Antony Cotton, the gay actor who plays Sean Tully on Coronation Street, has defended Dannii Minogue over her controversial remarks on The X Factor.

On Saturday night’s programme, Minogue referred to contestant Danyl Johnson’s bisexuality when he changed the gender references in the song he sang.

She said: “Changing a girls’ song into a guys’ song but if we are to believe everything we read in the paper maybe you didn’t need to change the gender reference in it.”

Although a number of outraged fans called for her sacking, Johnson quickly said he was not upset by the comment.

Writing on Twitter, Cotton said: “Dannii Minogue is the least homophobic woman in the world. And personally, I think she made a very pro-gay comment.”

He continued: “Just watched again. Cheryl [Cole] began the slot by saying, ‘He’s singing a woman’s song – it’s ridiculous’. So the lyrics must have been changed because it must be a problem for a man to sing a song about another man.

“That is not Danyl’s fault and it certainly isn’t Dannii’s fault for flagging it up.”