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Uruguay approves bill to allow trans people to change names and gender

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Reader comments

  1. Hurrah! One small step for transgender people, one poke in the eye for the conservatives in Uraguay :o)

  2. Enhorabuena, los Uruguayos! How absolutely pathetic the Catholic Church is!

  3. Yet another step to make Uruguay the civic example of the Americas.

  4. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Oct 2009, 3:21pm

    next will be marriage – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    * Homosexual sex made legal (and equal age of consent) – YES in 1934 (you heard right 1934!!!!)
    * IVF access for single women and lesbians – YES in 2000
    * Hate crime and anti-discrimination laws – YES in 2003
    * Unregistered cohabitation legalized (people think they are civil unions) – YES in 2008
    * Gay ban in military repealed – YES 2009
    * Full joint Adoption rights for gay men and lesbian women – YES (not effective yet) No date set. Has the President even signed it yet????
    * IVF parentage for lesbian women – pending now.
    * Transgender documents (what we are currently talking about in this article) – pending now.
    * Gay marriage made legal – NOT YET (after election as promised by the Government)

  5. Yay!!! How proud I am of my adoptive country!! Let’s see if they get their reward in the footie tonight :)

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