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Polish MEP Michal Kaminski says he will attend gay Tory event next year

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Reader comments

  1. Political Stunt – nothing more.

  2. So Iain Dale agrees with Kaminski that gay marriage shouldn’t be legal?

    Forgot about bigots like Duncan-Smith it seems even the gay Tories oppose full equality.

  3. Ian Dale? The same guy who is sleeping with the enemy? huh !! What to expect from him, but praise to the tories and their allies, and he’ll be rewarded as a good dog. But dogs don’t eat at the same table as their owners, or do they?

  4. vulpus_rex 9 Oct 2009, 12:21pm

    Ha – all the hysterical bleating about this man and turns out he’s perfectly reasonable, completely unhomophobic and prepared to do something that Ben Zeroskill won’t.

    Good for Dale for putting a stop to the dreadful smear campaign organised by vindictive lefties.

  5. Justin Hinchcliffe 9 Oct 2009, 12:26pm

    Excellent news. The Left tried – and failed – to smear this man.

  6. John (Derbyshire) 9 Oct 2009, 12:45pm

    As it looks pretty certain that the Conservatives are going to form the next government- we had better “make our bed and lie in it”. By that, I mean-at this stage of the game we can all see whats coming next year- so we have to try and get on with the tories as best we can. That means we have to beconciliatory-but at the same tim seek to dissuade them from extremes when dealing with legislation that could be detremental to us. So I propose at least trying to build bridgs. I will never be a conservative-and I will never vote conservative-but-like the Sun-I am realistic enough to believe that they WILL form the next government-and that is a fact of life that I and all my other fellow LBGT kin will have to live with

  7. @vulpus_rex: You honestly believe this man is ‘perfectly unreasonable’ and ‘completely unhomophobic’? Even in this PR-stunt parody of an interview, Kaminski still claims that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children.

  8. This changes nothing we still need answers Mr Cameron on while he is sharing a platform with this man and his party.

    Will Mr Cameron comment on this evidence showing he lied about his Polish friends in Europe. Or has Mr Cameron going to use the arrogance he gets from being a distance cousin of the queen and all that blue blood. I bet he sticks by his Oxford Uni buddy and fellow Bullingdon club member the Polish foreign minister.
    The proof of homophobia

    Shortly after his nomination as Prime Minister, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, when asked about his attitude to homosexual people said: If a homosexual person is trying to ‘infect’ others, then it is a breach of freedom and the state must step in – Amnesty International, (2006). Report on the observance of gay and lesbian people‘s rights in Poland and Latvia.

    Paweł Zyzak,the editor-in-chief of PiS’s W prawo zwrot! (Right about face!) magazine published an article in which he called homosexuals animals and the devil’s envoys whose aim is to destroy the Church. “The devil failed to destroy the Church using people, so he wants to use the ‘animals’. Faggots, making use of some individual acts of physical and verbal aggression, skilfully win sympathy, posing as victims of repressions and ‘intolerance’. Their combat is joined by intellectuals either fascinated by the movement or professed faggots.” – Gazeta Wyborcza, 07.08.06,,65648,3532930.html

    Waldemar Bońkowski, a PiS MP, and the plenipotentiary of the party in the Kościerzyna Commune, posted a banner on the party’s headquarters in the town of Kościerzyna reading: “Lesbians and gays today, zoophiles tomorrow.. and the day after tomorrow? Is this freedom and democracy? This is syphilisation! The most eminent Pole [Pope John Paul II] is looking down at us from the Lord’s House. Where are you heading, Polish nation?” – Trybuna, 16.09.06.

    City councillors of Law and Justice, Przemyslaw Aleksandrowicz and Jacek Tomczak commented on an Equality parade in Poznan 2005: “ …this might concern the promotion of such inclinations as paedophilia, zoophilia and necrophilia; promoting a lifestyle that promotes debauchery even independently of so called orientation is a blatant breach of the rules of social conduct, we do not know if soon paedophilia, necrophilia and zoophilia will start to be treated merely as orientations.”

