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Russian gays disappointed with Hillary Clinton

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Reader comments

  1. No wonder – the US still holds discrimination against GLBTs a high priority – why would she speak against US policy in Russia?

  2. Dont expect anything from Conservatives! The entrenched 2 Party system in the USA is just a vehicle for arch Conservatives and a massive front for oppression by the Christian Churches. I expect nothing from Obama and we have seen NOTHING yet! I wasnt fooled by the boyish face and all those fancy words. Same here in Australia with the horrendous Kevie Rudd-Dudd!!!! More gay votes enticed before elections and as per usual they give nothing back!

  3. Hillary was advised not to mention the Russian Human Rights issues (and the LGBT bit goes in that particular bag!)Sadly, because of the need to engage with Russia on the nuclear issues, other more human expressions have been left out. She is attempting to re-engage with the Russians after the Bush era and hopefully if a good relationship can be forged then is the time to say leave the gays alone.

  4. I’m with Mike. It may not be the time to discuss LGBT rights in Russia. She needs to forge a relationship first. It seems she’s forged the relationship in Europe so can now move on to LGBT rights now. You have to look at the whole picture of many before you start looking at the few. One step at a time. Russia are notorious for shutting their doors on countries just on a whim. Then you have no communication at all.

  5. Hillary Clinton is just like her husband, full of words before and after the event, but when it actually comes to the meetings, shrinks away like the coward she is.

    There is a great passage in Margaret Thatcher’s book Statecraft (am I allowed to mention that name on this site?) about when had a massive row with the Chinese in the early nineties about human rights and the Ambassador had warned her not to mention tiannamen Square before the meeting and was moaning that they had to draft a communique and Maggie said “don’t draft one then if we couldn’t agree”, then adds a cutting remark saying she isn’t in the habit of briefing the press about what was mentioned in a meeting if it wasn’t mentioned in ameeting UNLIKE OTHER LEADERS WHEN THEY MEET THE CHINESE. This was about one month after Bill Clinton visited and claimed he had brought up human rights.

    Hillary should be put in a pit.

  6. I feel Hilary is doing her best, to help further the rights of LGBT communities, as we daily struggle to overcome, hateful
    bigotry in a world where, striking us down, (for some) seems to be more important, than hunger, elder/child abuse,human slavery,being homeless, etc,etc.
    Things Gotta Change.
    P.S, Julian, please don’t put Hillary, in a pit.

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