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Video: Stephen Gately’s body returns to Dublin escorted by Boyzone stars

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Reader comments

  1. Backlash orchestrated by whom? The vast, secret, satanic underground conspiracy of lizard people masquerading as gay? Do people actually still buy the “Daily Mail” ?
    Evil little ranter in an evil little rag.

  2. eddiemckinney 17 Oct 2009, 12:31am

    i think it is a disgrace that a stephen gatleys death was a shock to the world ,but who is this journalist to print this rubbish in the daily mail about how stephen gately died he was a young man who was takenaway from us,so the woman says that he took a stranger back she should read the papers and get her facts straight as this man was a very close friend who went on holiday with them so what is she saying that if any gay man dies the same way it has to do with being gay.This young mans family are in shock of losing not only there son but brother grandson and uncle so if this womans son daughter or grandson-daughter in the same way and this way said about her children she would not be to pleased the world does not need people like her it can be very hard to be out and proud of your sexuality.

  3. George Broadhead 17 Oct 2009, 2:36pm

    The untimely death of Stephen Gately is indeed very sad, but I wonder if anyone is aware how ironic it is that his funeral is a Catholic one. After all, the official stance of the Catholic Church is that gay sexual relations are sinful and it strongly opposes legal recognition of gay partnerships.

  4. Simon Murphy 17 Oct 2009, 3:42pm

    Well the fact that he’s having a full catholic funeral mass attended by his husband, when the entire world knows he was gay, would indicate to me that the catholic cult in his parish have no problem with his sexuality.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 17 Oct 2009, 6:18pm

    Georgs, Simon

    the RCC his little problem subsuming those they oppose once they’re dead. especially if they’re celebrities.

    It’s called “hypocrisy”

  6. Thousands of fans are expected to come out for Stephen Gately’s funeral…

    I can see there’s going to be a lot of disappointed parents in Dublin today.

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