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Schwarzenegger signs bills to recognise Harvey Milk and out-of-state gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul Benthaam 12 Oct 2009, 7:04pm

    Good man, Arnold.

  2. Ringbearer 12 Oct 2009, 7:40pm

    “Thank you Mr. Governor! Lgbt’s who civilly-wed in other states will have everything-but-marriage in California; this is a great step forward

  3. Brian Burton 12 Oct 2009, 7:48pm

    Bending with the breeze Arnold?

  4. Mihangel apYrs 12 Oct 2009, 8:26pm

    credit where cresit is due. He’s done as much as he can within the law as popounded by those cowards on the CSC benh allowed.

  5. A step in the right direction. It’s just I seem to remember our man Arnie having a bigger stride than this, (and bigger balls).

  6. It’s the maximum that he can do though.

    He’s actually spoken in favour of marriage equality after Prop 8 passed.

  7. It’s about time here , why is the last country to adopt gay marriages or civil unions , are we all hiding behind religion or bigotry or both, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  8. Thankyou Jesus!!!!!

  9. “Gay marriage was legal in California until the state’s voters decided against it in November 2008.” yes and who do we blame? The Mormons and the RC church who put their considerable funding into evil advertising against us! Pity we can’t do the same to them in return “Paedophiles and polygamists should be outlawed!” etc!

  10. Tim Hopkins 13 Oct 2009, 9:31am

    It’s slightly unclear what the marriage recognition bill does. According to CNN, it only recognises same-sex marriages that were registered in other states during the period in which same-sex marriage was legal in California itself, ie June 16 to Nov 5 2008.

  11. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 13 Oct 2009, 9:47am

    Schwarzenegger thank you for nothing but recognition – but you should have signed the two same sex marriage bills a couple of years ago and we would not be in this stupid red-tape legal mess!!!!!!
    Oh and Mike (comment 9) – divorce should be made illegal or outlawed, not polygamy!!!!
    I fully support and advocate both same sex marriage and polygamy.
    NOTE: Pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, incest, rape, public sexual conduct, murder, money laundering, acts or terrorism, piracy, blackmail, harassment, hate crimes, vilification, extortion, defamation is already a crime that is currently outlawed or against the law – and blood should stay that way!!!!!

  12. Aussie Paul, I stand corrected. Maybe I should have said outlaw Mormons and the Roman Catholic Church instead;-)

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Oct 2009, 1:51pm

    The same roman cult is busy in New York State gathering signatures to put marriage equality to the voters, ditto in Maine. Time to bash them back with impunity starting with a movement to remove their tax-exempt status, give them a dose of their own hate medicine. Why should any cult be above the law and get away without paying taxes at our expense?

  14. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 4:41am

    I agree with Robert that these cults ought to be made to pay taxes like the rest of us and made to register with Homeland Security as domestic terrorist. In fact several religious organizations now are listed with Homeland Security as domestic terrorist organization because Homeland Security lists anyone or any organization that goes after gays as domestic terrorist and they are put on a special list and watched daily; their phones are tapped, their mail is looked at as to who they write to and who rights to them. As I recall the Mormons are already on that list, but the Catlickers some how are not. We need GLBT demonstrators to picket the RC and Mormon churches across American and play a day to do it and then have millions of us do it on that same day with signs such as; “Cults need to pay taxes like everyone else” and “Cults need to register with the police as domestic terrorist” and “Hate is not Christianity” “Hate is unacceptable.” If we organize nation wide we could pull this off around Easter during Easter services at both the RC and the Mormon churches across America. I may put something on my front gate stating “No Mormons or Roman Catholics welcomed here!”

  15. Nice one Arnie – thank you – another step in the right direction

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