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Girls who killed man in Trafalgar Square ‘had been screaming homophobic abuse’

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Reader comments

  1. Has this been on the news yet? Or do we only have to hear about kids that like to stab each other??

  2. John (Derbyshire) 15 Oct 2009, 10:29am

    I haven`t heard a word on the BBC-although it is a small side story in today`s Times. Looks like the only gays the media are interested in are Gok Wan,Christopher Biggins and Paul O`Grady.

  3. It was reported on the BBC news on Wednesday night, and it was on the front page of the BBC News site:

  4. I worry that given this has been a story for some time now, that the police are really struggling to catch his attackers.

  5. If the girls’ pictures are out there, and they were yelling at other people before they abused the victim, then surely somebody remembers these yobs and could identify them.

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Oct 2009, 3:00pm

    The lasttime the Uk did anything to help the LGBT community was when thay passed the Wolfenden Report.

    But I ain’t bitter.

    Again, sympathy to to Ian Baynham’s family and friends.

  7. A despicable crime and a total waste of life. I really hope they catch the perpetrators very soon.

  8. I hope they catch these scum and lock away the key. Why havent they been found yet? There is CCTV all over London watching our every move yet we cant catch dangerous criminals.

  9. there been tons of reporting about leona Lewis being punched in the face at a book signing yesterday – where the reporting and discussion about Ian Baynham who was kicked to death? Again had this happen to another person in a minority group there would of been tons more coverage.

    I have emailed Sky News asking why they failed to cover the story and LBC Radio who have only given a brief mention of the attack.


  10. @ comment no.8 – I think the fact that London has so much CCTV, and that they keep telling us that it will protect us on the streets of London, and yet they can’t track three young people in the middle of the west end, kicking someone to death in front of crowds of people, should tell us that CCTV doesn’t work.

  11. The invisibility of this is shocking
    the same happened to Michael Causer here in
    Liverpool – the media forgot about him
    our deepest sympathy to the family and friends
    from all at the Homotopia Festival Liverpool

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Oct 2009, 6:01pm

    Its a murder enquiry now, however much resentment people have for the police, huge resources will now be directed at tracking down the people involved in the same was as there was for Jody Dobrowski. Every effort will be made to clean up images and piece together CCTV footage to track the attackers across town.

    People seldom get away with murders like this and I’m sure the scum that did this will get hunted down.

  13. We should be pressing for this hate crime to be on BBC’s crime stoppers program.

  14. If this guy was straight it would be all over the news.

  15. sorry . my condolences to Ian Baynham’s friends and family

  16. sorry. my condolences to Ian Baynham’s friends and family.

  17. Har Davids 15 Oct 2009, 8:45pm

    I hope they’ll catch these idiots and they’ll get what they deserve. If they’re caught, the ‘excuse’ will probably be booze or drugs, and I sincerely hope they won’t be allowed to get away with it.

  18. It’s appauling that his could happen in the heart of our capital city! This is why it is SO important that people report homophobic abuse at any level. I suspect these “lowlife” were on drugs or drunk/both. This is not the behaviour of rational human beings!

  19. @Mike – I agree with you.

  20. There will be a candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square in remembrance of Ian on Friday 30 October from 8-10pm to protest against this and other hate crimes. Details on facebook

    Come, let other people know and bring friends, lovers, family etc -we have to stand up against hatred.

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2009, 1:08pm

    Re my previous posting (12). Despite all the anti-police retoric on here, they have done there job and caught the suspects it seems a little over 48 hours after the guy died.

    I know not everyone postng here lives in London, but the attack was realtively well reported in the media in comparison with a lot of the killings and attacks here, that often don’t go any further than the local papers.

    Its about time the gay community starts to show a bit more maturity and stops running everyone down because we think we’ve got a raw deal over everything. Society isn’t perfect, and just because we didn’t get all that we should, or things didn’t go exactly as we wanted, may actually have nothing whatsoever to do with homophobia.

    On a brighter note, I’m glad they caught the offenders and its a pity they can’t hang them.

  22. I know these girls and they have both moved away until they have court in febuary it is disgraceful what they have done i feel sick to my stomach

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