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Vigil planned for gay man murdered in Trafalgar Square

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  1. This vigil could also mark the start of a campaign in the run up to the election, that as a community, will are not prepared to just stand by and let homophobic attacks continue. More action and policy changes to tackle the source of homophobia must all be taken up. Will a change in government promise this? I’m not so sure. Seeing as the 4th plinth in Trafalgar square is now unused again, how about a campaign to have a permanent memorial to all those who have lost their lives to homophobic attacks? When we come together for our annual Pride Concert, we could have a small service of rememberance to all those who will not be joining us, but will act as a regular reminder to all,that in their name, the fight for equality and a change in attitude, must go on!

  2. Brian Burton 16 Oct 2009, 1:26pm

    You Talk a lot af sence, more power to your elbow I say.

  3. Trouble is we DO stand by and do nothing – I agree John more action and policy changes are require to tackle homophobia. I don’t understand why so many sit by and think its nothing to do with me, next time it could be you. Gay people have every right to be carry out their daily affairs without feeling threaten or abuse.


  4. sorry one thing I forgot to add – PLEASE REPORT any hate crime to the police. You may report anonymously if you wish, directly or via third parties. In many areas the police ARE trying to support us. I know it not perfect but the police need to know where and how much homophobic crime is taking place.


  5. This is an important and much needed event to mark
    our respect for these tragic and sad losses
    we must also pay tribute to the loss of gay
    teenager Michael Causer who died last year
    from sustained homophobic attack at a house
    party. Here in Liverpool we have just launched
    a strategy to combat hate crime & homophobia
    which is aimed at young people in schools
    we are with you all 100%
    in solidarity
    Homotopia Festival

  6. I noticed that comments on the capure of two women and men had been blocked???

    Justice for Mr Baynham his friends and family. . . not a reduced sentance for diminshed resonsibility given by a homophobic out of touch Judge. . . Please . . . lets try and prevent another misscariage of Justice

  7. Eagle Ashcroft – I am glad you are not in England. We don’t need that sort of ‘justice’. I am also very angry – I knew Ian Baynham – but we need to follow the rule of law. Perhaps you could direct your energy instead to something positively useful, like campaigning for an end to discrimination within the United States for same sex partners.

  8. using this site as a barometer it seems that some hag spewing bile deserves more responses than murder. no solidarity in the gay ” community”. that why we will always be targets.

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