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Video: Dannii Minogue forced to apologise after bisexual ‘joke’ on X Factor

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Reader comments

  1. That was pretty embarrassing to watch. I never watch this show, and my impression of it hasn’t been fabulous, but good on Simon Cowell for immediately jumping in to make sure the lad wasn’t being got at.

    I couldn’t work out whether she was saying it as a positive statement that contestant shouldn’t have to hide their orientations or as a joke that became kind of inappropriate due to conext (backstage banter taken onstage can be intimidating or upsetting). The former would have been rather cool – we think we’re a terribly accepting society, but it’s the norm for gay and bi singers to change pronouns to conform.

  2. A fuss about nothing. Come on, loosen up.

  3. AdrianT (2): seconded.

  4. Hmmm, I’m in two minds about this one. If Danyl Johnson is in the closet or straight it could be construed as an inappropriate dig, but I think what Danni was trying to say is that if you are blatantly gay, why the need to tailor lyrics or shoot pop promos making yourself out to be straight.
    Even after his very public outing and the “Go outside” cottaging themed vid, George Michael shot a video where he was flirting with a woman. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Will Young do a ‘straight’ pop promo too, contrary to what everyone knows about him. It’s a highly topical subject with Stephen Gately’s untimely death, I understand he was one of the first boy band members to have an openly gay pop promo.
    Of course we all know that we don’t live in an ideal world and being overtly gay on stage may damage a star’s earnings, but in that context perhaps it’s time for people like Danni to take a stand?
    Or is it like acting where we’re supposed to separate the star’s stage persona from their private life?
    Any thoughts?

  5. Mihangel apYrs 12 Oct 2009, 11:13am

    if Daryl Johnson is bi then why should he have to sing as if to a woman?

    It’s by mainstreaming the man-man references when the singer is gay/bi that reduces heteronormalisation (ie the assumption that every person is straight) in society and thus makes it easier for people when they realise their non-straight sexuality

  6. Simon’s intervention was uncalled for because Danyl had already told the press he dated men and women, and fancied the judges preferring Simon over Louis.

  7. I really don’t think there was a problem here, what she said was true, well assuming he weren’t singing it to a particular women, yeah he could of kept the song in it’s original manner, it is in a way nice the way she makes it sound like it would be normal for him to sing about a guy (which it would be).
    Though saying that, rereading the quote, she could of picked better words, like her use of “girl’s song” and “guy’s song” which would imply if he did keep it in the original form, he would be a girl.

    Though in all fairness, even with the wrong words it was still not meant harshly and Danyl wasn’t offended and she did apologise so no harm.

  8. Simon Murphy 12 Oct 2009, 11:59am

    I’m with Dannii here. She raised a valid point.

  9. I agree. There was NOTHING wrong with what Dannii said.

  10. Brian Burton 12 Oct 2009, 12:19pm

    We are getting too damned stupid about this idiotic politically correctness in Uk. Stick it where the Monkey sticks it’s nuts!
    They will be saying Simon Murphy wants to Get religion and change his sex next….Don’t listen to them Simon!

  11. Anyway it’s very intersting that I the only out gay in the office is not bothered by this storm in a tea cup. The heteros want blood!? Surely PCness gone crazy.

  12. It made me laugh.

  13. The remark was totally off base. By drawing attention to his bisexuality for the sake of “humour” the conclusion is that there is something funny about being bisexual. It was a cheap attempt at a lame joke based on Daryl’s sexuality which had no one in the audience laughing. What’s next – will Danni comment on a white singers voice because they are able to sound black? She had nothing to say about the song it was all about his sexuality, so her choice of words made it an issue and those words were totally inappropriate in terms of judging someone’s singing performance. As for the lame apology, “I am sorry if I caused any one offense” well how about apologising for the words you used in the first place rather then people’s reaction to them as if it is our problem? For someone that has coined a living off the gay community with her brand of disco she came over as a sneering voyeur better suited to a night in with the Daily Mail….