    The President proposes his own ratification conditions – Lech Kaczynski warns against Germans and Homosexuals. The President gave a televised address to the nation in which he claimed that he could not agree to ratifying the Lisbon Treaty. In explaining his reasoning, he said that not everything in the EU has to be good for Poland, and claimed that the Fundamental Rights Charter could force Poland to accept marriages which would go against the morals of most Poles. He also showed the wedding photo of a same-sex couple from the U.S. getting married in Canada without their approval.,1542741,wiadomosc.html

    Other political group are sceptical: PiS wants the Sejm to deal with homosexuals. PiS says “no” to granting homosexual couples the same rights as those of a traditional family, which is why they will propose a bill for a resolution in the Sejm to stop the Council of Europe from interfering in the Polish legal system which deals with issues of morality and family issues. The leader of the PiS party, Przemyslaw Gosiewski hopes that other parties in the Parliament will support it. “The defense of the traditional family is guaranteed in the Constitution”,1576602,0,1,pis-chce–by-sejm-zajal-sie-homoseksualistami,wiadomosc.html

    The previous PiS government’s Ombudsperson for Children, Ewa Sowińska, who made the infamous accusation of the Teletubbies being “homosexual,” explained that “Homosexuality breeds paedophilia. We see such people enter our schools ever more aggressively” (Gazeta Wyborcza, April 23-24, 2007).

    Maria Nowak, a PiS MP during the previous Sejm, feels that homosexuality is something “not quite natural.” “I do not see a reason why homosexuals should be invited to schools. It is their private matter. There is no need to talk about it too much or pay so much attention to it” (Gazeta Wyborcza, March 14, 2007).

    MP Stanisław Pięta bluntly stated that: “Homosexuality is a taboo and it [sic] is the achievement of our civilization. Just like we do not relieve ourselves in public” (Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw edition, April 8, 2006).
    If LGBTory share a platform with this man in the name of party politics they will lose what little credibility they already have. It would be the same as inviting the SS for dinner.

  9. vulpus_rex 9 Oct 2009, 1:14pm

    “Even in this PR-stunt parody of an interview”

    Why is this a PR stunt and why is this a parody? It seems to me that Iain Dale asks all the right questions and Mr Kaminski isn’t afraid to speak his mind?

    Or do you really mean “oh no panic, panic, we’ve lost our totemic hate figure and so must now try and desperately discredit the medium”.

    If Mr Kaminski is homopbobic because he does not believe children should be adopted by gay parents then so is Iain Dale. It would be easy to try and dismiss Iain Dale as a self-hating, wants to be straight secretly type of gay, but he’s not so that rather turns your question on its ar~se

  10. Justin Hinchcliffe 9 Oct 2009, 1:33pm

    I suspect Abi doesn’t work. Lots of time on his/her hands…

  11. Harthacanute 9 Oct 2009, 1:42pm

    Have the gay Tory contingent actually invited him to Tory Shame then? Good to see that pragmatic gutless Toryism wins the day yet again.

    The one gay Tory who dares to speak out gets expelled and the rest stay silent like the obedient little lapdogs that they are.

  12. Transphobia from a NuTory what a surprise to see one of them using a his/her comment at a trans person.

    NuTories same old nasty party.

    If I was unemployed then I would be less likely to find employment under the NuTory proposals Mr Osbourne has offered us. However I hate to break your gloating over others lack of employment but I am self employed not unemployed.

  13. You have gone quiet Justin Hinchcliffe

  14. Simon Murphy 9 Oct 2009, 3:02pm

    Damage control.

    The Tories are obviously leaning heavily on this guy thanks to the bad press they are getting for associating with fascists like him.

    It’s progress I suppose.

    I wonder will this Kaminski try to oppose gay people associating freely in future seeing as his far right party has in the past banned gay pride.

  15. His party brought the biggest gay club in the Polish capital so they could close it down. That’s how much they oppose gay people Simon!

  16. don’t belive him. hi is religious fanatic, dangerous and hypocrite. he is totally homophobic. i live in poland and i know who he is.

  17. “I used a word that is un-transferable into English, which homosexual people feel is offensive. So I said that I would never use it again, but it was in common usage at the time” buahhaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What?! it can be translate to english. it means faggots! it’s NOT “common usage at the time”.

  18. Justin wrote

    “I suspect Abi doesn’t work. Lots of time on his/her hands…”

    Justin since most of your posts have appeared before 2.00pm . . . one could rightly assume that you do not work either.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Oct 2009, 8:00pm

    So, just to clarify then, it aseems the tories association with the Law and Justice Party appears to have made then become more tolerant and not, as all the Labour trolls would have us believe, made the Tories less tolerant.

    Might they all now STFU?

  20. Internalised homophobia stills plagues our community. You can sense it in some of the posts here. And make no mistake, gay haters and homophobes are using this weakness to infiltrate our community with their pawns and dogs. David Camelion will do nothing towards full sexual orientation equality. He may even bend to bigoted demands and reverse some, if not most of our arduously gained human rights.

  21. There is a difference between appearing to be tolerant and actually embracing tolerance

    . . . I think the former is the point in question in this case

  22. Pumpkin Pie 9 Oct 2009, 9:34pm

    Wait, so this guy says he’s opposed to gay marriage and gay adoption and then claims he’s not a homophobe? That is a very strange thing to say. Reminds me of the way that the Catholic church always says it hates the sin not the sinner, so it can’t possibly be homophobic. Makes about as much sense, too.

