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Liverpool gay club denies allegations of violence and underage sex

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Reader comments

  1. This is an awful, awful, awful place. Ironically they claim to be one of the safest clubs in Liverpool.

  2. This is yet another example of the law that says nobody can be told they can’t enter a place because of sexuality, gender etc. Whilst it is good in theory think about it. Would a group of gay people be accepted in a ‘straight’ bar or would we get this kind of abuse. Now this law has come in it means that we are now being pushed out of our own places, in effect making the places ‘straight’ This law could spell the end of the gay bars and clubs and return of abuse because we are gay, pushing the scene underground again. Underground when the right of the gay person is legal in this country!

  3. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and believe there is a shift in attidute toward gay bars. The youngsters (18-25) don’t feel the need to go to gay pubs anymore they feel safe and accepted in nearly all the metrosexual bars, so why would they want to be segregated from their friends of whom they have grown up with and accept their sexuality and would defend them if required. Gay bars are very lonely places if don’t know anyone.

    It is only the over 25’s that feel they need their own space. I think the bars need to start catering for an older age group as the gay bars around us are really struggling and it’s because the youngsters feel safe in most of the ‘straight’ bars, they don’t feel the need to have to go to gay bar. (Wish I had the money as I would jump at this and do an over 30’s gay bar in my area).

    This is my own opinion, I have no stats to prove my theory, just what I have observed.

  4. MIchael, Liverpool 15 Oct 2009, 12:59pm

    For me personally as a 27 yo gay man, I don’t want to go to a gay bar full of women in stupid bunny ears squeezing gay men’s bums for a laugh, followed by gangs of straight lads on the pull. Why does this seem to be happening more and more on the gay scene? The straight girls and guys have the rest of the city centre to drink, what’s wrong with preserving a few bars in a certain area for the benefit of gay people to socialise with like minded people? For me, it’s not about segregation or feeling safe, but when you step into a bar with a rainbow flag outside branded as “gay friendly” or whatever, only to walk into hen night/fag hag central, it kinda leaves you feeling betrayed. The fundamental atmosphere of the place is anything but gay!
    In my experience, it is the straight people who bring the agression and violence with them. It really is, no heterophobia intended. This is happening all over the place, not just Liverpool, and I personally think it’s a shame.

  5. Michael, I agree with your sentiments, but what does a landlord do if the gays aren’t going to the pub. He/She has no choice but to say yes to the ‘straights’. This is why I say take back the gay bars and give them age restrictions as the under 25’s don’t care and the over 25’s still do.

  6. Michael, I agree with your sentiments, but what does a landlord do if the gays aren’t going to the pub. He/She has no choice but to say yes to the ‘straights’. This is why I say take back the gay bars and give them age restrictions as the under 25’s don’t care and the over 25’s still do.

  7. In London the gay places are still very much gay thankfully, but I have noticed when I travel around the country that a lot of bars and clubs seem to attract large groups of straight women. That’s fine but I do feel like I want to be in a ‘gay space’ from time to time, and this is undermining that. As for the under 25’s not wanting gay bars, I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but it’s definitely not the case in London.

  8. In my home city, I find one of the local gay bars to usually have more people who are groups of straight women not wanting to go to a “meat market” venue, often with their straight (and sometimes rather defensive) boyfriends in tow. It does drastically change the atmosphere of the bar on nights like this. But, so long as they are clear that it is primarily a gay venue for gay people, it should be OK. Its a problem when they take exception to this of course, which begs the question “why did you choose to drink here then?”.

  9. Young people do want to go to gay bars, but a lot of gay clubs are still living in the 80s and 90s. Going round Canal Street is like stepping back in time when you compare it to ‘metrosexual’ bars. So the young gay crowds find themselves going to mixed nights instead, because they’re usually more varied. This is more the case in cities with smaller scenes, because places like London have the variety afforded by a huge gay population.

  10. BrazilBoysBlog 18 Dec 2009, 9:51pm

    Whatever happened to the landlord/landladys right to CHOOSE who not to serve? (in their own pubs?) When I was clubbing in Nottingham, the doorstaff would vitrually quiz unknown ‘visitors’ making sure they knew it was a GAY venue and that they were to behave themselves… Seems like they just let anyone in these days!

  11. i am a 43 yr woman who visited pink last night with my friend for the first time my fist thoughts on this club were people were friendly and to be honnest i said to my friend we should have come here earlie . we got a drink then after a while went into the toilets where we got chatting to a young girl who was pregnant then out of nowhere a bouncer came in and dragged the girl out she was upset so i said what are you doing he then grabbed me by my hair and dragged me across the floor and out through the back door he was channting its my club over and over he kicked me and threw me out against the wall i was totally shocked and very upset ,i walked around the front where i saw the girl sobbing i then saw my friend coming out he had threatened her aswell she asked for his badge but he just gave abuse and threatened us i was so upset i just wanted to go home i have a bone wasting disability and i am in agony today and still upset ,these bouncers at this club are not bouncers they are bullys they give all bouncers a bad name and should not be allowed to work in this profession they should be there for our safety i am disgusted and it makes my think it could have quite easily been one of my daughters

    1. A very similar thing happened to my daughter. Two bouncers came into the toilet over a dispute with a lipstick. It had be taken by the loo attendant from my daughter. She asked for it back and the bouncers were called in. They threw her down the stairs and followed up with a few slaps. My daughter is about 5 stone wet through. She went to the police and they advised her not to press charges, for what reason I do not know. These people are obviously bullies and it needs to be sorted. Would love to see the bouncers and management take on someone larger and stronger than small defenceless females!! Bullying Bustards!!!

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