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Matt Lucas’ ex Kevin McGee ‘had tried to commit suicide before’

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Reader comments

  1. I can only say that I hope Matt Lucas does not think he is at fault in this. As one who has tried to save a loved one in the past, and failed, I know that you can only do so much for someone, the rest they have to do themselves. And you did the right thing by breaking up, because the alternative might well have been the destruction of two people, not just one. There comes a time when all you can do is save yourself, tough though it is to acknowledge. The thoughts of many, many people are with you at this time. Go well.

  2. Exactly as doug said it. I feel really sorry for this man and I hope that his friends and family can support him.

  3. Oh get over it, the man was a DRUNK, a DRUGGY, and a LOVE CHEAT.
    Matt gave him everything, and it was still not enough.

    I feel sorrt for Matt Lucas as he’s a nice person and very smart, but in the deepest sense, Kevin was a disaster who snorted upto 30 plus lines of cocaine a day and Matt Lucas did everything in his power to help him and when he couldn’t he let him go and still ensured he would be financially sound for life.

    The guy was his own worst enemy and I’m tired of seeing trash in tabloids, jade, jordan, whatever, the world is a better place without them.

    Sad but true.

  4. So sorry for Matt. Addiction is a disease and maybe the poor sad man is better off dead.

    Matt, if you are reading this, big hugs from down under and look forward to your wonderful presence on our tv screens again soon. You have made many of us laugh with joy at ourselves, rare these days in comedy.

  5. Simon Meads 9 Oct 2009, 8:48am

    So sad. Waste of a young life and a big knock for Matt. God’s speed to him in understanding all of this – and finding his inner peace again. A thought out to Kevin’s friends and family – he was a nice looking chap, only young, who lost his battle against his demons. A lot of people battle everyday with their own issues (big or small) that they struggle with. He just had a crap deal this life.

  6. Boohoo is just a troll. Interesting you need to post that stuff – addiction is about needing something more to feel ok, often attention – just like your post, which is so foolish it cannot be serious. Get a heart and get yourself about addiction – because you have it my friend

  7. Where was he getting £1,750.00 per week to spend on drugs. I thought income support was only £60.50 per week.

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