body for press behaviour. Especially seeing as Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is the head of the PCC. If the PCC does nothing it will expose itself for what it in – a puny, toothless, irrelevant PR exercise by the media to ‘self-regulate’ ie it exists so they can claim that no outside regulation of the media should occur ever.

    The trouble is that the PCC charter is not designed to deal with public outrage over a clearly bigotted article.

    Moir’s sacking would solve all this for the Mail. If they don’t sack her and if the PCC do nothing people will question the integrity of having the PCC chaired by the editor of the Daily Mail.

  2. Vicki Morley 19 Oct 2009, 12:34pm

    1. “In what is clearly a heavily orchestrated internet campaign” Apologies to Jan Moir – this issue is clearly nothing more than an unfair personal attack, and nothing to do with the fact that her article spread hate, discrimination and inaccurate suggestions about Gately’s death that the public felt duty bound to criticise.

    2. “I think it’s mischievous” – More apologies to Jan in order I see, these 21,000 people were clearly just having a laugh playing a joke; this is nothing at all to do with equality in society.

    3. “to suggest that my article has homophobic and bigoted undertones.” – I guess the public can only apologise once more… now that we read your article again – the references you made to Gately’s “sleazy” lifestyle and the associations you made between his and the death of other gay actors was not homophobic in the slightest. It was all completely relevant to the story in hand of a tragic death.

    Well, she’s got a point then I suppose. — idiot.

  3. Street Porter pointed out that the death of Ian Baynham, who was killed in a homophobic attack in Trafalgar Square, had merited far less media coverage than Moir’s article.

    Such homophobic abuse & Hate Crime is fueled by middle England Daily Mail readership who simply do not see the harm in promoting homophobic attitudes & practises through their churches & establishments…thats why the bloody police & judicary are so damn slack on homophobic crime.

    The PCC is just as damn ineffectual on continued promotion of Homophobic attitudes & practises in the media as is the equally useless IPCC in investigting homophobic attitudes & practises still protected within the corrupt & homophobic police.

    No accountabilty & No responsibility by authorities…why are we paying these ineffectual & useless so called ‘watchdog’ bodies?

  4. Harthacanute 19 Oct 2009, 2:43pm

    Especially seeing as Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is the head of the PCC

    Paul Dacre is definitely not the head of the head of the PCC. He is however chairman of the PCC’s Editors’ Code of Practice Committee, against whose code the PCC will ultimately (supposedly) judge the Daily Mail.

    Being responsible for the actual PCC code, one can also reasonably assume that he fully conversant with all the hidden get out clauses – so don’t be holding your breath that any investigation will be anything more than the flimsiest of window-dressing.

  5. Why bother complaining about this Moir woman, nothing will get done, why don’t we as the gay community just boycot the mail, that will have a far greater impact…..let’s face it there’s enough of us !!!

  6. Harthacanute 19 Oct 2009, 3:04pm

    why don’t we as the gay community just boycot the mail

    I think you will find that most of us already do.

  7. some one the daily mail site claim being gay is dangerous – as if people who are attacked are the ones to be blamed! that type of readership is scum

  8. Simon Murphy 19 Oct 2009, 3:27pm

    No 5, Hal “why don’t we as the gay community just boycot the mail”

    I think you’ll find that most of us already do. Despite that it sells over 2,000,000 copies per day.

  9. I never read the DM, i read the Sun
    I did notice that everytime they refer to a gay couple they use “boyfriend” rather than boyfriend
    what is that?

  10. However she tries to defend herself the article was laced with venom, malice and spite. I was aghast when I read through it at my local branch of Smiths, Such insensitivity. It appears to be in the vein of other Mail columnists like Amanda Platell on Saturday whose brief is to be maliciously spiteful to all and sundry – well, those who the Mail does not approve of. How do these people live with themselves for being professional prostitutes of the pen? Utterly pernicious!

  11. “In what is clearly a heavily orchestrated internet campaign” – a rather strange ‘defence’ from someone in the mass media? Did this sad silly woman really think that such a pathetic article wouldn’t get a response? And perhaps she will enlighten us all by telling us who the orchestrator is?
    This was nothing more than “keyboard masturbation” – a self-centred and self-gratifying exercise that produced absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever!
    I wonder how Ms Moir would feel if people started to write articles about her based on the same type of innuendo, inaccurate assertions, judgemental opinions, … etc.

    While utter scorn for her [and her newspaper and all of her ilk] is just all too easy – ultimately this sad, poisonous, pathetic creature is more to be pitied!

  12. Simon Murphy 19 Oct 2009, 4:10pm

    “In what is clearly a heavily orchestrated internet campaign”

    The hypocrisy of that statement is blatant.

    When the Jonathan Ross / Andrew Sachs scandal was unfolding it is worth remembering that only 5 complaints were made to Ofcom when the show aired.

    It was only after the Daily Mail orchestrated the witch-hunt against Ross / Brand and the BBC did Ofcom go into meltdown with 38,000 complaints.

  13. Simon comment 8; daily mail doesn,t sell 2mln copies, it is their distribution figure, but to attract more advertising they also distribute lots of free DM copies in places like hotels, airports etc. so its not like 2mln people choose to pay to read this so called paper,

  14. Her career at the Daily Mail is effectively over.

    She can’t write a column now, it would have to be an entire page since none of the big advertiser would want to appear alongside. Mind you, I suppose the BNP would get a good discount now.

