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Boyzone star Stephen Gately ‘had been drinking heavily before death’

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Mason 12 Oct 2009, 12:46pm

    A pretty nauseating piece of ‘reporting’.

    “Pink News says that the Daily Mirror says that a family friend says that the family says that someone told them…”

    It nearly made me choke on my own vomit.

    We used to allow people a little dignity in death. A post mortem will explain shortly how Stephen Gately met his death. It will give a more reliable account than PN’s. I for one will wait for that.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 12 Oct 2009, 1:35pm

    A period of silence would be welcome. Let people grieve (if they wish) and allow his family time.

    The PM will answer the question.

  3. I agree. This is just jumping the gun. The pm isn’t till tomorrow. hopefully the truth will be known then. It may well be that this is what happened. If so we’ll find out then. But meanwhile this kiind of speculative journalism just feeds those horrible comments on that other site we were talking about yesterday.

  4. AND why do people insist on making up jokes when people die? I even remember some nasty ones about Princess Diana circulating at the time; have some respect for the dead please!

  5. ‘In 1999, Gately took the brave decision to come out as gay in an interview with the Sun.’

    He was blackmailed into doing it by the Sun. This makes it sound like a voluntary decision.

  6. Re above. I should imagine a reasonable amount, around £75,000, probably more, exchanged hands for his story. Hardly blackmail.

    Also, folk like Sinnetta were fed up being attached to him in the press. She afterall had bigger fish to fry.

  7. This is disgusting reporting and shows the depths immorality the press sink to. Young and middle aged men die every day suddenly and unexpectedly from undiagnosed medical conditions or by abusing their bodies their deaths go largely unreported.

    It should be illegal for the press to hound a bereaved family and to misrepresent the fact of someone’s death.

  8. some other news sites have the family solicitor denying this version of events, in particular that anyone else was involved and that he had been drinking for 8 hours. the solicitor said he had only been in the resort for three hours.

    Three hours is still time enough to get stupidly drunk, mind you. But come on, lets wait for the truth.

  9. I deeply resent the lies that journalists feel fit to print – cf. Madeline McCann and countless others. I wish I wish the likes of Pink News did not print gossip masquerading as news on the basis that a so-called ‘newspaper’ puts it out on the wires. If I want gossip I go to Perez Hilton.

  10. I am certainly starting to wonder about the judgement of some Pink staff writers.

  11. I’m not offended by the reporting.

    Yes it’s intrusive and speculative and insensitive to his husband and family, but we have to remember that Stephen Gately was a pop-star. All pop stars in a sense owe their careers to exposure in the media – radio; TV; newspapers.

    While we won’t know how he died until after the Post mortem, people need to remember the frenzy of speculation that happened when Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain died.

    It’s nasty for sure but that seems to be part of the equation when it comes to celebrities. Normal rules of sensitivity are suspended in exchange for selling more newspapers.

    Especially seeing as it is quite unusual for a seemingly healthy 33 year old to die in such unusual circumstances.

  12. I find the outbreak of public grief over the death of a Z-list celebrity pretty damn nauseating actually. Not that I want to denigrate the bloke, it’s sad anyone of that age dying suddenly. However, men as young as 18 are being turned into hamburgers and spread over the roads of a distant country every day, and nobody so much as bats an eyelid for them. They never had the money or the lifestyle of Stephen Gately, and probably worked a lot harder for what they had.

    The headline of “Soldier killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan” may as well be a permanent posting on all news websites; just stick a different name in on a daily basis.

    Get some perspective people: This government is killing our soldiers on a regular basis, through lack of manpower, funds and equipment, and nobody seems to give a flying sh!t. But don’t worry, they probably weren’t gay, or had a single out any time soon.

  13. John Macdonald 13 Oct 2009, 4:51am

    This just highlights the big issue of abuse of drugs and alcohol in our community. This problem is world wide and there seems to be no outlet to discuss the effects this has on the gay community and the repercussions it has on us all. We all have a responsibility to drink in moderation and be able to enjoy each other’s company without having to make a mess of ourselves every time we socialise.
    Drink socially and enjoy yourself. Just limit yourself to a few small drinks and lots of water to help with dehydration that alcohol does deplete from us. This is a lesson for all of us to learn. We must do it for Stephen and all other people who have been suffering for years of abuse.

  14. RobN makes a very valid point although sadly if our troops are sent into a war zone, deaths are inevitable (in my opinion they shouldn’t be there in the first place!) I thnk it was just the shock of someone who was once a “star” dying so young and in what looked like an accident that makes it newsworthy. Sadly, I think we will have more soldier deaths to dwell on than we want.

  15. Mihangel apYrs 13 Oct 2009, 2:02pm

    Latest reports say “natural causes”. They’re starting to smear from a different angle now “a third man” was with them, suggesting a “threesome, or some bed-hopping”.

  16. I agree with RobN about the soldier deaths. It’s too easy to take those for granted. It seems like the only people who do care are the families of the dead men.

    But this is a sad death, too.

    Incidentally, other sources today are now giving a post mortem report of pulmonary oedema, which has nothing to do with drink or drugs or anything else. This would seem to vindicate him.

    John MacDonald’s point about drinking moderately is still valid, though, even if it isn’t anything to do with Steven Gatley’s death. Drinking until you can’t stand up is stupid. You shouldn’t need a celebrity to die to prove it.

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