  23. Simon Murphy 10 Oct 2009, 3:24am

    Not only is the Law and Justice Party accused of homophobia. There’s still all the unanswered questions about their apparent racism and anti-semitism.

    The Tories have picked a rotten dog as their partner.

    Typical Tories.

  24. Personally is this not really about who Cameron made friends with whilst at Oxford . . . and as I remember did the Bollinger Club not elect one of these Polish politiicians.

    . . . Remember the “Bollinger Club” – The one that Cameron belonged to – the one which involved going on destructive ramages at expensive resturants as part of the membership . . .

  25. @vulpus_rex (9): When I read the interview, it seemed to me that Kaminski has been well briefed on how to cushion his homophobia in more diplomatic language. Even then, the truth slips through. What do you think he means by this line: ‘Ordinary citizens have no reason to be afraid of my friends and the group.’ Presumably the rest of us have plenty of reason to be afraid, then.

    (He also uses the classic bigot excuses: ‘It was different in those days’ – ie, nine years ago – and ‘some of my best friends are homosexual’.)

    In response to your other point, I would say that, regardless of their sexual orientation, anyone who wants to ban lesbians and gay men from adopting is homophobic. Dale says he thinks children should be raised by ‘a man and a woman’, so he is evidently homophobic. Like most of the gay Tories I’ve spoken to, he has an investment in upholding heteronormativity.

    By the way, you use the word ‘hate’ a lot, which I find quite interesting. I don’t hate Kaminski and I don’t think Dale is self-hating.

  26. . . . and their heterosexism, heteronormativity and heterosexual-narcissm – shine through for all to see.

    Persoanlly if every one is forced to wear their “Het-suit” . . . what a dull world it will be.

  27. Cllr Stephen Ellis 10 Oct 2009, 2:45pm

    Well, I look forward to welcoming him to next year’s Conference Pride. This year’s event was a huge success and he missed out on a great night!

    Our Spring Forum is being held in Brighton in February 2010 – so I’m hoping we can organise another Spring Conference Pride event.

    A lot of the hype is being twisted by the media. While we don’t share some views, we’ll continue to promote equality across Europe and here in the UK.

    No-one from the LGBT community has anything to fear with a Conservative Government. In fact, everyone will be a damn site better off with greater freedom, more choice and personal responsibility.

    Steve Ellis
    Deputy Chairman, LGBTory

  28. Pumpkin Pie 10 Oct 2009, 2:53pm

    No-one from the LGBT community has anything to fear with a Conservative Government. In fact, everyone will be a damn site better off with greater freedom, more choice and personal responsibility.

    How? What exactly are they going to do for us?

  29. “No-one from the LGBT community has anything to fear with a Conservative Government.”

    Yes, I agree, because there won’t be one.

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Oct 2009, 12:02am

    Poor pumkin, the product of a nanny state – ‘greater freedom, more choice and personal responsibility’ – doesn’t even recognise what these are.

    Things are dire!!!

  31. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Oct 2009, 12:04am

    “No-one from the LGBT community has anything to fear with a Conservative Government.”

    Yes, I agree, because there won’t be one.

    Dave, you need to get out more. There is going to be one, and its going to win by a landslide

  32. I don’t think so somehow, Sister, a hundred and one seats just to gain a one seat majority is a mountain to climb. And, of course, we have the expenses scandal in the mix which will definitely have an affect on the outcome.

    Many people work in the public sector nowadays, many more get tax credits, all of whom would be worse off with the Tories. I for one would hate to see the fox hunting ban overturned, or the re-emergence of Bill Cash and his Eurosceptic cronies.

    We are looking into the abyss.

    All the best.

  33. Pumpkin Pie 11 Oct 2009, 11:02pm

    Poor pumkin, the product of a nanny state – ‘greater freedom, more choice and personal responsibility’ – doesn’t even recognise what these are.

    Of course I don’t. All sorts of politicians – from savage tyrants to noble saviours – have used similar terms. I want specifics! This is obviously not just a Tory thing: all politicians are slippery with their words. But when a party says it’s “changed” I want to know how. What exactly will they do that’s different? Something tells me they wouldn’t answer that question with anything other than purple prose.

  34. Steve in MD 12 Oct 2009, 6:42am

    I’m american, so I cannot judge – is he learning and changing his attitude, for which he is to be commended. (remember the old story about how you catch more flies with honey rather then vinegar)

    Or is this some BS game to get get support, and take it away from the Labour party?

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