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New York’s court of appeal to hear gay rights challenges

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Reader comments

  1. It has lost the fights in lower courts and argues that the policies are “illegal, unconstitutional, and resulted in the unlawful disbursement of public funds”.

    So gay people don’t pay taxes?
    Im moving to America!

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 14 Oct 2009, 1:38pm

    Isn’t it amazing, New York state recognises same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, doesn’t downgrade them to civil partnerships or other forms of unions unlike the UK and we all know why. If our government recognised them for what they are, it would open the floodgate to demand the right to marry, political suicide for either party which would lead to a confrontation with the state cult, something they go out of their way to avoid. Bunch of cowards. I admire the New York State government for taking such a progressive, courageous step towards full equality, something our own government could take a page from.

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