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Murder hunt launched after homophobic attack victim dies

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 14 Oct 2009, 10:06am

    Cage these Bastards and throw away the key!

  2. The fact that this man was attacked by youths aged between 16 – 20 is very disturbing . . . we need to get organised to protect our LGBT public spaces: Bars, Clubs, cafes and business and people from violent homophobic attacks; and to prevent further needless slaughter of our people.

  3. Harthacanute 14 Oct 2009, 10:39am

    I think this incident highlights the advice not to engage with strangers who subject you to homophobic abuse in the street – it isn’t as if your doing so is going to change their view of homosexuals.

    Try to ignore and get away from the abuser(s) .. and then report it.

    Starting a slanging-match with homophobes only adds fuel to a fire that you may not be able to control.

  4. This disgusting attack can only be described as feral, by the youth this country is now producing, that have no fear of authority, and know there will be no harse sentencing if caught. This man was good, kind and gentle and wouldn’t harm a fly. His life has been needlessly taken away, as has the life of his family including his 89 year old mother.

  5. This attack, like so many, started with homophobic taunting. Time and time again in these comment pages I read remarks from the PC apologists that name calling is nothing more then that and to get a sense of humour. Words matter. When public figures and the media in general refer to us in derogatory ways we should understand that it builds a fabric of underlying hatred to our community. And that is whether they mean to be homophobic or not. Thoughts and prayers to this poor man’s family, and my heartfelt disdain to all of those who continue to defend hate speech.

  6. A sickening mindless attack and a warning to gays everywhere to be careful. The fight is not over yet there is still a way to go before this sort of thing stops. One way is to do a self defense course to protect each other and ourselves against these cretins.

  7. Cleggy in the Press 14 Oct 2009, 11:09am

    Lest see if BBC news runs a story like the other Murders that have happened in London.

    I don’t think the Homophobes will!!!

  8. Harthacanute 14 Oct 2009, 12:08pm

    Lest see if BBC news runs a story like the other Murders that have happened in London

    Well it was certainly covered by the BBC Radio 4 lunchtime news. In fact, it was the longest item.

  9. Cleggy in the Press 14 Oct 2009, 1:37pm

    A top story on “London Local” news and something on Radio 4, woopy-do!

    You’ll wont see it on BBC News 24!

  10. If it were a race thing it would be all over the news.

  11. Cleggy in the Press 14 Oct 2009, 2:27pm

    I can prove the BBC discriminates!

    This first link tells of his death:

    This second link tells of the CCTV images:

    If you flick between the 2 pages you can see the BBC homophobes have downgraded the image quality of the CCTV image!

  12. Cleggy, you f_ckwit, the BBC is left-wing and virtually immersed in homosexuals from the top down. Stop bleating on about their apparent homophobia. The story is all over News24 and the radio, so give your one-man witch hunt a rest.

    Sadly, it takes something this serious to make people sit up and take notice, but hopefully some good might come of it, and people will not disregard anti-gay protection legislation that so many have asked for.

  13. Harthacanute 14 Oct 2009, 2:49pm

    BBC homophobes have downgraded the image quality of the CCTV image

    A clear non-CCTV areal image of Trafalgar Square taken in broad daylight on a sunny day vs an enlargement of a small section of a grainy CCTV image taken well after dark?

    Are you seriously telling us that comparing the two images is your proof of BBC discrimination? I can think of something that it proves (about you), but BBC discrimination certainly isn’t it.

  14. RobN there have been many before this poor chap who have been murdered in gay hate crimes it has made very little difference – do you think the gay publications will carry a full feature on this death and try to bring about a protest to the powers that be -I think not – Kylie and white pants are are more important.

    Will LBC carry this as their main feature in the new tomorrow morning? I do not think so -it is shameful the lack of coverage given to such a disgusting. If another person is murdered from a minority group in London theres plenty of news coverage.