    She has cooked her goose.

  15. I want her sacked! Maybe she could go and write a column for that vile ‘God hates fags’ church. I’m sure they would welcome her with open arms.

  16. Tigra07: For many years, the Daily Telegraph used the term “gay”, one assumes to differentiate between homosexual and just plain happy. I think the word has since become an accepted word, so they’ve dropped the quote marks. Actually, I don’t know of anyone that uses the word in it’s original meaning, as it’s rather old-fashioned, along with ‘horrid’ and ‘spiffing’.

    As for the scumbag-rag The Sun referring to “Boyfriends”, I think they may have a point. “Partner” is a horrible term, and “Husband” is a bit naff. I for one wouldn’t want to have a 50+ year old lover and refer to him as my boyfriend. (Even though many over-thirties gay men still refer to themselves as ‘boys’, ‘lads’ or even, God forbid, that abomination of a word, ‘bois’. (I always thought that was a forest in France).

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Oct 2009, 7:14pm

    Now I wonder how this moron Moir would react if it were her son in Gately’s place. I can’t believe she would not feel offended let alone deeply hurt by the insinuations she made even though the medical evidence claimed that he died of natural causes. Moir seems to know more than the medical experts of course. What an idiot.

  18. Sooty used to say it at the end of his show (well his dad, Harry Corbett, used to.)

    Jan Moir will be saying it, too, soon.


    “Bye bye everyone; bye bye..!”

    Let’s hope so anyway.


  19. Something had to happen eventually as a result of the attitude towards minority groups as promulgated by this homophobic rag.
    The woman wants sacking and the paper needs closing down.
    Sorry – i’m not usually so vehement, but this whole charade is an absolute disgrace, and one of pop’s most popular young lads has had his reputation besmirched by this self-satisfied bigot.

  20. Media Advisor to the BNP – your new job awaits Jan. Or you could write for their in-house members newsletter. At least you’d be CERTAIN of a sympathetic readership…

  21. The Daily Mail was running a concerted campaign against gay adoption earlier this year, but the PCC failed to do anything against the editor.

  22. 21000 complaints . . . Roll on the “Sacrificial Lamb to the slaughter”

    . . . This is the way of the world

  23. Brian Burton 20 Oct 2009, 10:53am

    21,000 and counting I hope, with luck she’ll drown under the weight or the BBC may put her on the panel of ‘Question Time’ on thursday night along with the BNP panalist!!

  24. Simon Murphy 20 Oct 2009, 12:25pm

    The Irish Daily Mail publicly disowned Jan Moir today:

    It’s a PR stunt designed to hide the fact that the Irish Daily Mail is just a regional office of the English Daily Mail. It’s amusing nonetheless

  25. Simon Murphy 20 Oct 2009, 12:31pm

    The Irish Daily Heil didn’t print Moir’s article on Friday as they guessed the response would have been even worse in Ireland. But the fact that they are basically saying she has nothing to do with the Irish Daily Heil operation is an indication of how bad this has been for The Heil in general.

  26. Simon Murphy 20 Oct 2009, 12:48pm

    date Oct 20, 2009 1:46 PM
    subject Jan Moir

    Dear PCC

    I hear you are investigating the article by Jan Moir in last Friday’s Daily Mail (where she seemed to blame Stephen Gately’s homosexuality for his death and contradicted the medical findings to engage in some verbal gaybashing.)

    When can we expect a response from the PCC?

    And what are the consequences that the Daily Mail may face?

    Personally considering that Paul Dacre (editor of the Daily Mail) is also the chairman of the PCC’s Editors’ Code of Practice Committee, against whose code you will ultimately (supposedly) judge the Daily Mail; I am not convinced that the PCC has the necessary impartiality to conduct this investigation

    There seems to be a clear conflict of interest.

    What guarantees are you willing to give, to ensure that Dacre has no involvement in this investigation?

    If no action is taken against the Daily Mail for their gratuitously offensive article the PCC will have proven itself unfit for purpose and I will be contacting government to lobby for indepedent regulation of the newspaper industry.

    Yours sincerely

  27. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Oct 2009, 1:20pm

    In relation to teh Irish Mail, clearly they exercised editorial control that was woefully lacking in the main UK edition. Its a pity the editors here in London did not see fit to work to the same journalistic standards.

  28. Simon Murphy 20 Oct 2009, 1:44pm

    The Daily Heil in Ireland is just as hateful as the English Daily Heil on matters relating to immigration; ethnic minorities etc. However they are very sensitive to the (accurate) criticism that its management team was parachuted from London into Dublin to run the operation and is therefore completely out of step with Irish attitudes.

    Ireland does not have a history of nationwide hate-press like the Daily Mail. The editors were well aware that if they had ran the Jan Moir piece that would have been curtains for the Irish Daily Heil as people would simply have stopped buying it.

  29. I must admit, I am fed up with Jan now. Be glad to get back to slagging off the dirty old catholic bishops and cardinals again.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see graffiti that said, “Don’t **** *** ****”.

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