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Ugandan MP proposes that gays should be executed

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 15 Oct 2009, 3:29pm

    What a stupid, backward, ignorant, uneducated savage he is.

    Does that round racist? Well it’s not racist if it’s true you know.

  2. What is being proposed is nothing other than legalised murder.

    It’s a real dilemma how best to respond to this, as pressure from “the west” often backfires.

    At the very least, however, any aid should be tied to improvements in their appalling human rights record.

  3. “Ugandan officials have previously blamed Europe and human rights groups for ‘spreading’ homosexuality.” This is such crass ignorance. See: “The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies”, James Neill. (McFarland, 2008). (Also in: google books – page 53).

  4. “Ugandan officials have previously blamed Europe and human rights groups for ‘spreading’ homosexuality.” Really, this is such crass ignorance. See: “The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies”, James Neill. (McFarland, 2008). (Also in: google books – page 53).

  5. “would give the same punishment to anyone infected with HIV who has sex with someone of the same gender.”

    But not if they have hetero sex?

  6. Bishop Ioan 15 Oct 2009, 4:15pm

    This is an appalling disgrace! This man should be booted out of office. I hope idiots like Exodus are happy now that someone wants to legally kill GLBTQ families. I’m not too surprised at this news because virulent homophobia and Uganda pretty much go hand in hand.

  7. Throwing sh*t at a fan he can expect it to backfire.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Oct 2009, 6:06pm

    I pikced up on exactly the same point Polly – fine if you’re straight then!!

  9. Ian Charles 15 Oct 2009, 6:08pm

    Well at least the bills title is honest, unlike in the US

  10. Only a backwards country like Uganda would think of such laws. Aren’t there more important issues to preseve instead of obsessing over gay sex?

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Oct 2009, 8:55pm

    Zae, lets not forget the equally backward islamic countries where two gay people caught inflagrante delicto can result in execution for. Not a word from any western government either.

  12. Make no mistake, such a law would be used as nothing more than an excuse for state-sanctioned genocide against LGBT people in Uganda.

  13. I’m disgusted by the way bigots commenting on this terrible news story are using it as an excuse to peddle their own ugly racism.

  14. It is not only homosexuals that are being persecuted in Uganda.
    Sadly, independence has done nothing for some of these African countries. Also, human rights abuses against women are standard throughout Africa.

  15. Watch the rest of the “civilised” world sit back and do nothing again – as with everything that happens in Africa. Just something else that doesn’t effect us so it gets swept under the carpet. But that’s OK, we’ll just dip into our pockets once a month a send a little money over to make us feel better eh?

  16. A nation which produced Idi Amin can hardly be expected to talk about human rights! Its history is one of political and social upheaval.Its time these african nations joined in the 20th century (and I mean the 20th; they are so far behind!) and ralised that perhaps their attitude to life is keeping them in the 3rd world and not the 1st! They all got their independence from the colonial powers and most of them have ruined their nations since that time. Botswana seems the only place to have thrived (and its not anti gay!)

  17. @Simon Murphy – I agree with you – and it is just that sort of thinking and action from black Africa that keeps Africa where it is

  18. MIchael, Liverpool 16 Oct 2009, 10:17am

    Doesn’t suprise me one iota. It’s even more disgraceful that these things are happening in a continent with a history steeped in slave trade. Have these idiots not learnt anything about human discrimination, torture and suffering? Then again, it’s also one of one of the most Christian fanatic continents on the planet, and devout Christianity = gay hate. What can we do about it…seriously??? Education is far too good for them, will it take western military occupation in these countries to oust their leaders?

  19. Earlier this year, a number of gay groups were accused of “recruiting” children into homosexuality by methods such as giving them pocket money.
    Sound like paedophiles to me

    I can’t believe in Uganda u can actually get paid to be gay!
    What a wonderful place!

  20. Omar Kuddus 16 Oct 2009, 2:48pm

    “It also imposes life imprisonment on those who have homosexual sex. Although this is already the case in Uganda, the new law widens the definition of the offence. According to his bill, those convicted of having gay sex with disabled people would face the death penalty.
    Thus also depriving disabled people further rights to their sexuality.
    Other offences include promoting homosexuality, aiding and abetting homosexuality and keeping a house “for purposes of homosexuality”.
    One only hopes that the BRITISH Home Office and government are taking Note.

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Oct 2009, 11:19pm


    You said; “It’s a real dilemma how best to respond to this”

    What exactly does that mean? Where’s the dilemma exactly?

    Isn’t it odd that Amnesty International failed to see ant dilemma at all as to how to react to this proposed law in Uganda?

    What is it exactly that you know that Amnesty International doesn’t?

    Trying to be fair and giving homophobes the benefit of the doubt, are we?

    What do you think that “people” will think of you after reading your asisnine comment?

  22. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Oct 2009, 11:25pm


    You said:

    “I’m disgusted by the way bigots commenting on this terrible news story are using it as an excuse to peddle their own ugly racism.”

    Would you mind re-reading your comment and make an attempt to understand why your comment can be taken in any number of ways?

