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Video: Obama pledges the end of ‘Don’t ask Don’t tell” ban on openly gay military

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Reader comments

  1. At last, Obama is kind of realising he is president.

  2. Brian Burton 11 Oct 2009, 9:25pm

    Still no date though?

  3. Eagle Ashcroft 11 Oct 2009, 9:48pm

    We will just have to wait and see I suppose, but if we do not see any action on this within the next three months we will have to assume its just BS.

  4. Brian Burton 11 Oct 2009, 10:11pm

    Donkeys leading Lions…that is how it is so far!

  5. Is it me but watching that interview I get the impression Krishnan Guru-Murthy the channel 4 new presenter is not a friend to us. You can just hear the disdain in his voice and the way how he struggles to say the word gay.

  6. At first I was questionable on Obama’s actions, well he hasn’t had any actions for gay rights (that I know of anyway) but too read the quotes, to listen to the tone of voice in them and the tone in the video, it just sounds like he has alot of repesct and understanding, he calls homosexual relationships admirable, he clearly understands they are based on love and not a “sin”. Ok, actions speak louder than words but I would be really shocked and disappointed if he doesn’t live up to these promises, he just sounds so genuine in the matter.

  7. Bishop Ioan 12 Oct 2009, 5:56am

    Obama is a consummate politcian and since he has so far only spoken and not acted, I want to see action. He can say anything he wants but until he delivers on those promises that he made to the gay community, it is just so many words.

  8. Glad he wants to end DOMA, but when? C’mon, we need something more concrete.

  9. In the interview with Ben Summerskill when he was asked if all the legislative battles had been won he all but agreed.

    What about gay marriage Ben? When are you going to fight for that particular piece of equality. At the moment you appear to be in favour of retaining the unequal Civil Partnerships, which discriminate as much for heterosexual couples who may want to take one out, as it does gays and lesbians.

    Just because some people don’t want it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. I daresay there are a number of people in the country that didn’t want to see any of the legislation that has passed over the last few years. Doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have happened.

  10. Simon Murphy 12 Oct 2009, 12:01pm

    Obama needs to shut his mouth. He’s STILL pledging to get rid of DADT and DOMA and he is STILL refusing to say when.

    Never mind – if he hasn’t done so by the time of the next election he can wave goodbye to his gay support.

  11. “You wll see a time in which we as a nation …..”. When is that time going to happen? Words, words, words.

  12. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 13 Oct 2009, 10:06am

    All talk and no action as usual. The old policies of 1990’s on gay rights are completly outdated and the full repeal of both DOMA and DADT are way long overdue now!!!!!!

  13. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 13 Oct 2009, 10:07am

    No timetable or date for repeal of DADT – means NO REPEAL!!!!!

  14. Harthacanute 13 Oct 2009, 12:04pm

    Too little, too late.

    I understand that action takes time; but having promised the LGBT community so much and appealed for their votes, to not address them at all for 10 months – having put winning the Olympics for Chicago as a higher priority – and then offer something as vague as this, is a total betrayal.

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