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Section 28 MP forced to stand down over expenses

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Reader comments

  1. Good! one less bigot in Parliament.

  2. Good – it is a shame that our erstwhile home secretary hasn’t got the same sense of dignity and shame and hasn’t stood down either.

    Do you know that whilst there are old people terrified to turn on their heaters in winter because they can’t afford the bill – WE paid for Ms Smith’s patio heaters!

  3. It could not have happened to a better person! Hurray! This just proves what a nasty greedy homophobe is like and we’ve waited a long time to see him go down!

  4. @ 2. I wouldn’t say this guy has any dignity whatsoever. Plenty to be ashamed of, yes, but if he had any sense of dignity & honour, he wouldn’t have robbed us, the taxpayers and tried to cover it up by hiding it away through his company. He’s just another greedy grubby little thief with delusions of grandeur because he’s an MP.

  5. Ageed George! The little Moat Man was on the radio this morning, moaning his lot yet again; Don’t they realise by raising it all over again, they are undermining our democracy!

  6. Simon Murphy 16 Oct 2009, 11:52am

    What an odious, evil little thief. His creation of section 28 is truly vile – worse even than his systematic theft from the public.

    One less scumbag in parliament.

    Looking at his picture all I can think is that he looks like my mind’s stereotype of what a child molester looks like. His obsession with homosexuality certainly is proof (to my mind) that he is sexually dysfunctional – as well as being an odious thief of course.

  7. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 16 Oct 2009, 11:56am

    Yes I love gay websites that “name and shame” bigoted scum!!!!!

    He also voted against an equal age of consent three times and said that “homosexuals do not know how to drive a truck” back in 1990. I am jumping for joy as more and more bigots and getting fired.

    I personally know someone who sent ongoing emails and letters to his office, with a note inside that says “f__k of to Iran you bigoted c__t!!!

  8. Simon Murphy 16 Oct 2009, 12:05pm

    I’m sort of surprised that the creator of section 28 was still an MP as I sort of assumed that its supporters would all be senile and almost dead (like Margaret Thatcher).

    Out of curiosity how many MP’s who supported section 28 are still in parliament? I’d like a list of their names as they need to be asked about their current views on homosexuality. If ‘Dave’ Cameron is to be believed that the ToryScum Party is no longer homophobic then surely none of those bigots should be allowed to run for the Tory Party again.

    unless of course (and highly likely in fact given the events of the past few weeks – the unholy alliance between the Tories and the far-right fascist fringes of European politics) the so-called inclusiveness of the Tories is just a PR stunt.

  9. This is the guy that should have said sorry.

    Ha, gutted mate.

  10. John (Derbyshire) 16 Oct 2009, 12:16pm

    I always say “What goes around-comes around” Sometimes you have to wait decades for it to happen- but it usually does. The only point worrying me is : Has Cameron promised him a seat in the House of Lords where he can continue to ply his homophobic,hate-filled agenda?

  11. This man is typical of the shysters who took over the Tory party after Thatcher got into her stride.

  12. As my old Dad used to say…Stephen..What goes around comes around!”

  13. As my father used to say “What goes around comes around”

  14. Ha Simon you need to calm down and get used to the idea that we are going to have a lovely Tory Government next year.

    It does make me chuckle when you use expressions like ToryScum – you can’t really be so small minded and nasty as to think that the millions who vote Tory are generally anything but average people who just want the best out of their government.

  15. Lets hope that the various business people who commented on his level of expenses being well beyond what is allowable in normal businesses, will stick to their guns and ensure he doesn’t get offered a cushy job as a “consultant” or non-executive director after he stands down.

  16. Simon Murphy (No 8), I think you raised a very important issue about how many of these wicked homophobes are still in parliament can could possibly be part of, if the conservatives be in government. DC promise of change towards LGBT should include demanding a public apology from these or denying them a re-selection.

    I hope every gay man & woman who takes his freedom of expression very important will vote wisely.

  17. A scoundrel gets his comeuppance. Four cheers.

  18. Funny. Reminds of Al Capone, never punished for most of his crimes, but finally nailed for tax evasion.

    If I weren’t an atheist I might be tempted to believe there was a god after all…

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 16 Oct 2009, 1:19pm

    So the tories aren’t exempt from corruption either. Wait until they start chiselling away at our rights once Cameron is in number 10, but that’s ok if you’re gay and tory.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2009, 1:30pm

    As one of the aforementoned Tory Scum I’m delighted too. Its good to see that David Cameron held firm and didn’t throw the guy a life line either.

  21. His life is ruined. So is his girlfriend Anna Palmer. They are social outcasts of the first order. No one will touch them with a barge pole in Surrey now.

    I hope they are both eventually jailed.

  22. Tom Hewitson 16 Oct 2009, 1:43pm

    I thought it would be worth clarifying that Wilshire jumped because he was about to be pushed. Arguably Cameron has been looking for a way to get rid of many of the old school tories that don’t fit with his new brand of compassionate conservatism and it looks like expenses may just give him his excuse.

  23. So they are going to just let this fraudster walk out of parliament with the 100K and his 30K resettlement money and around 25K a year in his solid gold pension.

