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‘Homophobic’ reggae star meets with gay groups

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Reader comments

  1. He only wants to have his cake & eat it. The protests are hurting his earnings & reputation which he obviously doesn’t like. However, he simply isn’t prepared to put his incitement-to-kill music aside. This is not simply a free speech issue, his lyrics are basically advocating the murder of gay people, and include threats to murder anyone who even helps gay people.

  2. Hate to say it but I totally agree with George, this leopard is not going to change his spots. He can say what he likes but the best we can hope for from him is that he stops performing gay hate music in public.
    As for changing his opinions we might as well be talking to a brick wall.
    Even if he stops singing gay-hate music I won’t be going to his concerts any time soon, as I know what he really thinks.

  3. I can’t believe they played the race card. . . oh wait yes I can.

  4. If I stood up in public and called for someone(anyone) to be murdered, I would be quite rightly lifted. My understanding is that most liberal democracies have laws of this sort. Why is this buffoon still on the loose? Where and when is he singing this filth and what are the cops doing when he does?

  5. They do nothing. It’s like everytime a gay person gets kicked to death we hear nothing but some black kids thinking they are hard get stabbed it’s all over the bloody news.

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