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Gay marriage bill looks likely in Washington DC

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Reader comments

  1. What to they mean equal access to civil marriage. What other type is there in USA?

    All the best.

  2. Eagle Ashcroft 11 Oct 2009, 1:10am

    I am being blocked from commenting here, but I will try for the third and final time: “I WAS BORN HERE 77 YEARS AGO IN THIS STINKING PLACE AND IT IS ABOUT TIME THIS MURDER CAPITAL USA DID SOMETHING RIGHT FOR A CHANCE!” Course I left here in 36 and moved west. No not by myself. And no not in a covered wagon.

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Oct 2009, 3:48am


    We have all had problems posting from time to time. It’s probably a glitch.

    Not to be taken personally.

    Carry on, my good man.

  4. Bishop Ioan 11 Oct 2009, 11:32am

    This is good news! The more states that enshrine marriage equality the sooner it will become a federal reality in this country.

  5. Eagle Ashcroft 11 Oct 2009, 10:38pm

    Right on Bishop Joan, right on! At least its a step in the right direction. African-Americans had to go through the same process and look how long it took them. When I was young they said we would never have a black president, but guess what, we have a black president and some day we might even have a openly gay president and if we do “please let it be a Lesbian” because she would give us all our rights because lesbians make better fighters than gay men and are not afraid to take on any comers. Cat bless the lesbians.

  6. I think this is hopeful news, and I choose the word hopeful because it is nothing over which to celebrate. There is still the main piece of legislation needed to be fought over: The Defense of Marriage Act.

    Saturday, Obama gave a speech to the Human Right’s Campaign promising many things to the gay community…the one which made the headlines was repealing ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’. But like all his promises, he has yet to follow through with the delivery and has not come up with a timetable/plan to accomplish them. In addition, the senate and house democrats have allowed themselves to be swayed by right-wing opponents and lobbyists such that my ‘hope’ for the change Obama has promised is wavering.

    While a gay marriage bill in Washington would be a step forward, it would still leave gay rights leaps behind where they should be. This should not be a cause for celebration, but instead fiery motivation for advocates of equality to demand equal treatment under the law.


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