  14. She shouldn’t have called it a ‘joke’ afterwards.

  15. Simon Murphy 12 Oct 2009, 1:13pm

    No 13: Stewart: “By drawing attention to his bisexuality for the sake of “humour” the conclusion is that there is something funny about being bisexual”

    Get a life.

    If Danyl had kept the lyrics as they were in the original song there would have been no comment at all.

    He specifically chose to change the lyrics to sing to a woman. This was about a week after he came out in the press.

    Dannii raised a good point. Why did he change the lyrics?

  16. Simon go look up the definition of “bisexual”, he can sing that song to either sex. And again the issue is not his choice of song words it is that a judge decided to highlight his sexuality for no other reason then for humour.
    And I have a life thank you.

  17. Stewart, he was hardly going to make the song a bisexual song and have mixed gender so he had two choices the gay version and the straight version, he went out of his way and actualy changed the original to make it the straight version.

    That is what humour usually is, making a comment on things you notice, it was merely a joke that was clearly wasn’t funny, she didn’t mean to offend because she said she never, there was no hate or prejudice at all and if anything it was an expression of a view there is nothing wrong with liking one’s own gender which there isn’t.

    It’s over-reactions like this that push our cause in the PC corner and that is not going to help us at all.

  18. Simon Murphy 12 Oct 2009, 2:17pm

    Agreed Blondie. He specifically chose to sing a ‘straight’ version of the song and changed the lyrics of said song to do so.

    Why would someone who had only come out as bi a week earlier do that?

    Dannii was right to draw attention to it.

    Danyl is a loathsome bully by the way. I think it serves him right. His arrogance is so unappealing.

  19. Blondie fact is over 2,500 complained on the X Factor site about the comment so in fact offense was caused whether she meant it or not. She chose to make his sexuality a joke. If she had done that about his colour or religion I suspect ramifications would be much harsher on Danni. You appear to suggest that we all shut up when heterosexuals make jokes on our sexuality? Well for many of us, our child hoods were blighted by constant “jokes” about our sexuality leading to bullying and worse, so sorry I don’t see the humour in this. Words matter, that’s not PC gone mad, it’s about responsible broadcasting so the GLBT youth at home know that their sexuality is not a cheap one liner….

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Oct 2009, 2:35pm

    Can al, any of those offended by the comments exlain why the words had to be changed so that Danyl was singing about na heterosexual relationship – clearly Simon isn’t living in the enlightened times that we, and Dannii, are

  21. I was suprised at Dannii saying what she did; it really wasn’t funny or necessary!

  22. I go with the flow here; Mike is right to say it wasn’t funny or necessary to drop what was, a totally irrelevant quip. I’m certain she didn’t mean any harm, but it all came out a bit wrong, and realised the instant she said it she should have kept her mouth shut, but then managed to repeat it and dig herself an even bigger hole.

    However, everyone can see it for what it was. Move on.

  23. Pumpkin Pie 12 Oct 2009, 3:19pm

    I thought it was funny and something of a “take that” moment for the heteronormatized mass media. To think that people are trying to stick up for us by wanting to silence someone who made a damn good point.

    Y’know, I bet half the straight people who complained only complained because they think calling someone non-straight is an insult.

  24. Andy Armitage 12 Oct 2009, 3:44pm

    A comment above sums it up: “Loosen up.” Yes, this is a fuss about nothing. Minogue was making the point (and I did see both the reference and last night’s apology) that he needn’t have changed the gender references because he’s gay (I thought that; I’ve since learned he’s bisexual). And she’d read about this, she said, in the papers, presumably (I don’t follow much trivial chitchat, so don’t really know). Anyway, I’ve expressed my own vews, for what they’re worth, here on the Pink Triangle blog, because, if gays are not careful, they’ll be branded, along with some religionists, as being oversensitive, and too willing to take offence. It’s a storm in a teacup, folks.

  25. While Ms Minogue is probably not homophobic and possibly did even mean her quip to be a friendly joke, it was utterly irrelevant to the situation. She only had a few seconds to give her opinion on the quality of his performance. There were many things she could have chosen to say on that subject.

    The irrelevance of it and the way it was delivered, not to mention the way it was percieved, make this comment homophobic. it think it is right that she should have apologised.