    I hope the police catch these scumbags soon


    and this being a gay man means that the press coverage is VERY limited – shame on the and many others for not

  15. This is further proof that society can and will
    move backwards as well as forwards – last year
    Michael Causer was brutally beaten and murdered by a bunch
    of homophobes at a house party. The criminal
    justice system and judge let his family down and threw the
    homophobic motivation out of court. A very disturbing
    signal given the overwhelming evidence of
    homophobic abuse leading up to and throughout his
    sustained attack – lets hope they catch these wicked
    our deepest sympathy to the family
    Homotopia Festival Liverpool UK

  16. Cleggy in the Press 14 Oct 2009, 5:44pm

    Moments after I uploaded the comment about the CCTV, they changed the picture to a picture of Trafalgar Square.

    The next time it happens I’ll do a “Print Screen.”

    The BBC must be monitoring these comments.

  17. Truly horrific attack, I hope they catch these brainless bitches. As for the coverage in the mainstream media, there’s certainly more than there has been about homophobic attacks in the past. It’s also the main story on the Evening Standard website. Maybe, at long last, the message is getting through that homophobia is a unacceptable as racism.

  18. it’s nothing to do with the police each one teach one if someone messes with you take them down if you can’t , run and make some noise maybe I’ll be around or someone like me. a few weeks after Jodi was murdered I was crusing over the Heath and I heard some shouting by time I reached up the hill 6 of us had the same idea. turned out it was a piss head who shut up when he saw us. this may be crass, there are things than death we have got to sort them out, make then think twice.

  19. very upsetting news.
    sadly anyone who has been in that part of london at night would know it’s hardly gay friendly

  20. it was sad to hear about this attack. even though the cctv image is a bit grainy, it isn’t bad & has received a lot of exposure. Think it’s only a matter of time before they get caught. There are often homophobic comments made in public, is it realistic to report them all? westminster council has an online form to report racist incidents but of course, nothing for homophobic incidents…despite a large number of homophobic hate crimes occurring in westminster’s west end. I also agree the bbc is very homophobic, nearly every comedy show has a gay stereotype to ridicule.

  21. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 9:59pm

    Too bad I wasn’t in London that night because I always carry a gun and would have blasted the two witches and their pimp into hell and laughed about it. Don’t they allow citizens to pack guns in jolly old England? They do over here in the states as long as it can be seen in plain sight hanging to your side in an holster. Why don’t you have the Pink Panthers or the Guardian Angels in England? If you don’t have either you need to start it in England to protect citizens against such attacks. To attack and kill a senior citizen by youths is an unforgiving crime and the only penalty should be capital punishment by public hanging. Or better yet gather up a gang of hooded gays and lesbians and hang these assholes to the nearest lamp post.

  22. Central London os full of CCTV cameras . . . these women have no chance of disapearing into the ether, virtual every step they took after kicking Ian Baynham to death is likely to have been recorded on CCTV.

  23. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Oct 2009, 9:58am

    My sincere sympathy to Ian Baynham’s family and friends.

    Even poztal workerz are allowed to carry zmall canizterz of pepper zpray to protect themselvez from looze and threatening dogz.

    But I’m g*ddman zure the lazt thing the mother-country needz iz advize from the coloniez.

  24. Lee: I don’t deny the story hasn’t got a great deal of exposure, but murders happen in the big cities on an almost daily basis. I just find Cleggy’s almost unhinged attitude to the supposed political bias off the BBC rather worrisome. Sadly, the editors want stuff that people WANT to read about/watch, like Katie Price’s colonic or some such crap.

    Don’t blame the editorial, blame the readers.

  25. Paul Mendoza 15 Oct 2009, 8:21pm

    We must not forget him.. Lets all meet for a Candle Light Vigil this Saturday in front of the South Africa Building at 10:30pm…text, email, post, twitter. Lets use the technology we have to mobilize and share our grief and anger…pass this on..We have to time to organize…

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