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Gay businessman Sir Michael Bishop pulls out of race for ITV chairman

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  1. Brian Burton 12 Oct 2009, 9:14pm

    ITV has had a beginning, a middle and the end seems in sight? The trouble is, Television is not as new as it used to be, telivision is becomming old hat! Television is not the novelty it used to be.
    So, who wants to get involved with a dying industry? The resession at present, is not helping any. Man has become the slaves of the computer in this age of materialism. So, what happens now? Where is the next great novelty comming from? Or, is there any man or woman who can become an extension of the TV lens? TV realism is in favour because the unreal has fallen out of favour, a degrading concession? It’s debatable. Where is the psychology in the changing TV scenario? There is the same TV world for all of us good, bad and indifferent but is it what we really want? There are questions the wise cannot get their heads around in TV. And who can explain TV?….You will have to ask someone who works in TV!

  2. He did right. ITV is a sinking ship.

  3. ITV is chav TV simple as

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