    Mr Johnson has come out as bi (not gay), the choice is therefore his as to which gender he wants to use when performing. Yes it would have been nice to have a bit of gender bending from him but he chose not to do it. Who is Ms Minogue to judge that?

  26. Nigel Holland-Williams 12 Oct 2009, 3:48pm

    At last we are not all jumping on the band wagon and demanding the Danni be lynched at dawn. Political correctness is becoming a joke.
    Like so many others on here I agree that she meant nothing nasty, a point that even the person she aimed it at agrees with. He wasnt offended and admited they even joked about it beforehand.
    It is getting to a point where we cant be human anymore for fear of upsetting someone along the way.

    On an aside I dont understand why he is the fav to win the show, he does not come across as very nice, far better talent than him on the show as well .

  27. Stewart, it was not degrading, it wasn’t some slur or anything bad, it was a joke about a bisexual man now appearing straight and not at all against it, it actually appeared more to express a view of normaility with the whole bisexual concept, like she was saying he should of been free to keep the lyrics as they were and been free to be himself.

    And I am not saying “PC gone mad” I am saying we have to try to draw the line between hateful prejudice comments or degrading jokes and a joke gone bad which is not degrading in the slightest, ok at times this is hard, but in this case the joke wasn’t degrading, it was a truthful comment and we got an apology so I see no problem in the matter.

  28. Come on – if the guy’s happy with his sexuality (lucky chap!) then his sense of humour will allow him to take it all on board.
    It wasn’t the funniest thing for Dani to say, nor was it a particularly entertaining outburst – and let’s face it, this is what these “Celebrities” are paid very highly, to do, and that is to entertain us.
    Sorry sister, you hit a bum note, but not one that deserves all this fuss.

  29. Oh dear this is a storm in a tea cup. It’s not like she outed him or anything, he was in the paper bragging about laying straight guys a couple of weeks ago. He so full of himself. It most certainly wasn’t a bad thing to say I’ve heard worse that that…..but good on him for saying he wasn’t ashamed. Mind you it would have done bi and gay community
    alot more good if he had just laughed at her remark before saying it!

  30. Simon intervened too quickly, not for the first time. Bet he wished he hadn’t when he appeared on This Is Your Life a couple of years ago.

    At 3’45”

    Trevor: Simon, I think it’s true to say that you didn’t become an international star until you were 43. With that came the image and perhaps the behaviour of a playboy bachelor. But things appear to have become a little quieter recently. For the past 5 years you’ve shared your good life on both sides of the Atlantic with your girlfriend – a model and television presenter.

    Simon: Linda?

    Trevor: And of course she’s here tonight.

    Simon: Linda!

    Trevor: Terri Seymour.

  31. Brian Burton 12 Oct 2009, 5:47pm

    Modern morality (Whatever that is) has no standard since the unbridled tabloid press and the disregaurd of TV watersheds. All made possible by that side of a persons nature that is over-illuminated by the imagination. So, no-matter what Millie-Molly-Mandy Minogue ment is irrelevant.

  32. Elaine knight 12 Oct 2009, 6:33pm

    All I can say is that if she can stick her great big hoof in her mouth over a guys sexuallity then Ide love to see what she could come up with iff a transexxual singer was on the compertition ,poor cow would choke on her own words

  33. Oops. Now the rabid trannies want to get on the act. Any lesbians feel left out too? Sh!t. Good job nobody mentioned he was black. What? He is disabled? Hell, throw the book at her. Dannii is obviously an anti gay/bi/trans, racist, sexist, ageist bitch whore from hell. For f_cks sakes, I bet the bitch even votes Tory!

  34. Silly, silly girl, naff comment from a B class performer.

  35. Simon Murphy 12 Oct 2009, 11:29pm

    I bet she’s hoping Anton DuBeke speaks again soon.

  36. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Oct 2009, 4:13am

    Five albums, 4 No 1 singles, 9 top 10 hit singles, 12 No 1 dance chart singles, making her the best female dance-pop artist in the UK.

    B-Class because ……?

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