    While this government chase pensioners for the 1.5K tax credit overpayments from confused pensioners. They are quite happy bringing OAP’s before a judge and criminalise them. Yet I bet the case of Mr Wilshire is never pursued by the Police and the CPS.

  24. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2009, 2:01pm

    You’re absolutely right Tom – its like a gift from the God’s for Cameron

  25. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2009, 2:03pm

    Yep, you’re right Abi, because that is the system that the Labour party, loved by so many on here, has permitted.

  26. The poor, brainless Vulpus is at it again!

  27. vulpus_rex 16 Oct 2009, 2:19pm

    Nev – you must stop stalking me, your obsession is getting a tad worrying.

    I can’t spend all my time fending off thickos like you, so find someone else to give the creeps to.

  28. “Wilshire admitted that to fight on would “run the risk of harming my local party and our national party’s chances of winning at the next general election”.

    THis man is dillusional!
    He actually thinks Labour has a chance in an election!

  29. What a vulgar, little man Vulpus is!

  30. vulpus_rex 16 Oct 2009, 3:06pm

    Creepy Nev – please, please stalk someone else, you are just not my type – way to thick.

  31. Poor Vulgus, who talks about being thick, does not the difference between the preposition ‘to’ and the adverb ‘too’!

  32. Brian Burton 16 Oct 2009, 3:45pm

    Dose anybody think MPs should give up their Expences for Lent?……Sorry it’s those Labour pains!

  33. Brian Burton 16 Oct 2009, 3:51pm

    Vulpus dear,
    Thats ‘Too thick’….your English is certainly under par and you had the cheek to critisised mine. Smacky bum for you!

  34. what went around came around for once. took long enough.

  35. vulpus_rex 16 Oct 2009, 4:56pm

    “does not the difference between the preposition ‘to’ and the adverb ‘too’!”

    Oi thicky Stalker Nev (Nev even sounds like a thick person’s name)- I know the difference between a spelling mistake and a typing error. STOP STALKING

  36. Poor Vulgus,is the reference to your ignorance of English grammar getting to you? You seem to like using the adjective ‘thick’, but I wonder if you have ever been formally educated. In which subject is your degree ? It clearly is not in English. Actually ‘Neville’ is an aristocratic name, usually a surname. Have you never heard of the Neville family in English history? History is obviously not your degree subject!

  37. Brian Burton 16 Oct 2009, 6:36pm

    Now ,now children…Vulpus and Neville. Please call it a day before you boor the pant off us senable Poofs trying to comment on the Crooked MP Wiltshire.
    Now My dears a little Shakspeare for October:

    It is certain that either wise bearing or ignorant carrage is caught, as men take diseases , one of another; therefore let men take heed of their company.

  38. Brian Burton 16 Oct 2009, 6:41pm

    I say, I say, I say, my dustbin is full of Toadstools. How do I know they are Toadstools? Because there is not mushroom inside!

  39. Brian Burton 16 Oct 2009, 6:53pm

    Vulpus, Neville, Enough of this wrangling I say and listen to a little Shakespeare for October:

    It is certain that either wise bearing or ignorant carrage is caught, as men take diseases, one of another; therefore let men take heed of their company.

    You two better kiss and make it up or you will have to kiss me!

  40. I thought the fat bigot would have been a pillar of society? Or maybe he was just another hypocrite claiming moral superiority?

  41. Lol – Nev the thicko stalker trying to pretend he’s aristocratic.

    Thick as two short planks but thinks a family name will dig him out of his ignorance.

    Try again thicko!

  42. I wish these comments pages were moderated.

  43. AngieRS . . . they are

    Unfortunately, some people lack the dignity to moderate themselves.

  44. Brian Burton 17 Oct 2009, 12:16pm

    Vulpus_Rex, You stupid Queen of the May…Shut you GOB!

  45. Poor Vulgus seems unable to understand simple, English sentences. He would not do very well in a comprehension test. I suspect that he has a low reading age.

  46. Brian Burton 17 Oct 2009, 1:24pm

    Neville, Why don’t you shut your big GOB as well and give your arse a chance?

  47. Brian, I did not realise that you were so vulgar. I am sorry to see that. I had thought that, like me, you were a very reasonable man in his ‘seventies.

  48. Brian Burton 17 Oct 2009, 6:21pm

    This thread is about a section 28 fat, lugubrious expence-hungry crooked MP and not about Neville or Vulpus_Rex. After all, Cabaret must end sometime!

  49. Thank you, Brian, I take your point! I hope that the obnoxious Wiltshire is forced to pay back every penny. He is truly an evil man. He will be remembered for his homophobia and his corruption!

  50. Brian Burton 17 Oct 2009, 11:07pm

    Neville, you are a prince, register on ‘MY’ and join our group ‘Pink Review’ I’m sure you will enjoy it…ok? on there I’m ‘Burty.’

  51. Brian Burton 18 Oct 2009, 12:46pm

    Some of these Expence hungry MPs CON. and Lab. are going to hold out on us as though they have the MORAL highground in the Expences scandal! BASTARDS!

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