    For example, who exactly on this thread is a bigot peddling his own ugly racism?

  23. Uganda’s history in relationship to sexuality is a bit more interesting and a bit more complicated than the more frothy-mouthed comments here would allow. Back in 1886, King Mwanga II of Uganda – an ardent ephebophile, by all accounts – sentenced 17 young court pages to be burned or beaten to death for resisting his sexual advances. The male pages, so the story goes, had converted to Christianity, and it was this which led to their rejection of the King’s caresses, and to their eventual martyrdom along with four other Christians.

    The tale of St Charles Lwanga and his companion martyrs (most of whom were canonised in 1964) has become a major fixture in he Ugandan national consciousness. The incident led to the overthrow of old Mwanga by the suitably-outraged British and the eventual conversion of most of Uganda to Christianity. Evangelical Christian views of sexuality are still very pervasive, along with the association of homosexuality with pre-Christian religions and sexual exploitation.

    If Uganda is indeed a “backwards [sic] country” when it comes to views of sexuality, it is possible that this is something the progressive nations of Europe have something to answer for.

  24. Thank you faggots for publically displaying your racism. I am linking the comments web page to as many black rights/ afrocentric websites as I can so I can reveal the hypocrisy of faggots who demand tolerance but show very little themselves to blacks.

    Dam hypocrites. As for Michael for Liverpool who suggests that the west ought to outst African leaders, go to hell you FASCIST. You guys have done enough damage in Iraq- mind your own affairs you imperialist homo.

  25. Sarah, you sad little girl! Just take a long hard look at the complete lack of rights for women in Africa! Yes, the goats are worth a lot more than you! How dare you criticise gay people! You are a homophobe Sarah!!!!!!! Also your African continent is full of murderers and corrruption! Nothing to do with the West! You have failed bigtime and your independence has meant poverty and injustice! Sad, Sad and even Sadder! Go to Africa and be a slave to Male Heterosexuals! Good luck , you excuse for female kind!

  26. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Oct 2009, 3:15pm


    Put a sock in it, honey.

  27. Mihangel apYrs 17 Oct 2009, 6:25pm

    1 Gay men and lesbians don’t see killing black men or women as acceptable

    2 Gays and lesbians were probably out the front campaigning for black and ethnic rights

    3 Gays and lesbians haven’t campaigned to make being black a capital offence

    4 Gays and lesbians don’t gratuitously insult black people by calling them “niggers” – as offensive a term as “faggots”

    Learn some manners, history and lose your bigotry before spouting off. We are appalled at this proposal and ask for the same sort of action we ask against the homophobes on Europe

  28. Bentham

    Simply calling people assinine doesn’t make for an argument.

    As far as I can see Amnesty is opposing it, well fine, nothing wrong with that, and as far as I recall I’ve always supported their actions. But given that their influence has its limits, what can we do that will actually put real pressure on the government in countries like Uganda?

    Economic sanctions? – a possibility, but tend to hurt the ordinary people most while leaving the elites in place?
    Use of force? Hardly an option.
    Tying aid to reform? – perhaps
    Offering assylum to Gay and Lesbian people – definitely

    And frankly, and as an aside, I’ve had it up to here with the way you start getting personally abusive towards anyone who doesn’t mirror your view of things – I see you have a track record in this.

    Ironically I’ve spent a lot of time on sites arguing with homophobes, religious or otherwise, but this is the first site that I have ever experienced personal vitriol.

    (Almost) everyone else here seems capable of rational argument, which leads me to think you are the one with the problem. This site belongs to other poeple as well, not just you.

    I’ve put up with your insane rantings (he compared me to scum like Phelps – yes, honestly ) but from now on I shall just treat your comments as the nothingness that they are.

  29. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Oct 2009, 9:35am


    There is nothing forcing you to read my comments, is there?

    And there is no sense in your ambigious sentences, pinhead.

    Check this out and open your mind to the real world: dot com/watch?v=_qxjocm5fCc

    It’s never too late to apologize, but first have a pint or two.

  30. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Oct 2009, 9:43am


    You said:

    “(Almost) everyone else here seems capable of rational argument”

    Surely you can see the ambiguity in your statement. Who else on this thread is below your standards, sweetie?

    Perhaps you’d be better off stayimg with all the other sites where you are venerated as the fourth person of the Trinity, dunderhead, cause you ain’t nothing but a disrupter here.

  31. SBC Firstlady 18 Dec 2009, 3:44pm

    Homosexuality is an abomination to GOD. All homosexuals should be stoned to death. It is a shame how just because they are human that they deserve to live doing the sinful things such as having sex with the same gender. All you Gays are fortunate times have changed. If they hadn’t you would have been stoned. All gays should be executed. Thsu should do that in every country and restore honor to Gods Word. Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. How hard is that to understand? What about that scripture is confusing? Being attracted to a man if you are a man and a woman if you are a woman is the work of satan and you are too blind to see it. You all should pray on this sin and ask God to take it away for you. Stop defiling yourselves.

  32. Gay=sewage 23 Dec 2009, 2:30pm

    Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda…!!!!1 shoot them…… those faggots are not welcome in uganda

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